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Chapter 25 – Zhao Junsheng’s son

“Get a room for what?” Chen Weier was a bit confused after hearing that. It wasn’t really her found that she couldn’t think of it, while in Songjiang, we would either get intimate in my home or Zhao Yanyan’s, we never went to get a room at the hotel.

“Of course it’s to play the kind of game that only the three of us can play!” I said lecherously.

“Play game?” Chen Weier still didn’t quite get it, actually if she think about the connotations a little, she would have understand, it’s just that she didn’t think in that direction at all.

“Weier-jiejie, don’t listen to him bullshit, hubby wants to play that robber and peasant girl game with you!” Zhao Yanyan explained with giggle.

“Hai hai!” Chen Weier was eating a crayfish at the time, so hearing Zhao Yanyan say that, a slice of chilly got stuck in her throat, causing tears to fall out. After coughing for a long time, she said, “Yanyan-meimei, why are you becoming more and more like him, you even say such perverted things while we’re eating.”

“How so, this game was invented by Weier-jiejie! You don’t know, while you’re at home, hubby forced me to play some kind of uniform seduction with him, you brought up all of his bad habits!” Zhao Yanyan glared at me and said.

“Hai hai!” Hearing Zhao Yanyan say that, I nearly choked since a piece of spicy crayfish got stuck in my throat, forcing me to drink a sip of water and said. “Yanyan, let’s talk about this when we get to the hotel.”

“What’s uniform seduction?” Chen Weier asked in confusion.

“You’ll know later,” I answered perfunctorily.

Due to getting a sudden idea this summer, I downloaded a few **** flicks from the internet. Just looking at the nurse uniform, school uniform, and teacher’s clothing in it made my blood boil. In mainland during the 1990s, the present where the internet was still not very developed, most teenagers did not know about uniform seduction, so it was normal for Chen Weier to not know. After watching those flicks, I got Zhao Yanyan wear custom made school uniforms, resulting in the chick getting dirt on me, and said that I got spoiled by Chen Weier, not only playing some sort of perverted game, and got even over the line.

I thought of Ye Xiaoxiao again, if I could do that with her at school or in the office… Hehe. However, I wonder how she is recently, I got people to gather some news for me several times, but they didn’t get anything. I don’t know if it’s because she didn’t manage to think it through or not, but I didn’t plan to wait any longer. Even if she didn’t think it through, I will go and find her. Since I adding Su Yingzi and the random-*** Yu Ting, laozi’s harem is extravagant enough, I’ll welcome her back, then do it slowly.

Zhao Yanyan said something beside Chen Weier’s ear, instantly causing her to blushed. After quite a while, she said to me softly, “Hubby, if you want to play, then I’ll play with you, don’t trouble Yanyan-meimei!”

“Ha! And you were talking about me, Weier-jiejie, you are even lewder than me!” Zhao Yanyan said.

“Alright, alright, who said that your Yanyan-meimei doesn’t like it, she was even more excited than me!” I said.

“Oh wow! Liu Lei, you’re still talking!” With that, Zhao Yanyan’s hand attacked my waist like a crab claw. Although my body has been modified, and that this amount of pain is nothing to me, I still pretended like I was in tremendous pain, since I still need to satisfy a woman’s vanity. Otherwise, if she found out that it was useless against me, she might think of some kind of other weird moves.

Seeing the ambiguous relationship between Chen Weier and I, he felt like we were flirting, and that we didn’t look at relatives no matter what, so he finally couldn’t stand it, causing him to walk over and say to Chen Weier, “Weier, what exactly is your relationship with this brat!”

At that moment, Chen Weier was chatting happily with us, seeing Zhang Tianyang suddenly say that, she first momentarily blanked, then said coldly, “It doesn’t seem like your business what our relationship is, right? If you must know, then I’ll tell you, he’s the boyfriend I told you about!”

“Boy-boyfriend?” Zhang Tianyang said in disbelieve. “You’re older than him, how… What’s more, didn’t this brat say that you’re relatives? Ha, I know, Weier, you must be lying to me, right, you must be!”

“****, are you done yet, we are relatives, but hubby is a relative, right!” I said impatiently.

“Weier, don’t get tricked by this brat, look, he’s obviously a little white face, and only knows how to pick up girls, I saw that this brat was touching the girl beside him!” Zhang Tianyang pointed at me and shouted.

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“You don’t need to care about my business!” Chen Weier said like she didn’t hear anything. No ****, she couldn’t be more clear about Zhao Yanyan and my relationship, the three of us often sleep together, what’s wrong with a little touch.

“Weier, you must be tricked by his flowery words, you’re still young, and don’t understand, look at how poor this brat is and is still two-timing, who does he think he is, is he Shuguang Corporation’s CEO or the CEO’s son. Finding two wives like others when he doesn’t have money, you will definitely not be happy with someone like him in the future!” Zhang Tianyang no longer cared about shouting in public.

Hey, he really guessed it right, although I wasn’t Shuguang Corporation’s CEO, Shuguang Corporation belonged to me. It’s just that, why did so many people think Director Zhao had a son?

Even Zhao Yanyan found this funny, Chen Weier naturally also knew about my financial capability, so she forcefully restraint her laughter and said, “So, I would be happy with you?”

“About this… At least it’ll be better that with this brat! Weier, where do I not compare up to him, Huaxia University has the elite academics from all around the world, the top people from every industry, I do count as a top student in our computing faculty, in terms of family conditions, although my family doesn’t compare up to the big boss of those large companies, we do have a car and house in the capital! Although I might not be as handsome as the brat, but they have always said a talented man and a beautiful woman, there’s never been mention of a handsome man, it’s not as if we’re competing to be mail prostitutes, you can’t eat handsomeness.” Zhang Tianyang said proudly. From his perspective, with his conditions, aside from not being as good as the brat in terms of looks, he was no worse in other areas. His Adidas clothing was worth about three thousand something, look at what this brat was wearing, the ****** shirt doesn’t even have a brand, it was probably made on street stalls! Furthermore, treating girls to this sort of cheap street side restaurants, he was obviously a poor person and didn’t know romance! Thinking that, Zhang Tianyang instantly got more confident.

“Sorry, I have no interest in what you talked about. Zhang Tianyang, I had thought that you were a just person, and wasn’t vain. I didn’t think you were like this as well, and think that you can gain a girl’s affection with money. I was really wrong about you, I had treated you as a friend, but now we aren’t even normal friends, please don’t disturb me in the future,” Saying that, it was equivalent to Chen Weier making things absolute in order to make Zhang Tianyang give up completely.


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