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Chapter 24 – Hubby is a relative, right?

Thus, I told the driver the address. The driver thought to himself, so it really isn’t a rich dude, I really don’t know why the two girls are with him since he takes the girls to eat at street side restaurants! However, his thoughts immediately changed after we got off.

I casually throw him a hundred yuan and said, “No need for change.”

The driver received it and thought, “So, the real ones don’t show it!”

When we found that street restaurant from back then, we saw that the owner was still the same person as back then. My memory was great after getting reborn, allowing us to locate the place very easily.

Seeing the three of us come in, he smiled with a bright smiled, “Yo! You guys came again, what would you like to eat today?”

Zhao Yanyan momentarily blanked and said, “Why is the memory of this owner so amazing, we came here three years ago, right?”

I smiled, “Don’t listen to his bullshit, how could he remember, those are just standard words for getting business! Even if we haven’t come here before, he would still say that!!”

“What would you like to eat?” The owner walked over with the menu.

“Then we’ll have twenty Maxiao for now!” I said.

“This xiaoge is obviously someone who understands food from first glance, we are not praising ourselves, the crayfish here is definitely the best in Yanjing city!” The owner immediately praised himself.

Upon hearing this, Zhao Yanyan immediately giggled! It really was as I had said, what the owner said was pretty much the same as three years ago!

“What is this young lady laughing for, don’t not believe it, I’m not exaggerating, even the CPC officials ate here before, they all praised it to no end!” That owner showed us a thumbs up.

The more I listened to the guy, the more exaggerated he got, he’ll probably speak about how the American President was a guest here as well. Thus, I quickly wave me hand to tell him to prepare the food.

Before the crayfish came, we heard a loud laughter. Several people walked into the street-side restaurant. I looked over, one of them was actually Zhang Tianyang!

Since most of the guests were eating outside, there were a few within the room. That’s why our table was very obvious, Zhang Tianyang clearly saw us as well. When he saw Chen Weier sitting here, his expression changed slightly. He said a few words quietly to the people beside him and ran over.

“Weier, didn’t you say you have stuff to do today? Why did you come to eat here?” Zhang Tianyang said with a sullen face, he was clearly very displeased in his heart.

Chen Weier never thought that Zhang Tianyang could actually come here to eat as well, so she wasn’t sure of how to reply. Chen Weier didn’t actually lie to him, she did have stuff to do! However, hearing what Zhang Tianyang said, it was as if she had intentionally lied to him.

“That’s right! Weier did have stuff to do, she promised to eat lunch with me!” I said in palce of Chen Weier.

“What? ****, the **** are you, brat, is Weier something you can call! Wait, I remember, isn’t the brat that Chu Gao brought over, you? What were you called again?” Seeing that I asked Chen Weier out for lunch, Zhang Tianyang immediately got angry.

He had pursued Chen Weier for three years, he has sent flowers, have written love letters, there were three hundred and sixty-five days in a year, as long as he was in school, he would call every day, hwo could he let this brat get there first? However, he looked again, there was still a beauty beside the brat, and seemed rather intimate with him, so he wasn’t that sure either, was there no relationship between him and Chen Weier? Perhaps they were relatives? That’s right!

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It must be, Chu Gao said that this brat is his classmate, so he must be a new student in the first year, and Chen Weier is already in her third year, if they didn’t know each other before, how could they eat together when school just started. Furthermore, Chen Weier must be older than him. Adding onto the fact that the girl beside him might just be his girlfriend, this meant that Chen Weier didn’t have much to do with him. Thus, he said, “You are Weier’s relative, right?”

“I’m called Liu Lei!” I said. “I should be.” I said it in an ambiguous manner as I thought in my heart, hubby is a relative, right? With that, I intentionally looked towards Chen Weier. As I expected, this chick also understood my meaning since she blushed shyly.

Seeing Chen Weier like that, Zhang Tianyang thought Chen Weier got embarrassed, so he said with happiness in his heart, “Since it’s Weier’s relative, then you’re my friend, this meal is my treat, don’t be too courteous!”

With that, he pulled over a chair familiarly and sat on the side. Then he waved his hand, “Owner, add a few more dishes!”

Afterwards, he said, “Weier, when can you actually accept me, in my eyes, why are you doing this, I know your family conditions definitely isn’t very good, you’ve been eating in the school canteen every day for three years in a row, and you refuse to buy a piece of nice clothes. After following me, you can buy anything you want and eat anything you want!”

I thought to myself, if you said this a few years earlier, Chen Weier’s brother Chen Yong might really have sold Weier to you in the heat of the moment, but that’s impossible now.

Since Chen Weier was sold to my without any choice due to money, even though she didn’t know that I was the one that bought her virginity, this left a deep scar in Weier’s heart, she didn’t want anyone else to think that she was with me because of money. Hearing Zhang Tianyang’s words, she naturally became angry and said coldly, “Who said I don’t have money!”

“I…” Zhang Tianyang stuttered, and didn’t know what to say. Was he supposed to say that I see that you aren’t wearing any clothes and don’t have a car to pick you up?

“Okay, Zhang Tianyang, I understand your good will, we’ll pay ourselves, your friends are still over there waiting for you, hurry over tehre and see!” Chen Weier’s words clearly told Zhang Tianyang to leave this place quickly.

This wasn’t the first time Zhang Tianyang has gotten turned down, and he did kind of get braver and braver the more he got turned down. It’s just that seeing Chen Weier sitting with another boy, he felt rather annoyed. On the other hand, Zhang Tianyang’s friend all sneered and mocked Zhang Tianyang after seeing him hit a wall, causing Zhang Tianyang to get even more pissed.

After Zhang Tianyang left, Chen Weier said quietly, “This person is really annoying, he pestered me for three years, and wants to treat me every single day.”

“I know, I was on the side when he called you,” I said.

“Hubby, don’t get angry, actually Zhang Tianyang isn’t a bad person, he might have just gotten a bit angry after seeing us get to intimate today,” Chen Weier understood my personality, there wasn’t a single person that pursued her who ended up well, so she was worried that I would do something to Zhang Tianyang.

“Hehe, don’t worry, your hubby, I, isn’t that petty, as long as he doesn’t do anything over the top, then let him pursue you. I won’t do anything to do, it can also serve to test you,” I chuckled.

“Heng! Test me for what, I’ve have countless pursues this three years, but I’ve only thought of you in my heart! How could you say that!” Chen Weier faked her anger.

“Okay, okay, I’m just kidding, we’ll get a room in a nice hotel after eating, hubby will properly compensate you,” I said lecherously.


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