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Chapter 23 – No time every time I ask you out

“****, did you cheat, why is your speed faster by mine by so much!” Chu Gao complained.

“Cheat your *** online! Don’t find some stupid excuse when you lost!” Zhang Tianyang said.

Hearing that, I knew that Chu Gao lost again. Thus, I said, “Chu Gao, actually StarCraft relies on tactics…” I told Chu Gao about the top class tactics I learnt in my previous life to Chu Gao, yet no matter what, he refused to believe me, since these tactics did not exist in this era.

I had originally wanted to take revenge for Chu Gao, but seeing that the time was already eleven thirty, and I had promised Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier to wait at the school entrance at twelve, so there wasn’t enough time. Therefore, I could only agree with Zhang Tianyang to compete another day, while this fellow didn’t care at all.

Originally, I was already preparing to pay, but I accidentally overhead the sound of Zhang Tianyang making a call on the side. In this era, there were very few students with mobile phones, it wasn’t as popularized as it was later on. Only those with very rich families could afford mobiles, otherwise, even if they could buy it, the monthly fee of fifty kuai per month was still a lot. To ensure that we could contact conveniently, I bought Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier a phone each, since they phone knew that I was rich, they didn’t object. Furthermore, since I didn’t like trouble, I just charged up ten thousand yuan of phone credit for them each.

“Hey… Chen Weier? I’m Zhang Tianyang… Do you have time this noon, let’s eat together… What? You have something to do? Why don’t you have time every time I ask you out? … Weier, I have been pursuing you for three years, give me a chance, don’t you not have a boyfriend? … What? You already have a boyfriend? Don’t lie to me, we have been classmates for three years, can you hide it from me! … Oh? Is that so, alright, then I’ll call you again tomorrow!” With that, Zhang Tianyang hung up.

Chen Weier? The same name? It can’t be that much of a coincidence, right? However, with Chen Weier’s looks, she should have plenty of pursuers. This Zhang Tianyang might just be one of them, however, his method of pursuing her was a bit shameless, with Chen Weier’s personality, even if I didn’t appear, she couldn’t possibly go out with him.

Since I had stuff to do during noon, I bid the brothers farewell beforehand. These people didn’t play enough yet, therefore, left earlier. When I went to pay, Chu Gao wouldn’t let me no matter what and said that they will pay together later. There was no helping it, I could only put my money back. It wasn’t much anyways, if I continued then it would have just ruined our relationship. As for Zhang Tianyang, since he couldn’t get the date, he was most likely getting annoyed, so he called something and hurried out of the internet café.

Before I got the school entrance, I saw Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier standing far away. Chen Weier was one of the school beauties of Huaxia University already, and Zhao Yanyan was beyond beautiful, and was rumored to become the new top school beauty. The two beauties standing together naturally drew the admiring attention of many boys.

It seemed like if I went over there now, I could cause a commotion to arise. There was no helping it, I could only call a taxi first, then give Zhao Yanyan a call.

Not long later, Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier got on the taxi. I pondered about calling Liu Yue these few days in order to buy a car, otherwise, us going out was too inconvenient. Liu Yue as already moved the headquarters of the car shop to the capital for more than a year, apparently, they were running pretty well. Although the interests were entered into my account every year as promised, I didn’t really care about such money, so I didn’t know exactly how much it was.

“Hubby!” After Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier got on, they called out together. There were a lot of people in school, so they avoided it, but there was no one familiar now, so they had nothing to hide.

However, that taxi drawing was shocked with his mouth wide open after hearing it as he thought to himself, this is too crazy, it was crazy fortunate to get one of the two beauties, yet this brat actually got two!

The moment he thought about that old woman back home, he felt annoyed, what was good about this brat, isn’t he just a little handsome, what else is there! There was not a single branded piece of clothing on him! How was he supposed to know that although the clothes I wore weren’t of any brands, they were completely exorbitant!

Within the companies around the world that cooperated with Shuguang Corporation, a lot of the shareholders of those were royalty members, in order to please Shuguang Corporation, they would give quite a lot of pure handmade clothes, watch, and other daily products that were specifically made for royalty.

Since I was the chairman behind the scenes for Shuguang Corporation, Zhao Junsheng naturally put the focus on me and got a lot of things made with my measurements. Although these major shareholders did not know who it was made for, they had no need to ask, as long as their associate was happy, so were day, who cares who their associate gave it to.

However, the driver only complained in his heart, and didn’t dare to show it. After all, this was the capital Yanjing city, it was a place filled with rich and important people, who knows if this brat is the young master of a certain important family.

Last time, another taxi driver had got a customer in front of Huaxia University, the people that went on was a young man and two young girls wearing revealing clothing, just because he said something extra, the young man got pissed, then called a bunch of people to not only beat the person so he had to go to the hospital, they even trashed the car!

The taxi driver had wanted to call the police, but afterwards, he found out that the young man was the second young master of Daxing Gang! How would that person dare to call the police, he quickly ran away through the night. He knew that calling the police was useless, he could only get the people that hit him thrown in prison, but the other person could make him disappear off this planet at any time.

Seeing the weird expression on the driver’s face, I knew what he was thinking. Thus, I asked him, “What, jealous of me?”

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The driver immediately realized his misconduct after hearing and quickly said, “Not jealous… Not jealous! Where would you like to do?”

“What do you want to eat?” I asked Zhao Yanyan.

“I don’t know either, let Weier-jiejie decide, she stayed in Yanjing city for two years, “Zhao Yanyan said.

“Then Weier, what are good things to eat around here?” I turned around and said to Chen Weier.

“I… I normally don’t go out and eat, I always eat in the canteen…” Chen Weier said quietly.

I understood Chen Weier’s personality, she would save as much as she can. Although I stored a lot of money into her card, this girlie probably barely used it.

I shook my head and suddenly got an idea, “Yanyan, how about the crayfish I took you to eat the last time we came to Yanjing city?”

“That’s great! I haven’t ate it for a long time! Weier-jiejie can eat spicy things, she definitely would like it!” Zhao Yanyan said.

Actually Zhao Yanyan had also trained her own ability to eat spicy food, since we often visited the Sichuan Restaurant that Weier’s family opened.


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