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Chapter 22 – Gradual Process

To my surprise, Ouyang Tianqi immediately expressed his agreement, “Good, I haven’t gone on the internet for a long time, I’m going to check my email!”

As for Chu Goa, he actually said, “I haven’t played StarCraft for a long time, oh yeah, boss, do you play StarCraft?”

I faint, as expected of computing students, they even play StarCraft.

As for StarCraft —— It seems to be a bit too easy for me, I remember when I wasn’t studying, I would often run to the computer suite to play StarCraft.

“I play a little!” I said.

“That’s great, boss, I was just worrying about no one playing with me, let’s compete a bit!” Chu Gao said happily.

After we left the school gates, we saw the internet café Huang Wenjing talked about. The name “Flying Fish Internet Café” was really obvious. If I remembered correctly, this Flying Fish Internet Café would get bigger and bigger until it becomes the head of the capital’s internet café industry.

If I was choosing to start my own business now, an internet café wasn’t a bad choice. This industry had huge profits. A price of five yuan per hour would be able to get back all of the investments within half a year.

After paying the deposit, we chose a few computers that were beside each other and sat down. I had originally wanted to pay, but Chu Gao rushed forward first. It seems like the families of our dorm is rather rich. When Chu Gao took out his wallet, there was at least three thousand something kuai of cash in there.

“Chu Gao, ha, you came again?” At this moment, a short young man walked over.

“Zhang Tianyang, what, you can come, but I can’t?” Chu Gao said in annoyance.

“Haha, you can come, of course you can, I just thought you would be too embarrassed to! Loser!” Zhang Tianyang intentionally emphasized on the word “loser”.

Hearing that, Chu Gao’s face when sullen as he said, “Solo.”

“Even if we solo a hundred times, you would still lose! “Zhang Tianyang said in contempt.

“Boss, play for a bit, I’m going to solo him once!” Chu Gao said to me.

I needed to talk with Zhao Junsheng on the internet about the future development position of Shuguang, thus I said, “Sure! If you lose, then I’ll help you beat him!”

I didn’t think that what I said angered Zhang Tianyang. He said in rage, “Do you know who I am?”

“Aren’t you Zhang Tianyang?” I asked in confusion, while finding the situation rather funny.

“Since you know I’m Zhang Tianyang, you still dare to say that?” Zhang Tianwang also asked in confusion.

“Wait!” I interrupted him. I understood what this guy meant now. What he meant was that his name was known by everyone, so no one dared to speak to him like that. “I know that you’re Zhang Tianyang, but I just heard it from Chu Gao. I didn’t know you before!” I clarified.

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The moment I said these words, Zhang Tianyang’s face went bright red, I had no idea whether it was due to rage or embarrassment. After a while, Zhang Tianyang finally said, “Then I’ll introduce myself, I’m the president of the StarCraft society at school. If you don’t accept it, then you can challenge me any time.”

Seeing his serious reply, I could only say, “I’m called Liu Lei, I’m in the same room as Chu Gao.”

Yet, Chu Gao got impatient, and said to Zhang Tianyang, “Are you done yet, solo or not?”

Zhang Tianyang glared at Chu Gao and muttered, “I’ve never seen anyone like you, being so anxious to taste failure.”

“Less bullshit, hurry up, I’ll create the game, come and find me!” Chu Gao said.

Meanwhile, I started chatting with Zhao Junsheng directly using the Shuguang Messenger that Shuguang developed.

I told Zhao Junsheng my thoughts about creating simple computer games. I remember, before I was reborn, which is essentially now, internet card games and chess games started getting popular. With the gigantic Shuguang Messenger user base, it was very easy to take over the casual games market! In these years, Shuguang become the number corporation in the world with my ideas, so Zhao Junsheng would execute out my thoughts. This time, it was no exception, after hearing my words, he immediately started a conference to talk about this.

We then chatted about some other things, every time my dad sees him, he would respectfully address him as Director Zhao, he really wasn’t used to it. That’s why he wanted me to get my dad to change, even if he doesn’t call him (Zhao Junsheng) qinjia, then even Xiao Zhao was fine!

Only after I responded by telling him that I’ll tell my dad about this, did Zhao Junsheng let me go/

After I went offline, another problem surfaced. Within these years, Shugaung Corporation has gotten bigger and bigger, completely displaying the truth to the logic of “the chicken lays eggs, the eggs hatches into chickens”, the entire corporation was like a rolling snowball, becoming larger and larger. The industries it got into were ones I never even imagined at the start. Some of the subordinate heavy construction companies in some African countries had gotten orders to produce military machinery for the local government Zhao Junsheng had turned my memories of my previous life into reality one by one.

I should be happy that Shuguang Corporation had developed! However, it’s because Shuguang Corporation as so huge, I was unable to imagine if my parents could accept it when I walk onto the stage as Shuguang Corporation’s chairman behind the scenes. Since that would be too extraordinary! I was even regretting that I did not tell my parents everything three years ago. Although Shuguang Corporation was very hard to accept back then, compared to know, I was afraid that if I told them everything, my parents couldn’t take it! After all, a person’s acceptance was limited!

This was like a poor person earning money day by day and finally becoming a billionaire, then it would be easy for him and his family to accept it. Yet, if he won the lottery and got rich overnight, they might become so worked up that they collapsed mentally!

In other words, everything needed a gradual process! However… How should I tell my parents now? The current Shuguang Corporation was no longer a gradual process! The only way was for Uncle Zhao to put Shuguang Corporation into my hands after Zhao Yanyan gets married to me! However, Uncle Zhao had not only once announced publicly that there was a true owner for Shuguang Corporation, this meant that Zhao Junsheng had no right to hand me the corporation!

I suddenly had an idea, that’s right, gradually!

If I start up a business now, then create a business empire that’s comparable to Shuguang Corporation, when I announce that I’m the owner of Shuguang Corporation behind the scenes, I believe that my parents would find it rather easy to accept it.

Since they witnessed the process of me creating a business, they would have had the mental preparation then, so they wouldn’t be too shocked!

Thinking that, I got happy again. Not bad! This definitely was a good idea!

All along, Shuguang Corporation was run by Zhao Junsheng, it could be said that I only provided some technological data and ideas! That’s why, it couldn’t be said that I established the company! I did want to carve out my own career as well, isn’t this a good opportunity!

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Thinking that, I instantly relaxed a lot.

“How is it, Chu Gao, do you submit?” Zhang Tianyang said with a smug.


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