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Chapter 21 – Single-minded in relationships

Thinking that, Situ Liang found it hilarious! What sort of power could a foreign student have? What’s more, according to Yu Ting, this brat’s family has always been very pure… Oh, that’s right, he definitely did not understand his meaning, and must have thought that he really was going to treat him to food!

Thinking that, Situ Liang calmed down and thought to himself, it’s not convenient right now with so many people, I’ll wait a few days to take care of you!

The efficiency of hospitals in the capital was very high, the ambulance got here within ten minutes after the call, it ran into the school yard with the siren and stopped beside us.

Three people wearing white coats came down from the ambulance, the doctor in the lead squatted down and did a simple checkup for Yu Ting. Then he said, “There’s nothing actually wrong with the patient, her blood sugar level is just a little low, it might be due to standing too long, and her stamina ran out, so she fainted.”

Hearing that, everyone let out a sigh of relief. Yet, Situ Liang said, “The **** are you? She’s fine just because you said she is? Did you check properly? I’m telling you, if anything happened, then I won’t let you off!”

Hearing Situ Liang’s words, the three doctors’ expression went dark. However, it seems like they were rather professional, since the doctor in the lead coughed and said, “We are the doctors from the city hospital’s emergency center, I already check, at the very least, the patient is not in life-threatening danger, the exact situation has to be known after going to the city hospital for a proper check up!”

“The city hospital, right? Heng! You’re just a puny doctor! I know your President Wang! Go and tell him that I, Situ Liang, told him to organize it well!” Situ Liang said cockily.

Even thought that doctor was rather professional, he couldn’t help but get angry! He handled it full-heartedly, but this fellow not only scolded him, he even threatened him using the hospital president, anyone would get angry!

I swore silently in my heart, this Situ Liang was truly a ******. If you don’t believe the doctors, then why don’t you treat Yu Ting yourself?

Seeing that Yu Ting was fine, I returned to my class’s queue. However, since the encouragement meeting couldn’t continue, causing the school to release us early.

“Laosan… No, boss, where did you go just now?” Seeing that I suddenly left, Huang Wenjing asked me in confusion. Since everyone had agreed that they would call me boss in the future, Huang Wenjing immediately changed how he addressed me after conveniently calling me “laosan”.

“No problem, the girl that fainted over there is a middle school classmate,” I said.

“Ai? Say, boss, I rather pitied you in the canteen this morning and thought you were single-minded in relationships, you are a person with a girlfriend now, and she’s of the school beauty level, why are you still thinking about other girls?” Even Ouyang Tianqi started calling me boss.

Thinking about other girls? Single-minded? Before I was born, I would say yes with certainly! Yes, I am a person that is very single-minded in relationship!

But now… Even I didn’t believe this.

Zhao Yanyan, Chen Weier, Su Yingzi, Ye Xiaoxiao, and there was even Xia Jing that I still could not forget, and now there’s a Yu Ting. I don’t understand why I turned out like this, perhaps because I had died once, and had a more open mind, or it might be due to other reasons. Basically, I could no longer brag that I am a single-minded person in relationships!

“****, what are you two saying? Boss is such a handsome and amazing person, how could he get only one girlfriend, it would be awesome if he gets both, and that would not waste our admiration for boss!” Seeing my awkward expression, Chu Gao quickly said.

Ouyang Tianqi thought about it, that was pretty true, which man that get huge achievements doesn’t have a few wives and mistresses! Although there was a monogamy low in the society, that was just for normal people! Men with rich and positions were never included! Ignoring whether it was in Huaxia or foreign countries, ignoring gender equality, you couldn’t help but admit, ninety percent of important people in the world were still men! In other worlds, men lead this society! Even his own father, Ouyang Hai, had three wives, he is born from his second wife, and he calls the other two women dama and xiaoma!

Thinking that, Ouyang Tianqi also relaxed, he could see that this Liu Lei wasn’t anyone normal from the start, if he joined his circle, then he could definitely become someone similar to his family, and wouldn’t have to care about the norms of the society!

Thus, he said, “That’s rights, Chu Gao is right, boss, if you like her then go pursue her, brothers us will help you keep it from dasao!” Ouyang Tianqi promised.

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Hearing that, I smiled helplessly, hiding it from Zhao Yanyan? She probably won’t object after hearing it! Most importantly, does Yu Ting have any more feelings towards me! And what sort of feeling did I have towards Yu Ting right now?

Since it was a long time ago, I pretty much forgot that I had such a first love, but when I met her again, my heart couldn’t help but waver! Yes, anyone would have an uncontrollable feeling towards their first love! I was no exception! However, the situation was that Yu Ting was already a girl from thirty something years ago in my find, although I did have some sort of unspeakable feeling towards her at the time, now, I didn’t even know what I felt!

The only thing that I was should feel glad about is that in the three years that I have been reborn, I had completely gotten used to this age, whether it was psychologically or mentally, I gradually accepted the fact that I was nineteen.

That’s why, when I thought back to the things that happened between Yu Ting and I, I knew that deep within my heart, I still felt a bit affable towards her! I don’t know whether it was love at that age! At least I knew that she liked me then, and I also liked her! It’s just that neither of us said it! This might be the vagueness of first love that people talk about!

I shook my head and smiled wryly. Now, I could only take it a step at a time.

I took out my phone and sent Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier a text each, asking them to meet at the school gates during noon for breakfast. After that, I walked back in the direction towards the dorm with Ouyang Tianqi and co.

“Boss, there’s an internet café just outside our school, it just opened, how about going there to play?” Huang Wenjing suggested.

I momentarily blanked, internet café? Indeed, this industry started in 1997 and 1998, but it never got popularized until 1999, where it bloomed everywhere in Huaxia. Although I got in touch with the internet of this era in Songjiang University, and Shuguang Corporation was completely connected to the internet, very few students in this era knew about the internet. The brat Huang Wenjing actually knew about the internet café, it seems like he really was someone suitable for computing.


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