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Chapter 20 – Someone fainted

Seeing that the students went silent, he nodded, clearly satisfied with this situation. Since the elder started off as a scientist, and was bad at scolding others, if the students performed too terribly, he really didn’t know what to say.

“Students, welcome to Huaxia University!” The elder said.

All the students immediately raised their heads to look at this elder, it seems like their guess was right, this must be an important person in the school. Yet, most people’s eyes showed impatience and helplessness, from primary school to middle school then to high school, every single time the principle spoke at the start of the school yeah, it was just meaningless words, some even repeat a single sentence for an entire morning, how could these elite students accept it!

Yet, there was nothing they could do!

“I’m called Xu Zhenglei, and I’m your Chancellor!” The elder continued. As I expected, the moment the elder said this, a lot of the students started sighing, it seems like the endless talk was about to begin! However, they didn’t think that Xu Zhenglei immediately changed his tone, “I have a habit, which is not enjoying bullshit! You all know that the new students have to go to military training for the next month. This was originally supposed to be an encouragement speech, but I have nothing to say! Saying a bunch of meaningless encouragement is just crap! What encouragement? Bullshit! If I don’t encourage you, then there won’t be any military training? If I encourage you then you’ll go participate in the military training happily? Alright, you’re all good students and know the meaning of my words! Basically, I hope everyone will seriously treat the military training, perhaps after an unknown amount of years, you’ll think back to this military training, that would be a great memory!” With that, the elder walked down the podium. Right afterwards, a person that proclaimed himself as the head of the sports faculty of the school went up, and started his endless speech, causing the students to yawn and exclaim “this is the difference between people! This is why some people can become the Chancellor, but some people can only become faculty heads!”

On the other hand, I didn’t feel annoyed by this at all! I had already experienced this once in my previous life, at the time, I was also like most people, and thought that the faculty head had too much to say. However, when I listened to it today, I feel like it was revisiting past memories, making it rather interesting.

“Laoshi! Someone fainted!”

Suddenly, a commotion spread through the crowd of students.

The sports faculty head was just enjoying his speech, when he suddenly head that someone fainted, he immediately freaked! This was a huge issue, if something really happened to anyone on the military training encouragement meeting, him, as the sports faculty head that was in charge of the military training would have inescapable responsibilities!

Thus, he quickly put down the matters at hand and directed a few teachers towards the scene.

“Xiao Ting, what happened?”

Although they were really far away, I was already not like before, legendary arts like thousand-mile eyes, and wind-accompanying ears were pieces of cake for me now. The phrase “Xiao Ting” immediately got my attention. I raised my head to look over, although a huge crowd blocked my vision, this did not affect me looking at the situation at all.

Seeing the image in front of my eyes, my heart immediately tensed. Yu Ting fell down on the sports field, her face stark white, and her eyes were shut tight. The person called Situ Liang was squatting on the side, continuously shaking her.

I swore in my heart, this ******! If she was a patient with an heart attack or something, wouldn’t he shake her to death? What successor of one of the Six Renowned Families, he didn’t even have a bit of common sense!

What was worse was that the teachers that went over just allowed Situ Liang to shake Yu Ting like that!

I hurriedly ran over and kicked Situ Liang onto the floor, then I pointed at his head and cursed, “Did water enter your brain or was it squashed by the door? You would even shake a perfectly fine person to death like that!”

Only then, did a few people add, “Yeah, no medical knowledge at all, you can’t shake people that fainted!”

A lot of people were like that, and were fickle, seeing me rush over angrily, they were scared that I would trouble them, so they quickly appeased me.

Only a few people that knew about Situ Liang’s identity sigh silently for me after seeing me kick Situ Liang, from their perspective, I was just courting death.

“What are you?” Situ Liang crawled up for the floor and pointed at me and asked. He wasn’t completely dumb, seeing that I rush over like that, I definitely wasn’t anyone normal, before coming to Huaxia University, Situ Liang’s family reminded him over and over again that he had to keep a low profile at university, since that was a place where the children of rich, important and powerful people gathered, before finding out about the other person’s background, it was better not to bear a grudge, although using the Situ family’s power, he didn’t really need to be scared of anything, an extra friend was better than an extra enemy.

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That’s why Situ Liang wasn’t sure of my background, adding onto the fact that I looked very familiar to him, he thought I was also the son of some kind of important person.

“Oh? Not only did water go into your brain, your memory is so terrible as well!” I mocked, “Young Master Situ, we met this morning at the canteen, right?”

“You… Oh! So, it’s you! The something something classmate that Xiao Ting mentioned!” Situ Liang said while clenching his teeth. He thought to himself, no wonder he felt that the person looked familiar, he didn’t think that it was him! From Xiao Ting’s tone, their original relationship wasn’t normal, but it was fortunate that he had found out from Xiao Ting already that this fellow was just a normal student in Songjiang city, his family wasn’t very capable either, so killing him was simple!

Actually, Situ Liang’s intel wasn’t wrong, it’s just that that was before I was reborn!

Right now, Situ Liang forcefully restrained his anger, he is a martial arts master of his generation, so he lost way too much face when he got kicked over while not paying attention! The reason Situ Liang restrained his anger was firstly because the teachers and authorities in the school were looking at him, so it was quite troublesome if he beat the guy up! The second, and the most important thing was that Yu Ting fainted, so the priority is to quickly send her to the hospital!

Thus, Situ Liang smiled sinisterly at me like a gentleman and said, “Find a day and I’ll treat, we’ll have a good talk about the past!”

Situ Liang emphasized on “good talk”, making others clearly aware that it wasn’t to talk at all! Talk with me? He probably wants to show me some colors, right?

“No problem!” I said. What a joke, am I still afraid of him!

Situ Liang didn’t think that I would say that, he thought I would back off, and so he could humiliate me using that chance. However, the words that he prepared beforehand were all useless!

Situ Liang often used that to deal with his rivals in love when he was chasing girls, but these people didn’t dare to go, there was only an idiot that dared to square up to him, but had three ribs broken by Situ Liang with a kick! The person in front of him didn’t look like an idiot, so could he actually be confident?


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