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Chapter 19 – Bet that I’m guaranteed to win

That was because, although the first person didn’t succeed, he was half way there, the thing was started, the second person to go definitely had a chance!

That was why, when you looked at the probability, the chances of the second person succeeding was really high! The third person’s chances were still really high, because if he did the same thing again, the person in question might get annoyed! Yet, no matter what, it would still get the person’s attention.

The fourth person would find it very difficult, because if the first three didn’t succeed, then the fourth person doing the same thing wouldn’t be any better! The person in question as already numb, so it wouldn’t have any effects!

Huang Wenjing was laoer, in other words, theoretically, his chances of success was the highest! No wonder he would be so proud!

Ouyang Tianqi wasn’t dumb, he naturally knew that the first one to go would lose, but there was no helping it, after all, he was the big bro!

He thought about it and then suddenly shouted, “Yi? The school authorities is here!”

Ouyang Tianqi’s move was very smart, and grasped the minds of most students very well, at this moment, the students were just messing around, hearing that the authorities are here, they immediately quieted down, and looked towards us!

However, it didn’t effect Zhao Yanyan in the slightest, she merely stood there quietly.

I snickered in my heart, he really underestimated Zhao Yanyan, in the last few years with me, this chick is already capable of not reacting to anything.

Seeing that there weren’t actually any authorities here, the students in the class boo’s and looked at Ouoyang Tianqi in contempt, causing this person to feel awkward and hurriedly dip his head.

It was Huang Wenjing’s turn, this fellow thought about it for a moment, just how could he win in one move? Just what sort of things attracted beauties? Money? Looking at the appearance of this beauty, she was obviously a little princess of a rich family! So, the money route was useless! What about others? Handsome guys! That’s right, no girl can resist the allure of Prince Charming!

“This handsome guy, who are you looking for?” Huang Wenjing shouted intelligently.

As expected, a lot of girls stopped their conversations and started looking! But how is Zhao Yanyan a normal girl! I think that aside from having an interest in me, she directly ignored all other men.

Seeing that he failed, Huang Wenjing sighed. Due to Huang Wenjing’s shout, the girls had all set their eyes on Ouyang Tianqi and me!

Huang Wenjing smiled apologetically, “Big bro, laosan, don’t blame me, haha! But you two using this chance to find a girlfriend isn’t bad!!”

Ouyang Tianqi and I looked at him with eyes that told him we’ll take care of him later, causing this brat to instantly calm down a lot.

When it was my turn, Chu Gao stepped up first, “San-ge, let me try first!” It seemed like Chu Gao wasn’t an idiot and knew that the last person was the least favored, so he made the move first!

I didn’t care a single bit, since this was a bet that I am guaranteed to win and they were guaranteed to lose from the start!

The brat Chu Gao was also innovative, as expected of someone that grew up in the capital, his thoughts were really trendy!

The brat yelled, “Sorry, I don’t like men!!!”

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When the words left his mouth, even students from other classes looked over, but Zhao Yanyan didn’t care and acted as if she didn’t hear it.

I knew Zhao Yanyan’s personality really well! If she didn’t meet me, this chick would be like in her previous life, never showing a nice expression to any boys!

Everyone looked at Chu Gao with a shudder, yet this brat had pretty thick skin and showed an uncaring expression!

All three of them failed! The only hope left was me! The three of them looked ambiguously at me, as if they were looking at a destined failure!

“Haha, it seems like only I’m left!” I chuckled.

I don’t believe that you can do what the three of us couldn’t!” Chu Gao said.

“Yeah, laosan! Don’t embarrass yourself, after such a while, I already feel embarrassed enough!” Ouyang Tianqi said.

“Heh! I don’t believe it! Laosan, if you succeed, don’t take about taking over your duties, it would be fine even if I helped you buy breakfast every day!” Seeing that I was expressionless, Huang Wenjing thought I chickened out, and thus quickly rile me up. From his perspective, the other three had already embarrassed themselves, how could I hide!

“Oh? Really?” I deliberately asked.

“Big bro and laosi are witnesses!” Huang Wenjing said.

“Sure! Then I’ll try!” I had a smug in my heart! Wahahahahaha! My breakfast for the four years in university is set!

I cleared my throat, and shouted, “Wi——fey!”

The moment the words left my mouth, Ouyang Tianqi, Huang Wenjing and Chu Gao looked at me dumbly! However, the following thing caused the three of them to go completely dumb!

They saw the beauty, which is also Zhao Yanyan, actually turn around and said to me softly, “Hubby, what is it?”

“Nothing, nothing!” I shook my head and said. Zhao Yanyan turned around again. It was fortunate that I was a bit quieter, and didn’t catch the attention of the other students like the three people, otherwise I would become the public enemy of all boys!

The three of them wanted to fall down after seeing that happened.

After a long while, Ouyang Tianqi finally organized his words, “It can’t be… laosan, she is…?”

“That’s right, she’s my wifey!” I said innocently.

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“****! Laosan, you tricked me!” Huang Wenjing laughed wryly, it looked even more terrible than crying.

Chu Gao also didn’t accept it and said, “San-ge, this is cheating!”

“Cheating? No? You guys made the rules, what’s more, you guys didn’t ask whether I know her or not!” I shrugged.

“My breakfast!” Huang Wenjing said speechlessly.

“Yeah, laosan, you’re too terrible, you didn’t tell us that you had such a pretty girlfriend!” Ouyang Tianqi agreed.

“****. I said that laosan is a fierce guy! From now on, I, Huang Wenjing will rely on you, and admit you as boss!” Huang Wenjing said.

“I abdicate!” Ouyang Tianqi said, “from now on, the boss of 301 is Liu Lei!”

“I agree!” Chu Gao said.

Thus, the new boss of 301 was born. It was also starting from this point that I truly became a core figure of the brothers, under my guidance, these three people all became my helpers.

When the people from all the classes pretty much came, an elder walked up onto the podium of the sports field. I knew this person in my previous life, he was the Chancellor of Huaxia University, and was also an academician of Huaxia Central Academy of Sciences, he was very famous in the academic field, and was a truly leader and head of that area of studies.

When the elder walked onto the podium, the sports field instantly went quiet, the intelligence of people that could get into Huaxia University weren’t low, they knew that the elder on the podium must be some sort of authority! No one was dumb enough to cause trouble on the first day, since no one wanted to be punished just after going to school.


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