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Chapter 1 – New Student at Huaxia

“Huaxia University, I came back again,” —— Liu Lei

As someone who was reborn, when I stood in front of my alma mater once again, the feeling I felt in my hard was really difficult to be described with words.

Huaxia University is one of the most famous universities in Huaxia, established in 19XX, it even had a great reputation in the entire world.

At the registration office of Huaxia University, a handsome young man held the hand of a pretty girl as they stood in the crowd of the new students.

“It can’t be? Getting someone the first day, this speed is too quick, right?” Someone exclaimed as they pointed to the golden couple.

“Ha… How is this a surprise, look at their appearance and atmosphere, only these people can get together!” Another person said with a hint of envy.

“It can’t be… Such a pretty girl, why did she get a boyfriend so quickly!” A certain guy looked at the beauty happily leaning on the young man as he said in envy.

“****, haven’t you look at yourself, even if she doesn’t have a boyfriend, you have no chance, even if all of the men in the world died, you still have no chance!” A very handsome young master beside the certain guy said. However, this fellow naturally wasn’t as handsome as the young man beside the pretty girl.

“Feng-ge, even if you know it in your heart, you don’t need to say it! Don’t you know how much damage it causes to my self-confidence! Who says that to their little bro, no matter what, little bro, I, is still the handsome boy that is just beneath you, Feng-ge, in City C back in the days!” The certain guy said to the young master in self mockery.

“Shut up!” The young master called Feng-ge hit the back of the certain guy’s head and said. “Wang Jin, this Huaxia University is truly a place of crouching tigers and crawling dragons, the couple in front of us might very well be the school hunk and school beauty!”

“Feng-ge, you are the most handsome!” The certain guy called Wang Jin said.

Feng-ge chuckled, “Don’t say things like that, I, Ding Wenfeng may not have other things, but I still have self-knowledge! The people from the Situ family, Nangong family, Ouyang family, Liu family and your Meng family of the Six Renowned Families are all in Huaxia University, how could there be my position!”

“Feng-ge, aren’t you the successor of the Ding family of the Six Renowned Families, you aren’t worse than them!” Wang Jin shook his head and said, “What do I count as, I’m just a relative of the Meng family, someone of another surname will never enter the core of the family.”

“Wang Jin, don’t lose hope! I have faith in your, so what about the Six Renowned families? Nobody will know whether you, Wang Jin, will create the seventh renown family!’ Ding Wenfeng patted Wang Jin’s shoulder and said.

At the same time, on the other side of the crowd, there were also two young man, but they were clearly nothing good, the one in the lead might look kind of handsome, but he had a smooth aura, the one of his side was just dandified, and looked just like a birdman you would want to beat up.

“Boss, look, that girl really doesn’t look bad, I wonder how does she compare to your fiancé?” The birdman said lewdly.

“My fiancé? ****, don’t mention it, I get mad every single time she’s mentioned, ****, pretend to be high and mighty my ***, she acts like she doesn’t care, if laozi didn’t get interested in her Liu family’s business, who would care about her, which dude would want to marry this kind of ice cold thing!” The smooth young master said.

“That’s true, but boss, look, that girl really looks cute, she’s clearly first class! It’s just a shame that someone else got there first!’ The birdman point at the eye-catching couple and said.

“Heng, I’ll just let that brat take care of her for a few days, once I, Situ Liang, set my eyes upon a woman, she cannot escape my grasp!” The smooth young master snorted.

“Yeah, Young Master Situ, you are handsome, is proficient in martial arts, and is rich at a young age, which girl would refuse this allure!” The birdman said respectfully.

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“Hahahahaha! You know me so well!” Situ Liang laughed madly.

“******!” Ding Wenfeng swore at the two people laughing manically not far away.

“Isn’t that Situ family’s second young master, he also came here!” Wang Jin looked over, following Ding Wenfeng’s gaze.

Idiot, I really don’t know how such a piece of trash popped out of the Situ family, he just knows about staying with women. However, why did this brat come to Hua-U (Huaxia University)? So the person from the Situ family mentioned in the information is him!” Ding Wenfeng sighed. In these years, the Six Renowned Families have pretty much fallen in everything but in name, only the Ding family and Meng family were still powerful.

Situ Liang on that side also saw Ding Wenfeng, that ****** glared at Ding Wenfeng, then left quickly with his birdman lackey.

Just as Wang Jin was about to blow, Ding Wenfeng stopped him and said, “Why get on his level?”

“A dog using a person’s backing! ****, he’s only the second successor, act cool for what!” Wang Jin swore.

“The face of the children of the renowned families are completely lost by people like him, it’s because of this that outsiders would say that there are no good people in us rich second and third generations!” Ding Wenfeng said in disgust. “Oh yeah, Wang Jin, doesn’t your family’s current generation only have girls! Did the family head of the Meng family made the final decision yet? Did he decide to absorb in new talents for marriage, or choose an excellent one among you with other surnames?”

“Probably marriage, the possibility of choosing a successor among relatives is very small, I’m not counting on it!” Wang Jin smiled wryly.

Ding Wenfeng nodded and sigh, “It isn’t that big of a deal, this is better. Carrying the burden of an entire family is not something good! Just how much pressure would you be under!”

“Name!” Chen Weier sat behind the desk of the student registration office, and flipped through the new student register in boredom. She complained in her heart, it seems like being a school council member wasn’t that easy, school just started, and she was grabbed here to be free labor. She even had to be patient and tell these xuedi and xuemei about the new student registration process over and over again! This wasn’t much, the main thing was that some of the gazes of the xuedis weren’t rich. Ai! It seems like being the school beauty of Huaxia University wasn’t that easy, not only did she have to refuse the pursue of countless boys every day, she even had to handle the invitations by those rich young masters in the society. She was tired just thinking about it, Chen Weier would complain rather often in her heart, Zhao Yanyan, why didn’t you come and help me redirect some of them yet? However, ever since last year, another school beauty level xuemei arrived at Hua-U, causing Chen Weier’s situation to improve slightly.

“Beauty wifey, how about eating dinner together tonight?” A male voice rang out beside Chen Weier’s ear. Chen Weier immediately got angry after hearing that, she nearly went on a rampage on spot. Why was this person so uncivilized, calling someone wifey immediately!

Hearing someone call Chen Weier beauty wifey, all of the other xuezhangs at the registration place couldn’t help but gasp in shock of this person’s daringness! The first day that the new student came to report in and he dared to flirt with his xuejie, does this person not want to stay here anymore?

They were even more shocked after raising their heads to look, they saw the boy that called Chen Weier beauty wifey was actually holding hands with another beauty!


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