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Chapter 15 – That moment of kindness

It was my first time feeling that tired, ignoring the soreness of my body, even the fist that hit people started hurting. This was Newton’s Third Law, if you hit someone, you would also feel pain! I didn’t have any sort of iron fist or iron palm, and it was even my first time fighting, I felt as if my hand was about to break!

While I was very sleepy, I felt like someone was taking off the clothes on my body, but I paid it no heed.

Suddenly, I felt my a chill on my lower body, causing me to wake up immediately. Someone took down my pants!

I immediately opened my eyes, and went entered them was Yu Ying’s beautiful face!

What I found weird was that this chick was actually pulling down my underwear with both hands as her face was bright red, starting at… starting at my private!

“Ai…” I coughed without knowing what to do, what’s going on, this chick can’t be this lewd, right.

Seeing that I woke up, Yu Ting jumped, her hands was still holding onto that underwear that she was in the process of taking off, she clearly didn’t know what to do.

My shirt has already been taken off, and it felt really fresh, the chick must have wiped my body, then helped me put on medicine! However, I didn’t understand, just why did this chick take off my underwear?

Although I was a boy, showing my important part in front of a girl was very embarrassing!

“What… What are you doing…” I asked awkwardly.

“I…” Yu Ting turned bright red from my question, perhaps she had already noticed the issue with what she had done at the moment, but since she already did it, she could only forcefully explain, “I saw Zhang Guodong kick you that once… I just wanted to help you put on some medicine… I… I didn’t think you would wake up…”

I moved a little, and found that my lower body did hurt a bit, although it wasn’t much of an issue, it definitely swell up. Thus, I said, “I’ll do it myself.”

With that, I tried to crawl up from the bed, but I couldn’t muster any strength at all! The soreness of my entire body caused me to be unable to move at all! A struggled a bit, then gave up, since I couldn’t control my body, it was as if it wasn’t mine since the pain had already numbed me.

“I’ll… Do it… Don’t worry… I don’t have any other meaning to this…” Seeing that I was unable to get up, Yu Ting said with a red face. She probably didn’t think that much and just wanted to help me take off my clothes to put on medicine, only after taking off my underwear did she remember that boys and girls are difference!

That was actually what Yu Ting thought at the time, this was something that she told me later on.

There was no helping it, although I was a bit embarrassed, I could only nod and accept. I didn’t dare to have any other thoughts, and could only temporarily treat her as a doctor!

However, this was merely my wish, when Yu Ting’s cold little hands touched my privates, I actually reacted!

I cursed myself in my heart, but there was no helping it! If I didn’t react, that would be a problem.

That scared Yu Ting, causing her to frantically let go and said in terror, “Why is it like this… Liu Lei, are you alright, let’s go to the hospital!”

I was going to faint to death! This chick was truly pure! She didn’t look like she was acting either, but how was I supposed to explain this? Was I supposed to say that I got erected because I got excited?

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Doesn’t that turn me into a rascal! Therefore, I could only say, “It’s alright, just continue.”

“Oh!” Seeing my lack of a painful expression, Yu Ying also relaxed, then carefully used a towel to help me wipe it…

I peeked over, and saw that Yu Ting was using a pink towel with cartoon bears on it to carefully wipe my privates, there was a faint aroma on the towel… This can’t be a towel that Yu Ting used, right… She was actually using it to help me wipe.

I really wanted time to just stop then, and be able to enjoy this for the rest of my life! But I know it was impossible, yet I could not hold back the movement of my heart!

After Yu Ting finally finished wiping and put the towel on the side, I let out a sigh of relief, yet felt unwilling to part with the feeling!

Yu Ting carefully helped me applied on the medicine, then took of the underwear that was half taken off with a huge blush! Afterwards, she covered me with a blanket on the side and said in slight embarrassment, “Hurry up and rest! I’m going to turn off the lights!”

With that, she quickly turned around, turned off the lights in the room and only left a small lamp on the bedside cabinet on.

Only after Yu Ting left, did I let out a sigh. What was with me!

Looking at the cartoon clock by the bedside, it was already twelve something, I actually slept for so many hours! Currently, although I still couldn’t move, I did get less tired!

The most important thing right now was to quickly call my home, otherwise they would get worried to death! It was fortunate that every room in Yu Ting’s home had a phone, so I picked up the phone on the bedside cabinet and dialed the number of my home.

“Hey! Is it Leilei?” My mom’s anxious voice sounded out form the voice, as I expected, they didn’t sleep yet and was worried about me!

“Mom, it’s me!” I forcefully said while pretending like nothing was wrong.

“Leilei! It really is you, this is great, where are you, your dad and I are worried sick!” My mom said with a really worked up tone. “I already got your dad to look for you at school, but everyone’s off work… Ai! Where are you, I’ll get your dad to pick you up!”

You must be kidding, how could I go home like this! Furthermore, the most important thing was that this was a rare chance for me to get close to Yu Ting, letting go of this chance right now would make me a complete ******.

“Mom! Don’t get anxious, hear me out! I’m fine, I’m pretty good, didn’t I tell you, I have a good friend… En, yeah, it’s Zhang Rui! I went to his home for a while after school, but maybe because I was a bit too tired these few days, so I randomly fell asleep, and now I woke up so I hurriedly called you guys!” I said.

“Aiya! Leilei, you child, you really aren’t letting your dad and I relax! Where is his home, we’ll go over immediately!” My mom said.

“No need!” I quickly said. “It’s so late already, I’ll just sleep here, there’s still an empty room in his home…”

“En?” Hearing my, my mom couldn’t help but say in suspicion. “Leilei, it’s better if we go over!”

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“Mom! There really is no need, what’s more, they’re all asleep, if you come, then you will disturb the adults’ rest! How about this, I’ll wake Zhang Rui up and let him talk to you!” I said.

“About this…” Hearing me say that, my mom didn’t find it right to say anything, since they’re asleep, so disturbing them is very disrespectful. Thus, she said, “Ai! Alright! Then hurry up and sleep! Come back tomorrow night!”


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