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Chapter 14 – Today’s Treatment

What should he do if he really hurt him too much? Perhaps some people would say, if you hurt him too much, then just run! That will only show that you have not fought when you were younger.

Run? They know what you’re called, knows where you go to school, can you ran?

After fighting physically, then fight with money! What do you do if you hurt him too much? Compensate with money! You can’t? Rest in jail!

As an experienced one, of course Zhang Guodong would know about this, he definitely can’t afford to compensate money, the students in First Middle School were all poor, and only got sent there because their family lacks money. Go in jail? Although Zhang Guodong had never tried it, he had a friend who had firsthand experience, that’s not a place for humans, no matter how amazing you are in school, it’s useless in jail! Why? Who are the people in there? They are all people of the underworld! Tough people and old rascals! New people would lose at least a layer a skin even if they don’t lose their lives! There were also a lot of people that were in and out of there, and didn’t care about an extra crime!

Yet, now, Zhang Guodong couldn’t not hit hard, since the other person was completely fighting for their life!

Taking a chance that I wasn’t paying attention, Zhang Guodong kicked towards me! This kick was the evillest of crimes, since it was directly to my lower body!

I instantly felt a tremendous pain, and squatted down while holding my lower body! Droplets of sweat the size of beans started dripping from my forehead!

Zhang Guodong also noticed that he was in trouble! He didn’t know what to do as he looked at me, who squatted on the ground, although he knew that he that if anything serious happened, he wouldn’t be able to run, the mind of a teenager still made him choose to run!

Seeing that the situation was bad, he looked at me, who was on the ground, then looked at Yu Ting, who was terrified on the side, although he felt unwilling, he still quickly left.

“Liu Lei, are you alright?” Seeing that Zhang Guolong left, Yu Ting hurried to my side and asked worriedly.

“I…” I opened my mouth difficultly, yet couldn’t utter a single word. I panted loudly, and I felt like I was going to die of pain!

“Do you need to go to the hospital!” Yu Ting didn’t know what to do either, since she was the same age as me and was also a middle school student, she didn’t know how to handle the situation in front of her eyes.

“No… need!” After a long while, I finally said slowly. My lower body didn’t hurt that much anymore, although Zhang Guodong’s kick was very painful, he missed the target! Otherwise, I might have lost my happy life in the future!

At the time, my face was also full of blood, but I know it was no big deal, since it was mostly nose bleed! It wasn’t like Zhang Guodong, the blood on his head was caused by me smashing him with a brick.

I only stood up slowly when I finally recovered a bit more. Yu Ting quickly supported me on the side! At that moment, my heart warmed up, since I felt like everything I did was not wasted!

Neither of us said anything, it might be due to Yu Ting seeing that I was truly really weak then, so she didn’t ask me anything. Under her support, I limped out of the alleyway.

Yu Ting stopped a taxi, and helped me on, then she sat by my side and told the driver an address.

“Where are we going…” I asked.

“To my home!” Yu Ying said. “You got hurt so much, and you don’t want to go to the hospital, so we’re going to my home so I can help you put on some medicine!”

I felt happy, isn’t this what I was hoping for! So, I didn’t say anything more, and just shut my eyes. I was truly too tired, and the bruises from getting beaten by Zhang Guodong started acting up again.

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Anyone who has fought would know that no matter how many punches they take during a fight, they won’t feel too hurt! That’s because your body is in a tense condition!

The hardest to bare was the recovery period after the fight! At that period of time, all of the wounds on the body would start acting up together, causing it to be unbearably painful!

I was in that sort of situation, I was tired and hurt, and unknowingly, the image in front of my eyes started to blur as I fell asleep.

When I woke up once again, I found that I was actually lying down on Yu Ting’s shoulders! She was carrying me up a section of stairs.

Although I wasn’t very heavy, I was still sixty something kilograms, it was very hard to imagine such a weak girl like Yu Ting actually carrying me, just how much effort would it take!

Actually, Yu Ting found it very hard, and she kept on panting along the way while she carried me up the stairs while clenching her teeth.

Seeing Yu Ting’s appearance, I felt really moved! I moved my body and said slowly, “Let me down, I’ll walk!”

Yu Ting was only holding on due to her determination, and seeing that I woke up, she couldn’t hold me anymore, and let go of me.

Although I was still very weak, I did have the strength to go up the stairs. It wasn’t a very high floor, yet walking up there felt incomparably difficult. When Yu Ting and I finally arrived in front of a door, Yu Ting took out her keys from her backpack.

“Wait, is anyone in your home?” I asked worriedly, I was rather scared of parents, since I was a boy that randomly came to the female classmate’s home, her parents would definitely be suspicious of me.

Yu Ting shook her head and said in self-mockery, “It would be nice if anyone was home… I haven’t seen my dad for more than a week.”

Seeing Yu Ting’s sadness, I didn’t continue to ask, and thought that Yu Ting’s father must have been too busy and so didn’t have time to come home.

Yu Ting’s home was large, very large! It was two apartments on the same floor that has been connected. In the 90s, those that could only a huge home of a hundred something square meters were all very powerful people in the area.

It seemed like those rumors I heard did have some basis to them, Yu Ting’s family condition was so good that it was unimaginable for me!

The sophisticated decorations and full sets of electrical appliances caused me to get dazzled! If it was normally, I would have checked out these things I have never seen before with interest, but at the time, I was already knackered! Although I slept for a short while on the taxi, it didn’t solve anything, instead, it made me even more tired!

When people were tired, if they only rest for a short while, that’s worse than not resting! Anyone understood this.

The thing I wanted to do most was sleep, I couldn’t care less about putting on medicine or changing my clothes! I was too tired!

Without saying anything to Yu Ting, I stumbled into a room, and fell down on a bed! I didn’t know what happened after that.

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What I didn’t know was that I had gone into Yu Ting’s bedroom!

Of course, even if I knew, I would still go in, ****, what did I care about at the time! Yu Ting’s care for me was merely due to me helping her out, I didn’t think that she would fall in love with me for this! I had spoken very little to her, so there wasn’t any sort of emotional basis!

Perhaps, after the day, I would never enjoy this sort of treatment anymore!


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