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Chapter 16 – Accompanied by a girl

Only when I put down the phone did I carefully examined the room I was staying in! It was fine when I didn’t look, when I looked, I was shocked!

The entire room was stuck full of celebrity posters and there were stuff animals everywhere, it was that moment that I realized, I was actually in Yu Ting’s bedroom!

I actually stumbled so actually into Yu Ting’s room and actually lied on her bed. Most importantly, I was butt naked right now!

Yu Ting did not show any displeasure towards my rash actions, instead, she helped me take off my pants and put on medicine… What did this mean!

I wasn’t an idiot, although I knew that Yu Ting would treat me like that was mostly because I helped her! It at least showed that Yu Ting didn’t hate me!

Otherwise, even if it was her savior, she would not allow a boy wearing nothing at all to lie on her bed!

I snickered in my heart, although I never thought about getting a girlfriend, this sort of excitement was something I never had before!

There was a family photo on Yu Ting’s bedside cabinet, Yu Ting was very young in the photo, and a muscular man wearing a military uniform was holding her, while a beauty woman stood on the side. This man should be Yu Ting’s father, and the woman on the side should be Yu Ting’s mother, the three seemed very happy since they were smiling brightly.

What I didn’t understand was that Yu Ting’s father was a soldier, why did he turn to the underworld? Then what about that beautiful woman, which is also Yu Ting’s mother?

Of course, these weren’t matters I needed to consider.

In these random thoughts, I blurrily fell asleep once more.

On the next day, I was woken up by the urge to take a piss.

I crawled up from the bed, and search for my clothes with my hand by the side of the bed, but I didn’t find anything! Then I remember, this was Yu Ting’s home, and after my clothes were taken off by Yu Ting the previous day, I don’t know where they were left.

Yu Ting shouldn’t have woken up so early, right? I thought to myself.

Thus, I sneakily walked out of the room.

Although Yu Ting’s home was huge, it was still rather easy to determine the position of the bathroom.

I quickly walked towards it, and right when I got to the entrance, I heard the sound of flowing water from within. I didn’t think too much into it, since who’s home wouldn’t have the sound of water! When other people flush, the entire building can hear it.

I pushed open the door and walked in without any hesitation. However, the scene within caused me to be dumbfounded!

Yu Ting was sitting on the toilet bowl in her pajamas!

“Ah!” Yu Ting yelled, then she pointed at me, “Liu Lei… Why… Why are you…”

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I had just woken up, so my mind was still kind of slow, so I forgot about the fact that I was naked. I had thought that Yu Ting’s surprise was only due to me barging it, thus I said, “Isn’t it because I wanted to go to the bathroom to pee… I didn’t think…”

“…” Yu Ting didn’t know what to say as she blushed, it was embarrassing enough when she took off his pants to help him apply medicine, she didn’t think that he would walk in without wearing anything today! Doesn’t he know that boys and girls are different? However, when she thought about it, it was clearly her that took of his pants. The more she thought about it, the redder her face got.

I still didn’t know what was going on. Seeing that Yu Ting stopped speaking, I thought she got angry, and thus quickly apologized, “Sorry… Sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose…”

Seeing me like that, Yu Ting finally couldn’t not resist giggling as she said, “When do you want to stand here till, I still have to pull up my pants!”

Hearing that, I quickly turned around awkwardly and ran out.

After quite a long while, Yu Ting finally came out of the bathroom. There was still a bit of blush that haven’t faded away, seeing me, she was shocked, then she covered her eyes, “Liu Lei! Why haven’t you put on your clothes yet? Do you enjoy running around naked!!!”

I was shocked, only now did I realize that I haven’t put on any clothes! The reason I did not realize this was firstly because I treated it as my home, where I have always slept naked! The second was because Yu Ting didn’t mention this in the bathroom just now, perhaps she kicked me out before she had a chance to mention it!

Most importantly, I was anxiously standing in front of the bathroom door, waiting to let out some water, how would I be able to think about so much!

“I don’t know where my clothes are…” What I said was the truth, I didn’t know how Yu Ting handled my clothes.

Hearing that, Yu Ting immediately knew what was going on, but she still pouted in fake anger, “Why don’t you go and die!”

Saying that, she ran to the balcony, collected my clothes, throw them towards me, then hurriedly ran back to her room.

I received it and looked, the clothes were washed clean, there was even the faint smell of washing powder on it. I hurriedly put on my clothes and ran into the bathroom.

Looking at my slightly swollen lower body, I swore in my heart, ****, that Zhang Guodong. He nearly caused laozi to be unable to produce descendants, I never used it before, if it broke like that, then it’s really not worth it! However, thinking to the kindness Yu Ting showed me the previous day, I got happy again! If Zhang Guodong didn’t kick me, would Yu Ting have showed such intimacy towards me!

When I walked out of the toilet, I saw Yu Ting already having changed out of her pajamas into a brand new track suit.

After seeing me, Yu Ting’s face blushed again before returning to normal, “I’m going out for a run, are you going, Liu Lei?”

Running? I momentarily blanked, this chick had the habit of a morning run? No wonder she developed so well at such a young age! I did not have any habit for a morning run then, if I had kept on exercising, then perhaps I wouldn’t have been beaten so hard by Zhang Guodong! However, I still answered casually, “Sure! I’ll wash my face and go with you!”

Seeing that I agreed to run with her in the morning, Yu Ting said very happily, “Sure! We can go and eat breakfast together after running, there is a shop that sells tofu pudding downstairs, I always eat there!”

Only after going downstairs did I notice that where Yu Ting lived was a very rich compound – Century Garden, there were all sorts of training devices in the compound. At that moment, a lot of young people were using the pushup bars, while the old people were practicing taichi.

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“We’ll start jogging from her, run around the compound, then back to here, it’s about two thousand meters, is that alright?” Yu Ting asked.

Two thousand meters! It can’t be, with my physique, I can’t even run a thousand five hundred on the school’s sports day, and she’s actually making me run two thousand meters that day! However, they said all boys and girls in love were stupid, this wasn’t false at all! I didn’t think so much and immediately answered.

It was fortunate that Yu Ting ran rather slowly, and we chatted happily on the way, in the company of a beauty, I actually ran out the compound once unknowingly! Furthermore, there wasn’t much wrong with me! The power of love was truly great! I didn’t think my stamina was actually that good!

Yu Ting was also very surprised, seeing that I didn’t pant or go red, she said, “Liu Lei, why couldn’t I tell your body being so great normally! You should enter sports day!”


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