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Chapter 145 – I can exchange

He didn’t dare to imagine what it would be like if Lei Xiaolong lost.

Uncle Bin sighed, this Lei Xiaolong didn’t know what to do other than causing trouble! It seems like he can only use the master’s name if there was no other way. The casino will probably give him face, since the casino’s purpose was just to earn money. No matter how much money they ask for, Lei Bofu would give it. After all, Lei Xiaolong’s life was useless for the casino, they had no need to refuse money.

Thinking that, Uncle Bin calmed down a bit. Hopefully nothing goes wrong.

This time, the dealer dealt for me first once more.

“Wait!” Lei Xiaolong suddenly called out. “This time, deal for me first!”

I smiled, I knew you would suspect there being something wrong with the cards. Thus, I said uncaringly, “Whatever, do as Young Master Lei wants!”

Lei Xiaolong’s bottom card was a 10 of hearts, then the shown cards were jack of hearts, queen of hearts and king of hearts. When he saw that, he said proudly, “Hehe, now the luck has returned to my side!”

Meanwhile, my cards were ace of spades, king of spades, and 10 of spades on the top, while my bottom card was a queen of spades.

When ace of hearts was dealt in front of Lei Xiaolong, he finally couldn’t help but laugh out loud!

“How is it! Boss Liu, your luck changed over to my side the moment we changed the sequence!” Lei Xiaolong said excitedly.

My last card was a jack of spades, meaning that my royal flush was the combination that beat everything.

Flip! Lei Xiaolong revealed his bottom card, then struck a cool pose that the god of gambling did in a movie and said, “Royal Flush!”

I smiled faintly. Hehe, Lei Xiaolong, you’re screwed.

“What are you smiling for! I won, can’t you afford the loss?” Lei Xiaolong said proudly.

“Sorry, if we didn’t change cards, then you really would have won. But now, ai!” I sighed, then flipped my last card over.

Lei Xiaolong looked at the cards on my table in despair! Two royal flushes appeared at the same time! Just how small of a chance was this!

“This is impossible! You must have cheated!” Lei Xiaolong stood up, pointed at my nose and shouted.

“I cheated? When did you see me cheat? What’s more, we changed cards because you said to do so. You can’t accept the loss and now you’re actually saying I cheated?” I laughed coldly.

“Collect our stakes!” I said to Du Xiaowei.

“Wait! Stop! I’ll call someone to send six hundred million here. Please don’t do anything to young master!” Uncle Bin shielded Lei Xiaolong behind him.

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“Yeah! My dad has tons of money, I can tell him to send it here for me!” Lei Xiaolong was terrified as well! He only betted his life in anger, he didn’t think about the consequences or the severity of the issue. Right now, when he saw that the other person was seriously going to collect the stakes, he couldn’t help but get nervous.

“Money? Just how much can you dad bring? If you’re willing to bet, then you have to accept your loss! If you owe money, then pay it back with money; if you owe a life, then pay it back with your life! Do I look like I lack money? Haha, I forcefully played an extra round with you because I heard that you wanted to bet your life against me. You’re going to exchange money for your life? Dream on! How can there be such a good thing in the world! Do it!” I stood up and walked beside Le iXiaolong.

“Don’t, I’ll give however much money you guys want!” Lei Xiaolong screamed. That was because he already saw Hank point a gun at him!

At that moment, Uncle Bin also moved. His target was Hank, but before he got there, Du Xiaowei easily suppressed him. Although Uncle Bin’s ability was top amount bodyguards, Du Xiaowei had my personal guidance, he didn’t just use martial arts, he used a fusion of superpowers and internal techniques. That was why Uncle Bin seemed like nothing in front of him.

“You better not make a reckless move, otherwise, you’re going to die as well,” when Du Xiaowei started acting cool, it really was amazing. He remained expressionless like a mob fighter. Even an experienced person like Uncle Bin seemed to feel shocked.

“You can’t kill him! He’s the young master of Lei’s Corporation!” Uncle Bin revealed Lei Xiaolong’s identity.

Of course I knew Lei Xiaolong was Lei’s Corporation’s young master, it was because he was the young master of the Lei family that I came to cause trouble for him. If I was to put it in a more trendy phrase, it would be “I wouldn’t find him if he was just a commoner”!

“Lei’s Corporation?” I deliberately pretended to be confused and asked Hank. “Is it really famous?”

“It’s pretty famous in both Huaxia and the US. It’s a very capable foundation,” Hank explained.

“Oh! So it’s just rich? But, do you think laozi will care about money since I’m gambling here?” I said to Lei Xiaolong and Uncle Bin in a mocking manner. “Hehe, I pay out several hundred dollars easily, do you think I care about money? I’m telling you, money is just a bunch of numbers to me!”

“Then what do you want!” Lei Xiaolong’s lower body was already wet, he clearly pissed himself in terror.

“What do I want? You can’t be that forgetful, right? Didn’t you say you were betting your life? I only bet with you because you wanted to bet your life, otherwise, what could you have used to bet with me? Alright, stop wasting my breath, laozi is going to take what’s mine! Hank, do it!” I pretended that I was very impatient.

“No, you can’t just kill people! My dad definitely wouldn’t let you guys off!” Lei Xiaolong exclaimed.

“Won’t let us off? Hehe! Young Master Lei, you’re too naïve, right? Xiaowei, tell Young Master Lei what our professions are?” I said casually.

“Killers, mercenaries,” Du Xiaowei replied simply.

“You hear that? Young Master Lei! Our profession is killing people! Six hundred million, just treat it as paying for your life!” I said without care.

“No!” Lei Xiaolong fell into complete desperation.

At that moment, Uncle Bin also understood that the other people were really strong, they weren’t afraid of anything. From the ability of the person that suppressed him just now, even the older generation of the Lei family wouldn’t be able to match him.

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“There is no benefit for you if you kill us, why don’t we talk about conditions?” Uncle Bin could only approach it with a tiny bit of hope.

“Oh, it seems like you’re right. Other people all pay us to kill, but it doesn’t seem like I gain anything by killing you,” I said after a long thought.

“Yeah, as long as you let us go, we can agree to any conditions!” Lei Xiaolong immediately appeared energetic once again as if he found some hope.

“Hmm, but what can you give me?” I don’t seem to lack money, am I right, Xiaowei. We have truly too much money! What does a man need aside from money?” I said with a deep ponder.

“Mhmm, a man merely pursues money, position and woman. Boss, you don’t lack the former two…” Du Xiaowei answered.

“Beauties… I have tons of beauties, I can give you a large number of excellent beauties as long as you let me go!” Lei Xiaolong yelled loudly before Du Xiaowei finished.

“****! What are you shouting for!” Hank smashed Lei Xiaolong’s head with the butt of his gun. “Who do you think our boss is? Your women? Our boss don’t want second-handed goods!”


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