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Chapter 146 – Write Up a Contract

“No, not second handed! There are good ones, good ones!” Lei Xiaolong explained.

“Good? How good?” Hank asked impatiently.

“About this… As long as you have a request, I’ll try my best to fulfill it!” said Lei Xiaolong.

“Oh yeah, boss, I saw this brat’s fiancé on tv a few days ago. She was so beautiful!” Du Xiaowei suddenly said.

“Oh? How beautiful? But then again, fiancé, she must have done it with this brat already. Never mind that, hurry up and kill this brat, I still have to go back and sleep!” I waved my hand and pretended like I wasn’t interested at all.

“No, no! I don’t have anything to do with her! I never touched her! As long as you let me go, I-I can give her to you!” How could Lei Xiaolong give up so easily after seeing the light of hope.

“Is that so? You’ll give her over with just that? What proof do you have that you will?” I raised my eyebrows and asked.

“I-I’ll cancel my engagement with her first, then send someone to capture her and give her to you!” said Lei Xiaolong.

“Oh? That sounds rather interesting! Good, I like interesting things. This seems to be much more interesting than killing you!” I nodded.

“Yeah! Yeah! Just how uninteresting is killing, how great will it good when you **** the woman!” Lei Xiaolong agreed.

“Is that so? Then how can I believe you? If you leave like this today and don’t admit it tomorrow, you wouldn’t admit it even if I go to court with you!” I thought about it and said.

“No! I will definitely keep my promise! Let me go! I’ll immediately tell my dad to cancel the engagement with her!” said Lei Xiaolong.

“How about this. I’ll believe you, but just words isn’t enough. Write it down to prove that you already canceled your engagement with her. This will also give me a proof in the future,” I said.

“Okay! Okay! I’ll write it!” Lei Xiaolong quickly nodded in agreement after seeing I agreed in fear of me changing my mind.

Uncle Bin sighed and shook his head. He felt like this wasn’t that simple, as if he fell into a trap. However, he did not know the purpose of the other people doing this.

“Give him pen and paper!” I said to Hank.

Hank wasn’t afraid of Lei Xiaolong running away, since Lei Xiaolong was already paralyzed in fear on the floor, so he couldn’t do anything.

He found pen and paper, then handed it to Lei Xiaolong.

Lei Xiaolong started to write tremblingly.

“This one… divorces… ****! Do you know how to ******* write? Is she your wife right now? Are you ******* educated!” Du Xiaowei glanced at what Lei Xiaolong wrote and directly kicked him.

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“I-I’ve never written it before!” Lei Xiaolong stuttered.

“Alright, I’ll say it, and you’ll write it!” I shook my head. It seems like Lei Xiaolong wasn’t very educated.

“Sure! Sure! That’s for the best!” Lei Xiaolong nodded.

“Party A: Lei Xiaolong. Party B: Xia Jing. Due to personality differences between Party A and Party B, A requests to cancel the engagement with Party B and return all engagement gifts that Party B has given…” I said.

“My family didn’t receive any gifts…” Lei Xiaolong interrupted.

“F*ck your mom! If you didn’t then compensate them!” Du Xiaowei kicked Lei Xiaolong once more.

“I’ll compensate, I’ll compensate!” Lei Xiaolong quickly nodded.

“Okay, then add it onto the contract. Compensate Party B 1 billion USD…” I continued.

“1 billion? So much…” Lei Xiaolong said painfully.

“****, do you think it’s too much!?” Du Xiaowei kicked Lei Xiaolong again.

“Wait, wait, I suddenly feel like this isn’t that interesting anymore. Killing’s more fun!” I said with a wave of my hands.

“Don’t, don’t. I’ll compensate! I’ll compensate! It’s not much, a billion is not much! It’s too little!” Lei Xiaolong quickly corrected himself.

“Oh, you feel like a billion is too little as well?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s way too little!” How could Lei Xiaolong dare to say it’s not!

“Since it’s like that, then two billion USD instead!” I said.

“Ahh… Okay,” Lei Xiaolong didn’t dare to object anymore.

“Party A cannot harass Party B in any way from now on. It is effective upon the signing of this document,” I said, then reminded him. “Then sign it and press your handprint on it!”

Lei Xiaolong immediately did all that.

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“Go and find the casino’s notary and notarize this agreement!” Would it be trouble if Lei Xiaolong claims that I forced him to write this later?

Hank got a waiter to bring the notary over in order to notarize the agreement. During so, Lei Xiaolong did cooperate fully.

“Alright, you can leave now,” I waved my hand impatiently. “But if I find that Xia Jing’s not original, then you’re dead. You know what I do.”

“No, no!” Lei Xiaolong quickly shook his head, then quickly left this place of trouble alongside Uncle Bin.

“Boss? That’s it?” Du Xiaowei said in disbelief, he had thought that there would be a hard fight.

“Mhmm, this is only the beginning. This agreement is just a step for Xia Jing’s family to take. Otherwise, the Lei family will definitely not agree if I snatch Xia Jing over publicly and might even cause them to go into dispute with the Xia family. Although Xia Jing’s family has some basis within our country, it’s far worse than the Lei family. What’s more, everything will be simple with this agreement. If the Lei family has any complaints, we can just directly publish this,” I said.

“Then the two billion USD?” Hank asked.

“Hehe, do you think boss would care about so little money?” Du Xiaowei asked in response.

“That’s true!” Hank nodded. The money that passes through his month is so much more than that as well.

“But what if the Lei family gets desperate?” Du Xiaowei was a bit worried.

“What do you think he can do when desperate?” I laughed. “We can play him to death in every single way.”

“Then Boss, why are you still robbing the wedding, wouldn’t it be fine directly publishing this agreement?” Hank asked in disagreement.

“You’re such a ******* idiot! Don’t tell people that you’re my student!” Du Xiaowei said angrily. “A hero saves a beauty, Prince Charming saves the princess from the monster. Have you not heard of these stories!”

“I…” Hank laughed embarrassedly…

“Young Master, do we tell master about this?” Uncle Bin asked.

“Tell him? Tell him for what! Do you want me to get beaten up!” Lei Xiaolong said impatiently

“But the issue of cancelling the engagement is so huge…” Uncle Bin hesitated.

“Hmmph, the wedding is going to carry on as normal. Just send more people there1 What’s more, my dad can definitely deal with this using his abilities! Worst come to worst, we’ll get married back in Huaxia. The regulation of firearms is stricter there, they can’t possibly be so cocky!” said Lei Xiaolong.

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“But Young Master, those people are really amazing…” Uncle Bin was just thinking about it. He immersed himself in several tens of years in martial arts, but was suppressed in just one move.

“What are you afraid of? Our Lei family’s bodyguards are no joke!” Lei Xiaolong said in disdain, completely forgetting his earlier demeanor.

Uncle Bin sighed without saying anything else. What exactly could he say!


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