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Chapter 144 – Bet

Thus, Lei Xiaolei, the other people at the table and I all entered the VIP hall. Contrary to Lei Xiaolong’s expectations, the two guests on the table both exchanged for fifty thousand worth of chips!

When the dealing begun, I received a 3 and an 8. It was just a bunch of crap. Meanwhile, I used my superpower to take a peek at Lei Xiaolong’s cards, this ******* was truly in the height of his luck. He actually got a pair of Qs!

I directly gave up. Lei Xiaolong didn’t say anything. The two people in game both lost a million or so to Lei Xiaolong.

In the next round, my hand was still full of crap, but Lei Xiaolong’s cards weren’t that good either. I had a pair of 4, and he had a pair of 3. Meanwhile, there was a person with a pair of Ace between the two “accomplices”!

Since Lei Xiaolong couldn’t win, I decided to finish the round with them. The results of it was that we each lost three million to that “accomplice”.

In the third round, my bottom card was an 8, but the other cards were a 10, a Jack and a Queen. I look a glance at Lei Xiaolong’s cards and saw that his bottom card was an Ace, while there were two more Aces on top. He definitely won without any accident.

As for the two “accomplices”, the largest combination was triples 7, while the other had a bunch of random cards.

“Ten million!” Lei Xiaolong said proudly.

Both the “accomplices” passed, leaving on Lei Xiaolong and I. I decided to follow before the dealer dealt once again.

The fifth card I got was a King, forming a straight flush for the shown cards, while Lei Xiaolong got a 2.

“Fifty million!” I immediately pushed my chips out.

This caused Lei Xiaolong to hesitate. He put his hands on his chips and away several times, before finally clenching his teeth and folding.

“Hehe, sorry, actually I didn’t get a straight flush, it isn’t even a flush!” I revealed my 9 and smiled at Lei Xiaolong.

Lei Xiaolong’s face immediately turned pale. You have to know, it was very hard to get three Aces. If he didn’t give up, then all of the chips on the table would be his!

“You-You tricked me!” Lei Xiaolong pointed at me angrily.

“So what! You can do the same! It’s not my fault that your mentality is so terrible. What are you getting worked up for? If you can’t afford to lose it, then don’t come here,” I said plainly.

“Alright! Let’s continue! We’ll see!” Lei Xiaolong said furiously. “Deal!”

After several rounds, I won more than a lost. I would just fold when my cards are bad, then follow when my cards were good. I won the majority of the chips in Lei Xiaolong’s hands with my tricks.

Finally, Lei Xiaolong’s chips have come to an end!

“Aiya, when my luck is good, nobody can stop it! Young Master Lei, I think you should stop playing, or else you will lose all your money!” I deliberately urged him.

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“****! Don’t be so full of yourself! What goes around, comes around! Waiter! Help me exchange… Exchange all the money in the card!” Lei Xiaolong said in a worked up manner.

“Young Master, you…” Uncle Bin wanted to say something, but he was interrupted mercilessly by Lei Xiaolong once again. At that moment, Lei Xiaolong was already blinded by his losses, he didn’t care about anything else. That card was all of his savings.

“Young Master Lei, there is still two hundred and seventy million in the card, do you want to exchange them all into chips?” asked the waiter.

“Yes! All of them!” Lei Xiaolong roared with all his might.

“Understood, please wait a moment,” said the waiter.

This was the VIP hall and we could directly swipe our cards to exchange for chips without waiting in a queue. Not long later, the chips were exchanged.

I looked at the chips in front of me and smiled. It was about time for Lei Xiaolong to fall into the trap.

Although the two “accomplices” were also losing, they didn’t feel pained at all since they weren’t losing their money. This only caused Lei Xiaolong to get even more enraged. He didn’t want others to think that he can’t afford a loss!

The successor to Lei’s Corporation couldn’t afford a loss? What a joke!

Lei Xiaolong calmed himself down, then said, “Begin!”

“It’s getting late, how about let’s decide the everything with one round?” I deliberately said with a yawn.

“Sure! I have no issue with it, it’s down to the two of them!” Lei Xiaolong looked at the chips on the table belonging to the two “accomplices”.

“The two of you are crazy, but we’re not! Such a huge bet. My god, we’re not going to join,” both of the “accomplices” shook their heads.

That was completely to Lei Xiaolong’s liking. I had pretty much been winning the entire night and Lei Xiaolong’s main purpose was to beat me, so he didn’t care about the others. It was even better that the two of them didn’t join, since it saved him the trouble.

“Deal!” Lei Xiaolong said furiously.

“I have two hundred and seventy million here, it’s a total of three hundred million with what I have remaining! We might as well bet it all! It’s all on this round!” It seemed like Lei Xiaolong was completely mad from the gambling, he actually dared to place the bets before the cards were dealt.

“Sure!” I nodded. “That’s for the best!”

Seeing that neither of us had an issue with it, the dealer begun to deal.

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My bottom card was an 8 of spades, while Lie Xiaolong’s was a 10 of clovers.

My second was an 8 of clovers, while Lei Xiaolong’s was a jack of hearts.

My third was an 8 of diamonds, while Lei Xiaolong’s was a queen of spades.

My fourth was an 2 of spades, while Lei Xiaolong’s was an ace of hearts.

My fifth was an 8 of hearts, while Lei Xiaolong’s was a king of spades.

Straight beats three of a kind, causing Lei Xiaolong to be indescribably excited. He excitedly flipped over his bottom card and shouted, “I’m a straight! Hahaha!”

“Young Master Lei, why are you in such a hurry?” I flipped over the bottom card with a smile. It was four 8s.

“Impossible!” Lei Xiaolong opened his eyes wide in disbelief. “How could you have four of a kind!”

“You got a straight, why couldn’t I have gotten four of a kind?” I asked weirdly.

“How is it possible that your luck is so good!” Lei Xiaolong exclaimed.

“But this I the truth!” Actually, my luck wasn’t that good! I merely used my powers to interfere with the position of the poker cards when the dealer dealt.

“I can’t accept this!” Seeing that everything he had belonged to someone else, Lei Xiaolong screamed out with all his might. “I still want to bet! I don’t believe that you’ll always be so lucky!”

“You still want to bet? With what?” I laughed coldly. “Your money is all mine now, what do you have left to bet?”

“I-I will bet my life with you!” Lei Xiaolong said hysterically. “I will use my life to bet against the money on the table!”

“Young Master Lei, clear up. What are you doing! If Master knows…” Uncle Bin quickly walked over and said.

“**** off! Go and **** off, don’t use my dad to pressure me! I, the young master, can do whatever the hell I want. You can’t do anything about that!’ Lei Xiaolong waved his hand and ushered Uncle Bin away.

“Fine! You’ve got guts! Originally, your life doesn’t have any use for me, but I’ll bet with you just because of your bold words!” I pointed to the money on the table and said. “It’s still the money on the table. We’ll settle it!”

“Sure! Just to my liking!” Lei Xiaolong slammed the table and said.

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Uncle Bin wanted to take out his phone to call Lei Xiaolong’s father, but several guards in the casino switched on the signal jammer with a laugh. In the end Uncle Bin was unable to make the call at all. Since there was nothing he could do, he could only sit anxiously on the sofa.


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