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Chapter 143 – A hundred million

“Hehe, oh yeah, I heard you invest in movies?” I pretended to ask in a casual manner.

“Yeah, there’s quite a few. But I haven’t found the female leads, and that’s been troubling me!” David was someone that knew how to act.

“Oh? Since it’s like this, then I think Shirley is pretty good. She also wants to develop in this direction. Support her, just treat it as doing me a favor. You can go and find Hank if the money isn’t enough,” I said.

“This is no big deal,” David said casually. “Oh yeah, about the firearms that our family ordered last time… Can you prioritize us…”

“I’ll talk to Hank about it,” With that, I hung up the call.

The moment I hung up the call, Shirley hugged me excitedly and cheered, “Darling, you’re amazing! Even David has to listen to you! The leads for so many movies… Wow! Am I dreaming!”

“Darling isn’t good. Call me hubby from now on! Okay?” I scratched Shirley’s nose fondly and said.

“Okay, hubby,” Shirley said with her weird-sounding Chinese.

“Oh yeah, hubby, what was the firearms that David was talking about just now?” Shirley asked.

“That isn’t something for girls to understand. Just don’t ask about these sort of things and be your superstar. I will pave the way for you,” I said plainly.

Shirley nodded obediently.

“Here is a gold Visa card from the Bank of Switzerland, which can be used anywhere in the world. There’s ten million USD in it, it will be enough for your daily spending. I have to go back after a few days. Take care of yourself,” I said to Shirley.

Shirley did not refuse as she received the bank card and put in into her bag.

“If anyone bullies you, directly all David or Hank, they will help you,” I reminded her.

“I get it. I’m all curious just what your real identity is,” said Shirley.

“If you continue being curious, then you will definitely fall in love with me,” I smiled.

“I…. I found that I have already fallen in love with you,” Shirley said seriously.

“Really?” I asked.

“Really,” said Shirley.

“Alright. If you miss me in the future, then you can call this number. I’ll come over to be with you if I’m free,” I handed Shirley a card.

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My card was printed with a handwritten font. There was just a name and a number. I wouldn’t easily give it out, the people that know my number were normally ones that were rather close or familiar with me.

“Lau Lei?” Shirley tried to read the pinyin on it.

“It’s Liu Lei,” I said.

“Liu Lei?” Shirley read once again. Then she said, “I remember it now. My man is called Liu Lei.”

“Alright then, I have other business to attend to, so I’ll leave now. Call me when you miss me,” With that, I put on my clothes and walked out of the suite.

After I closed the door, I found that Du Xiaowei and Hank was already waiting for me on the sofa.

“Boss, you’re so amazing!” Hank gave me a thumbs up. “Two hours!”

I smiled wryly, I was talking with Shirley in the room! He actually treated it as…

“Hank, help me take care of Shirley. She’s my woman now,” I said plainly.

“Okay, boss,” Hank answered without asking why.

“I agreed to David’s request, so prioritize providing their family with firearms,” I said to Hank.

“I understand,” Hank still did not say too much.

At this moment, my phone suddenly rang. I picked it up to have a look and saw that it was actually David!

“Hey, Liu! My subordinates just told me that they saw Lei Xiaolong in one of my casinos!” David said excitedly. He must feel that it was a great honor to succeed in this matter.

“I understand. I’ll be right there!” I hung up with a evil smile.

“Boss, there’s news?” Du Xiaowei asked.

I nodded in response, “Get ready to work.”

Both Hank and Du Xiaowei rubbed their hands in excitement as they walked off to prepare the car.

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The three of us appeared in David’s casino ten minutes later. My identity was a certain rich businessman, while Du Xiaowei and Hank were my bodyguard and translator respectively.

My memory of Lei Xiaolong was already blurred, but I could still remember the person beside him as if it was a fresh memory! Uncle Bin! It’s that Uncle Bin!

It seems like it wasn’t going to be easy. Uncle Bin was an impressive person, I wonder if Uncle Bin would interfere when we carry out our plan?

However, I immediately smiled. Uncle Bin was stronger than be back then, but he is merely so-so right now. I think that even Du Xiaowei can deal with him easily!

Due to Uncle Bin, I was certain that the young master beside him was Lei Xiaolong. At that moment, Lei Xiaolong was playing stud poker. From the looks of the chips in front of him, he was having extremely good luck and was winning continuously.

At that moment, one of David’s subordinate, who has already been waiting in the casino, gave one of the guests a cue. That guest immediately stood up and said, “Aiya, I’m unlucky today. Let’s just leave it at that. I’m going back first, otherwise, the tigress at him is going to get mad again!”

Since Lei Xiaolong was getting heated up and one of the guests left the table of four meant that the game will not be as fun, he immediately said unhappily, “What? You’re going to leave after losing that tiny bit of money?”

“There’s no helping it. I must leave. I rely on the tigress in my home for food. I have no other choice!’ The guest waved his hand and left.

At that moment, I immediately appeared.

At the same time, one of the subordinates in the casino quickly came over with a smile, “Hey! Isn’t this Boss Liu? What would you like to play today?”

“How about studs! I wonder if there’s a table with higher bets?” I asked casually.

Lei Xiaolong heard everything we said. My timely arrival also satisfied his wish to keep playing, thus he shouted, “Waiter, here! We’re lacking a person here!”

Thus, I ‘coincidentally’ got placed on Lei Xiaolong’s table.

“I wonder what the bets are?” I asked like a pretentious upstart.

“Ten thousand is the minimum. A hundred thousand is the maximum,” Lei Xiaolong explained.

“Too little, it’s not exciting at all!” I shook my head and said. “A hundred thousand minimum, with no maximum. How’s that?”

Lei Xiaolong had found the games just now to be not exciting enough. Hearing my words, he agreed full-heartedly. As for the other people, since they were all “accomplices” that David had arranged, they did not have any issues with it either.

Seeing that Lei Xiaolong agreed. I took out a card and said to a casino employee, “I want a hundred million of chips.”

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“A hundred million!” Everyone around me was shocked. They had never seen anyone exchange for that much chips in the hall!

Lei Xiaolong also threw out a card as if he was unsatisfied with the admiring and shocking gazes of others, “I also want to exchange for a hundred million!”

“Young Master…” Uncle Bin wanted to stop him. However Lei Xiaolong said with a wave of his hand, “None of your business!”


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