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Chapter 142 – Still haven’t found the female lead

Perfect! I couldn’t help but admit that the bodies of some western females were western perfect!

Seeing that I pushed open the bathroom door, Shirley blanked out for a moment, then quickly returned to normal. She said quietly, “I’ll be done soon…”

“Hehe, no problem, let’s wash together!” I held Shirley from behind and said softly beside her ear.

“Ah!” Shirley trembled while her face turned red.

“Not… here….” Shirley said in a trembling tone.

I didn’t think that Shirley’s body would be so sensitive. I had thought that women’s body were no longer sensitive in a country as open as the US.

But what did I care, if I merely felt admiration for her in my previous life, I had other sort of feelings towards her in this life.

I turned the beauty in my arms around and kissed her sexy lips.

To be honest, I was someone well versed in this, but it was my first time with a foreign woman!

Shirley was a bit shy during the kiss. When I noticed, I was a bit confused, she was still acting at that moment. However, I didn’t object to it, this sort of atmosphere was pretty good too, it fully satisfied my pride.

Trails of blood fell onto the bathroom floor along Shirley’s perfect thighs.

I immediately cleared up quite a bit. Why was there blood? As I looked at Shirley, who was quietly lying in my arms, I was a bit confused and a bit surprised.

It’s her period? Doesn’t seem like it.

First time? This thought gradually took hold in my mind!

All of a sudden, I finally understood why that old guy, David, brought an actress without any reputation for me to choose!

The entertainment industry was a place where virgins pretty much did not exist. Yet, it was still Shirley’s first time!

That means that her lack of familiarity was all real!

This guy, David, probably did this after hearing from somewhere that easterners had a rather severe virginity complex.

I shook my head. Although I knew that American women didn’t think much of virginity, I did!

After I was reborn, my possessiveness was almost at a terrifying degree. Shirley, just where was I supposed to place you?

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I picked up Shirley and put her on the bed, then turned on the television in the room.

I flipped through several channels, but there weren’t any good shows.

Suddenly, I felt the person beside me move. I turned around to have a look. Shirley had already opened her insanely mesmerizing eyes and was staring at me…

“You’re awake?” I said as I turned off the television.

Shirley didn’t say anything, and kissed me…

I couldn’t help but admire the powerful recovery ability and acceptance of foreign women!

Shirley familiarly took the lead in our second time.

When our lusts were finally satisfied once again, Shirley didn’t even have the strength to go off me and return onto the bed.

“It’s your first time?” I asked in confusion.

“Yes…” Shirley didn’t deny it.

“Don’t look at me like that? I don’t have any psychological issues, I just didn’t find a man that gave me the feels…” Shirley thought I was suspicious of her sexual preferences since I found out that she was still a virgin.

“Oh,” I nodded. “Then why did you come to accompany me?”

“It’s because David said that if I come accompany you, I will get the lead in one of the films that his movie company is investing in,” Shirley said helplessly.

“He,” I kind of wanted to laugh. Shirley had gotten famous after sleeping with a director in my previous life, but in this life, it was actually with me!

“What are you laughing for, it is already an open secret in our circle. I’m rather lucky already, so many people don’t even have the chance!” Shirley said in self-mockery.

“How would you know that there would definitely be a role for you after you sleep with me?” I asked.

“I don’t, I’m merely betting on it. I don’t lose much even if I don’t. What’s more, I seem to like the feeling of having sex with you…” Shirley said boldly.

“If you only like this sort of feeling, then it’s the same no matter who it was with,” I said in slight disappointment. It seems like foreign women aren’t easy to deal with.

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“No, I like doing it with you. I have no feeling for other people,” Shirley emphasized.

“Didn’t you lack any feeling towards me before as well?” I asked.

“That’s not the same, I did it to feed myself! I want a role, without it, my dad can’t retire!’ Shirley said determinedly.

“Then are you going to do it with other people in the future?” I asked in a testing manner. I knew that it wasn’t possible for her to fall in love with me in such a short while, but at least, I’ll make it so that others can’t **** her. Otherwise, wouldn’t I be cuckold?

“Mhmm… If David keeps his word, then how about I only do it with you from now on?” Shirley said naïvely.

It seems like she still didn’t understand how the rules were in the entertainment industry. But, whether she understood or not no longer mattered with me here.

“Don’t worry, he doesn’t dare to not keep his word,” I said with a smile.

“Hopefully,” Shirley nodded. Then she suddenly asked. “What do you do?”

“I’m unemployed,” I said honestly.

“Unemployed?” Shirley asked in confusion. How could someone that David treats as a VIP be unemployed?

“I just don’t really do anything about from getting mistresses and ‘second milks’,” I replied.

“What’s ‘second milks’?” Shirley asked.

“Basically a mistress,” I didn’t know how to explain it. No matter how good my English is, I wouldn’t be able to explain it properly.

“Oh? Then how about letting me become your mistress?” Shirley suddenly asked weakly.

I sweat! She actually said this without blushing.

“That’s alright, but you must listen to me from now on,” I nodded in agreement.

“Then will you give me money?” Shirley continued to ask.

“Do you want money, or do you want your career to be extremely successful?” I asked.

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“Can you make me famous?” Shirley asked in surprise.

“Perhaps,” I nodded.

“You’re amazing!” Shirley kissed me and said.” I want to be a superstar, the kind that’s super famous.”

Such pure western girls were very rare. Now, I even suspected that Shirley only slept with the famous director and no one else in my previous life.

I took out my phone from my clothes beside the bed and dialed David’s number.

“Liu, is it you! How is it? Are you satisfied!” David’s sincere voice sounded out from the phone.

“Yeah, I really like her. I’m saying that I like her. Do you understand what I mean?” I said vaguely.

However, David immediately understood the meaning of my words. So he replied, “I swear by the name of the Hellspawns, no men would appear by her side.”


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