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Chapter 141 – Celebrity Shirley

“Also, I want to ask, is there one of your properties within the casinos that Lei Xiaolong frequents?” I asked after a thought. At that moment, I had already formed the approximate plan.

“Hehe, without me, David, nodding, who would be able to open a casino in New York?” David laughed.

“Then it’ll be easy! If Lei Xiaolong goes once again, tell me immediately,” I also smiled. David was right. He was the underground king of this city. He had all the say for the underground businesses.

I used a bit of time to change my appearance slightly. However, to be honest, Lei Xiaolong probably forget about what I looked like after not having met for so many years. At the time, a small fry like me was another even enough for a rich young master like him to look at properly, so he might not even remember me.

“Okay, my esteemed guest. Please relax properly, everything’s on me,” David stood up with a smile. “Sorry, you also know that there are a lot of stuff to do every day in my position…”

“No worries, Mr. David. Just busy yourself, we’ll just enjoy by ourselves,” I stood up and walked David out of the room.

Not long later, ten-odd western girls entered the room, while one of David’s subordinates followed behind.

“Sirs, this is a sign of goodwill from Mr. David, if they don’t fit your requirements, I can change them… But these are the best,” said David’s subordinates.

My expression sullen slightly. ****, am I someone that that sought prostitutes, they actually tried to trick me with trash from bars. Don’t I know how to pick up girls myself?

Perhaps Hank saw that I had a dark expression, so he stood up and muttered a few words to David’s subordinate. Hank and David were very familiar with each other, so David’s subordinate was also very familiar with Hank.

When Hank finished, David’s subordinates immediately explained, “Perhaps I didn’t explain properly. Esteemed guest, you have been mistaken. They don’t work in that industry, they are all famous models or stars and were invited by Mr. David to bring enjoyment to you all.”

Hearing that, I raised my eyebrows and looked at the foreign beauties in front of me. To be honest, all of them had a top-notch body… Then, I suddenly saw a person. Shirley!

****, wasn’t she a famous Hollywood star! I remember that I was one of her fans in my previous life. I had the fortune to chat a few times with her on a banquet, but she was so elegant at the time. Many people failed to get her in the upper class! Now… She actually appeared here as an escort!

I couldn’t help but admire David’s power! The fact that he was able to do that meant that David wasn’t simple at all.

Du Xiaowei had gotten a good grasp of my line of thoughts during the few years he has followed me. Now that he saw my gaze, he immediately understood. He pointed at Shirley and said, “Stay.”

Then Hank and him randomly chose two models, and got David’s subordinate to take the remaining people out.

Neither Du Xiaowei nor Hank was any sort of true gentlemen, both of them were very familiar with this sort of thing. After all, how many in their industry didn’t touch women?

However, I was still having a mental debate of whether I should get her to stay or not?

Yet, before I made my decision, Du Xiaowei already made it for me.

My English was already very fluent in my previous life. As a higherup of the Microsoft back then, fluency in English was a must.

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“Sir…” Shirley sat beside me and acted a bit held-back.

I found it rather funny. ****, she was pretending to be pure even though she was acting as an escort. What’s more, why was she pretending to be pure in the movie industry? If I didn’t remember it wrong from my previous life, Shirley was someone that got onto the list of famous Hollywood stars by sleeping with a top director.

“Boss, why do you like this sort of pure girl!” Du Xiaowei teased on the side. The hot girl on him already started to rub all over him.

“Pure? You don’t know her?” I pointed to Shirley, who was beside me, in surprise. You have to know, she took the hot and sexy route in a lot of her movies.

Du Xiaowei shook his head, and so did Hank. Du Xiaowei pointed to Shirley and said, “I’ve never seen her. Boss, there were so many famous models that you didn’t choose, you just had to pick the one that isn’t famous at all! The one in my arms shot a cover for Playboy!”

Not famous?! I sweat! Then I understood. It was only 1999, Shirley’s debut was in 2000. That means that she was only a third-rated actress right now, or perhaps not even one, she might very well be just a random character in the background!

Then why did David grab her over? Was it just because she was pretty?

“Shirley?” I asked in a testing manner. Now I wasn’t so certain. After all, that was a memory from so many years ago. I couldn’t be sure that the person in front of me was actually Shirley.

“You… know me?” Shirley answered hesitantly.

“Ugh… I saw you on a magazine,” I didn’t know whether Shirley had starred in a movie yet or not, so I just said randomly.

“Seriously!” Shirley revealed a hint of joy. “I only appeared on one magazine cover. You actually remember…”

Damn, I even managed to guess this sort of low-probability thing correct.

“Mhmm,” I nodded, and didn’t know what to say. To be honest, I’ve never studied the mentality of foreign women, I didn’t know what I should talk about with them. Although I really wanted to talk with Shirley a bit before doing anything else, I noticed that it was clearly very difficult. It wasn’t an issue of language, rather, it was because I saw that Shirley was a bit shy!

This sort of woman actually appeared shy! This confused me!

Acting, she must be acting!

On the other side, Du Xiaowei and Hank had already entered the last step before doing it. All of them picked up the foreign beauty on them and entered a suite.

“Let’s go in as well?” ****, when did I turn so gentleman-like?

Shirley nodded without saying anything.

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I held Shirley’s hand and walked into the suite in the middle, then I locked the door.

“I’m… going to take a shower,” Shirley said quietly, then ran off.

This woman was truly amazing at acting! However, what did the old guy, David, plan? He actually got a small star without any sort of fame to accompany me. I had thought that he was amazing enough to get Shirley as an escort, now it seems like it wasn’t difficult at all.

At the same time, the sound of flowing water caused my mind to go into chaos. Didn’t they say foreigners are very open! Let’s have a mixed bath…

I quickly took off all my clothes and arrived in front of the bathroom. I pushed the door and found that it wasn’t locked. Actually, it didn’t matter even if it was locked, I could still destroy the lock.


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