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Chapter 135 – Meeting a Mercedes Dude

We all arrived at a breakfast shop at the roadside. I decided to use Du Xiaowei’s Douglas Ram, since we really wouldn’t fit!

“Ruoyun, what do you want to eat?” I handed the menu to Xu Ruoyun.

“Hubby is biased…” Yu Ting giggled.

“Ruoyun-meimei is new, hubby will naturally pay more attention to her!” Zhao Yanyan also giggled. “Don’t worry, hubby, we won’t get jealous!”

“I-I’m not going to order anymore,” Xu Ruoyun turned embarrassed from the girls’ words and dipped her head in order to avoid me. She was about to hid her head under the table.

“They are teasing you. Alright, if you aren’t ordering, then I’ll make the decisions!” I said and took the menu.

“Six preserved egg and meat porridge plus one of each of these dishes,” I said to the shocked waiter, who was standing on the side.

After the waiter left, I said to Xu Ruoyun, “When did you turn so shy? Just who was it that acted as a light bulb for Zhao Yanyan and I every day back then…”

“How was I being a light bulb for you guys! I liked you too at that time!” Xu Ruoyun said embarrassedly. “Who would have thought that the idiotic you couldn’t tell!”

“It wasn’t that he couldn’t tell, he was just pretending to be proper! A false gentleman! Now that he already has so many wives, and the truth came out, he doesn’t care about our feelings at all!” Zhao Yanyan said, while pretending to be pitiful.

“I…” I truly submit. From Zhao Yanyan’s look, it really did seem like it’s true. However, isn’t it all due to your lack of restraining me that I got so many wives!

“Okay now, hubby, I was kidding with you!” Zhao Yanyan stopped joking after seeing me react awkwardly.

“Oh yeah, Ruoyun-meimei, do you remember meeting that Li Boliang when we ate seafood together the other time? He wanted to pretend to be a gentleman and pay for us, hubby ordered a lobster and scared him away!” Zhao Yanyan giggled.

“Yeah, but that Li Boliang was truly terrible! He kept on opposing hubby!” Xu Ruoyun said with a nod.

I thought to myself, he liked you, since I was his love rival, it would be weird if he didn’t oppose me! However, winner takes all. If the one that lost was me, Li Boliang might be dissing me in a restaurant like we were dissing him!

“Oh yeah, where did Li Boliang go later?” Zhao Yanyan suddenly asked. After Xu Ruoyun returned, she didn’t say exactly where LI Boliang went.

Hearing that, I patted my head and exclaimed, “I threw that guy to the South Pole!” I wonder how that guy is right now, I have to go and see him quickly!

“South Pole?” The give girls asked together in surprise.

“Are there any living things in the South Pole?” I didn’t know why Zhao Yanyan asked something like that.

“There seems to be penguins,” Chen Weier said after some thought.

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“Are there any savage creatures?” Zhao Yanyan asked.

“I don’t think so, if there was, then they can eat him,” Xu Ruoyun completely hated Li Boliang at that point.

“I think so too,” Zhao Yanyan shook her head in disappointment.

“You girls should consider whether he has a way to keep warm, otherwise, he would have already been frozen at this point!” I shook my head helplessly. When women starts to hate a person, they are even more fierce than men.

“Him freezing to death is the best,” Even Yu Ting, who has always been kind, spoke up.

“Hubby, just killing someone casually doesn’t seem to be that good, right?” In the end, Chen Weier was still the kinder one.

“I didn’t kill him, I just left him to fend for himself. Oh yeah, there are also the four cyborgs that he developed to keep him company, he shouldn’t be lonely,” I said with a smile.

“That’s true!” Chen Weier nodded.

After eating, we went in 2 directions. Zhao Yanyan and co. got on the Douglas Ram driven by Du Xiaowei, while Xu Ruoyun and I got on the Santana 2000 towards Beichen University.

The school’s guards didn’t ask at all and directly let my car in. It seems like there are definitely quite a few students that drove to school here. Xu Ruoyun had merely symbolically showed them her student card before the guards let us in.

“Ruoyun, do you often come to school in other people’s car? Otherwise, how could the guard bro let us in so easily without asking?” I asked with a smile. I was just kidding and didn’t take it seriously. However, Xu Ruoyun actually admitted it with a blush!

“Not always! The school guards would normally let us in after seeing the student card. Hubby, actually I just took someone’s car once… Then I started to stay away from him after finding out that he likes me,” Xu Ruoyun was rather honest.

“Oh?” I didn’t think she would say that, so I continued, “My Lil’ Ruoyun is so pretty, she is the center of attention everywhere. Tell hubby, just who is the person pursuing you? Is he still pursuing you now?”

“He is a senior in second year. His family seems rather rich. We met in a student organized fellowship party. He just relentlessly bothered me after that. Li Boliang had threatened him a few days ago, but he didn’t take it to heart…” Xu Ruoyun explain. “I just sat on his car once when coming back from the party that time. However, he seems rather arrogant, he told everyone in school that I’m his girlfriend, causing the classmates in school to all think its true.”

“That’s why you didn’t want me to come to school with you? You’re scared of me misunderstanding after hearing about that?” I asked.

“Mhmm, I was afraid that you would think that I’m that kind of bad girl,” Xu Ruoyun nodded. “Hubby, you aren’t mad, right?”

“Dummy! This isn’t your fault! You should tell hubby if anything like this happens in the future. Hubby will help you out!’ I patted Xu Ruoyun’s head and said.

I stopped in an empty space according to Xu Ruoyun’s directions. The moment I parked the car, a Mercedes 3 stopped beside me.

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“Hubby, that seems to be his car,” Xu Ruoyun pointed at the Mercedes beside me and said.

“Ignore him, we’ll just do whatever we want,” I comforted Xu Ruoyun.

“Mhmm,” Xu Ruoyun obediently nodded.

I took out my car keys and got off, while Xu Ruoyun also walked down from the shotgun.

At the same time, the owner of the Mercedes also walked out form the car. When he saw Xu Ruoyun, he was a bit surprised. Then when he saw me, and my car, who were beside her, he raised the corner of his mouth in disdain.

I didn’t mind. To be honest, I did like Santana 2000 quite a lot. Driving it gave me a nostalgic feeling, similar to my original Jetta.

“Ruoyun, who is he?” The owner of the Mercedes directly asked Xu Ruoyun without giving me any face.

“It’s none of your business,” Xu Ruoyun replied plainly.


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