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Chapter 134 – The little beauty is getting married

“Do I know her?” Liu Yue asked. I could tell that she wasn’t really affected by it.

“Probably, she was in Songjiang’s Fourth High as well,” I said.

“You can’t be telling me that you gathered the four school beauties of Songjiang’s Fourth High, right?” Liu Yue looked at me in a laughing, yet not laughing manner.

“It seems like you guessed it right again,” I nodded.

“Ai! I was a girl that had extremely high expectations back then… I think they were too. Who would have thought, in several years, we all became one of your mistresses,” Liu Yue sighed and smiled.

“What mistress, that sounds so terrible. You are all my good wives, there are no legal wives and concubines,” I said.

Liu Yue smiled after hearing that. It seems like she still cared a lot about it even though she didn’t say anything.

“This time, close your car shop, there’s no need for it anymore,” I said.

“That’s no good, if you don’t want me anymore, at least our child and I would still be able to have some to eat,” said Liu Yue

“But is the Liu family’s fortune not enough for you?” I asked.

“I’m just kidding, I just don’t want to have nothing to do and be a trophy wife at home,” Liu Yue smiled.

“Who would dare to say that you’re a trophy wife? Our of my wifeys, you are the wisest, I don’t understand at times why you act like a strong independent woman outside, but act like a little girl in front of me,” I said.

“Is that no good?” Liu Yue asked.

“I like it,” I said, then kissed her.

“Aiya! No!” Liu Yue said with a red face. “There’s other people in the car!”

“He can’t see. Xiaowei, did you see anything?” I said.

“No, Liu-ge, my eyesight is bad,” Du Xiaowei answered.

“He’s still driving even though his eyesight is bad? Does he want to kill the two of us!” Liu Yue didn’t believe him.

“My eyes can only see cars and traffic lights,” Du Xiaowei answered.

“Your subordinates are all amazing people!” Liu Yue submitted.

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After we returned to the mansion, we saw that Zhao Yanyan and co. were preparing dinner. Xu Ruoyun was there too. The girls were all washing the groceries enthusiastically.

“Hubby, you’re back!” The four girls all put down their stuff and ran over after hearing the sound of door opening. Although Xu Ruoyun did not have that level of relationship with me yet, she already started to call me hubby.

“Hi sisters,” Liu Yue smiled and waved.

Only Xu Ruoyun has not seen Liu Yue here. The other three girls already slept on the same bed with Liu Yue many times, so they naturally acted extremely intimate with her. All of them ran over and asked her what happened in surprise.

“Are you going to say it or should I?” Liu Yue asked me with a passionate gaze.

“You say it!” I said to Liu Yue.

“Just what kind of thing are you two hiding! Liu Yue-meimei, just tell us!” Zhao Yanyan pulled Liu Yue over and said.

Xu Ruoyun went over curiously, then the five girls all went to the kitchen, leaving only me in the kitchen. Since I was bored, I ended up turning on the television.

“Everyone, this is the xx TV economy channel. The American Chinese Businessman, Lei Fubo’s only son, Lei Xiaolong, got engaged in New York today… His fiancé is Xia Jing…”

Xia Jing! ****, it’s the little beauty.

Xia Jing’s figure appeared on the screen. The little beauty had grown up, she became more beautiful and carried a natural air of nobility about her. She seemed much more mature and beautiful compared to when she was in my home.

Isn’t Lei Xiaolong that ******* that tried to kill me then! Just because his father is the owner of the super financial group Lei’s Corporation, he actually sent someone to try and kill me!

I wasn’t as amazing at you back then and didn’t screw you over, but it was different now. It doesn’t matter if I couldn’t find you, but since I see you now, if I don’t go and pay you back in full properly, I wouldn’t be able to face myself.

“Lei Xiaolong had said on his engagement ceremony that he will hold his wedding with his fiancé in New York’s Saint Patrick Cathedral on the 5th of next month…” The sound on tv continued…

Rob the wedding! An evil thought surfaced in my mind. ****, see if I play you to death!

Although I wasn’t sure whether Xia Jing still had me in her heart, but screwing up her wedding was fine, right?

“Beep, beep, beep…” My phone ran again. I looked at the caller ID, it was from my home.

“Hey, son, did you watch television?” My mom voice sounded out from the phone.

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“I’m watching, what is it!” I asked.

“Xia Jing, do you remember that Xia Jing?” My mom sounded a bit weird on the other side of the phone.

“Mhmm, what is it?” Did my mom see the news just now?

“The tv said that she’s getting married…” My mom hesitated, then continued. “Ai, I liked this kid the most back then. I thought that she could become my daughter-in-law, I didn’t think that… Ai, son, to be honest, you’re no worse than that something Lei Fubo.

Hearing that, I knew what my mom was going to say, thus, I quickly said, “Mom, don’t you not like me having so many girlfriends?”

“Ai, isn’t Xia Jing, my gan-daughter! I like her quite a lot. What’s more, opposing you was just to put on a show for your girls, was I supposed to openly support you messing around outside?” My mom said angrily.

“Ugh… Then I’ll go and try to find her…” I said perfunctorily.

To be honest, Xia Jing still had an important place in my heart. There are times in the middle of the night that I would think back to when Little Beauty Xia and I were together…

But, now…

So many years have passed. Is Xia Jing still the little chick that clung to me and called me older brother?

I truly had no confidence at all.

The following day was Monday. Zhao Yanyan, Chen Weier, Liu Yue, Yu Ting and I were all students in Huaxia, but Xu Ruoyun studied at Beichen.

“Ruoyun, transfer to Huaxia as well!” I said to Xu Ruoyun.

“No! Distance makes things better!” Xu Ruoyun said.

“Actually, I don’t go to school much, coming to Huaxia would only make things more convenient,” I said.

“Mhmm, alright then, next semester. We’ll see after this semester though,” Xu Ruoyun nodded.

“Ruoyun, how about me accompanying you to school?” I suddenly had a new idea.

“… About this, how about no,” Xu Ruoyun immediately blushed after hearing me say that.

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“Why? Could it be that you have some sort of things that can’t be seen at school? It can’t be another lover, right?” I said deliberately.

“No! It’s not that you don’t know this. Ever since high school, you are all that’s left in my heart! Yet, you just ignored me. If it wasn’t because of this incident, god knows how long you would make me wait!’ Xu Ruoyun complained.

“That’s why I’ll make it up to you! It’s decided, Lil’ Yunyun. I’ll go with you after we finish eating!” I said decidedly.


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