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Chapter 136 – Super Fierce Car

“I am just reminder you out of good will not to get tricked. His car is two hundred something thousand at most. You are going to date someone like that? What’s more, this car is so much less comfortable than a Mercedes!” said the Mercedes owner.

Before Xu Ruoyun said anything, the Mercedes owner immediately turned around and said to me, “This one is Zhou Yu, bro who is driving a Santana 2000, I advise you to give up! Does someone of your level want to pick up girls? Wait till you can afford a Mercedes! Don’t you feel ashamed of daring to drive a cheap car to pick up girls!”

Mercedes? Hehe, I had once trashed one. However, I didn’t have the time to waste my breath with this sort of arrogant idiot. I smiled, held Xu Ruoyun’s hands and said softly, “Lil’ Yunyun, are all of the schoolmates from your school so uncivilized?”

“Then we’ll just ignore him,” Xu Ruoyun looked at me with eyes full of kindness and ignored that Zhou Yu completely.

Zhou Yu watched Xu Ruoyun and I leave as he clenched his teeth.

“****!” Zhou Yu punched the Sanatana 2000 in anger.

“Ahhh!” Zhou Yu howled and shuddered as his hairs smoked and stood up.

“Hubby, I seem to have heard Zhou Yu’s yell. What happened?” Xu Ruoyun asked curiously.

“He might be enjoying a free perm,” I smiled evilly.

******, I knew you would take it out on my car. I’ll let you enjoy it to the max this time.

Du Xiaowei installed a new anti-theft system on my Santana 2000. After it gets activated, the car will release a high voltage shock the moment it takes a heavy impact. I just initiated this anti-theft system just now.

“What’s a free perm?” Xu Ruoyun asked in confusion.

“You’ll know when you see him,” I smiled.

I knew this Zhou Yu wouldn’t give up. It truly was as I had expected, when Xu Ruoyun and I waited for the elevator, Zhou Yu ran over in rage.

Zhou Yu’s hair all stood up, just like the American Soldier in Street Fighter.

“Hubby, how did you know that he got a perm?” Xu Ruoyun didn’t know the truth of the event yet, so she got even more confused.

I smiled and didn’t answer.

“Aiya, isn’t this fellow Zhou? Your skills in acting cool is so amazing. You managed to give yourself such a cool look in such a short time!” I spoke up before Zhou Yu said anything else.

“****! You ******* screwed people!” Zhou Yu pointed at me and cursed.

“How did I screw others? Who did I screw?” I asked intentionally.

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“You ******* screwed me over!” Zhou Yu said in rage.

“How did I screw you over?” I asked.

“You electrocuted me with your car!” said Zhou Yu.

“Say, fellow Zhou, I left before you, just how did I electrocute you with my car? Did my car turn alive or did it turn into a transformer? Did you read too many fairy tales or did you got too into cartoons?” I chuckled.

“I-I hit it once, then it electrocuted me,” Zhou Yu spoke out the truth in the heat of the moment.

“See? That’s why! Who told your hand to be so terrible? I was wondering why it didn’t electrocute anyone else, but you!” I said innocently. “If you have an issue with it, you should go and find it. Why did you come find me for? If you’re amazing, then you can trash it!”

“You… Heh! ****, you asked for this! Don’t blame me for being merciless!” Zhou Yu stomped his foot and left.

“Hubby, what did he go to do?” Xu Ruoyun asked when she saw Zhou Yu suddenly leave.

“I don’t know, he might have gone to seek death,” I shook my head speechlessly.

“**** YOU!” Zhou Yu threw a huge brick towards the front window of the Santana 2000 with all the strength in his body.

“Beep beep, automatic reflection system activated…” Sanatana 2000 melodically called out, which was followed by a flash of red light…

“Bang!” Before Zhou Yu realized what was going on, the brick was reflected and smacked directly onto Zhou Yu’s face, causing his entire face to swell.

Zhou Yu finally understood how amazing this car was, causing him to hatefully curse, “****** brat, you dare to trick me. Laozi is not done with you!” The more Zhou Yu thought about it, then angrier he got. ****, this car was too creepy, although he was angry, he didn’t dare to do anything else to do.

Suddenly, Zhou Yu had a bright idea. **** it, if laozi can’t do anything to you, then I’ll disgust you!

Zhou Yu looked around. When he saw that no one was nearby, he quickly pulled down his pants and started to pee, while aiming at the head of the Sanatana 2000.

“Beep, beep. Humidity has surpassed the limits, automatic drying system activated…” The Sanatana 2000 beep twice before red light flashed once more.

“Ouuuuch!” Zhou Yu felt a scorching heat wave assault his little bro, causing him to jump high in the air and far away. However, countless blisters had already appeared on his little bro.

Zhou Yu anxiously pulled up his pants, and stopped trying to destroy the Santana 2000. Instead, he got into his Mercedes and sped towards the hospital nearby.

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At that moment, I was flirting with Xu Ruoyun in a classroom, while imaging Zhou Yu’s appearance when he gets screwed. Xu Qingwei had installed an anti-theft system that he developed when he was bored on it, but it was untested.

However, I could never have imagined that Zhou Yu would be so much of an idiot and directly piss on my car… Otherwise, I would really die of laughter.

“Martial great-uncle, I have arrived at Beichen, and stopped my car beside yours,” At that moment, Du Xiaowei called.

“Hehe, actually, it’s fine even if you don’t come over, you can go and check on the safety of Yanyan and co.,” I said.

“I already organized people that are to be responsible for their safety at school. I’m worried about martial great-uncle. So many things happened recently, so I decided to come and stay beside you after thinking about it,” said Du Xiaowei.

“Okay, then just wait in your car for me. I’ll call you if there is anything,” With that, I hung up.

“Oh yeah, hubby, there is a fundraising event this afternoon, let’s go and donate as well!” Xu Ruoyun said to me.

“Fundraising event for a catastrophe?” I asked.

“Yeah, drought has occurred to a lot of places in the country starting from this May, I want to do something for the people in our area…” said Xu Ruoyun.

“I didn’t think that my wifey Yunyun was so kind. Okay, even if you didn’t say it, hubby would also support this sort of matter!” I caressed Xu Ruoyun’s soft hair and said, “Is it because you don’t have enough money, so you want to decrease some of hubby’s!”

“No way, Yanyan-jie said it already, your stuff belongs to us sisters, so it’s not decreasing some of yours!” Xu Ruoyun smiled.

“Hehe, yeah, you can donate however much you want then. Don’t worry, hubby can afford it,” I also smiled, Zhao Yanyan had already turned Xu Ruoyun like this.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yu got to the hospital. After patching up his little bro, he ran back to school in anger. However, he didn’t dare to do anything to that weird car no matter much now.


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