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Chapter 133 – Not Dreaming

“Ugh… About this, let me consider it a bit,” Actually, I couldn’t be happier in my heart, I was just getting worried about signing up, I didn’t think that Liu Zhenhai would actually tell me to go and enter! However, I shouldn’t seem that enthusiastic.

“What are you considering for. The brat Situ Liang might enter as well, don’t you want to take the chance to beat him up?” Liu Zhenhai enticed.

“Then alright, I’ll forcefully agree,” I said.

“Okay, I’ll help you sign up later. How about it, do you have the confidence to get first place?” Liu Zhenhai asked.

“****, getting first place is like a game for me!” I said with disdain.

“Seriously?” Liu Zhenhai asked. “You didn’t seem that amazing three years ago, right?”

“You don’t believe me?” I waved my hand, causing the bottle of red wine on the tea table to shatter into a million pieces.

“My red wine!” Liu Zhenhai nearly cried.

“Sorry, I actually did it on purpose,” I said.

“****!” Liu Zhenhai was completely speechless.

As we were speaking, the sound of door knocks was heard.

“Come in,” said Liu Zhenhai.

The door opened and Liu Yue walked in in a dress. I was very confused, Liu Yue originally always wore a professional business suit, why did she suddenly dress up like a teenage girl.

“Grandpa, you came… Huh?” Liu Yue said in surprise after seeing me, who was sitting on the sofa. “Hubby… Liu Lei, why are you here?”

The habit of calling me hubby that Liu Yue has cannot be changed at will.

“Why aren’t you calling me hubby?” I chuckled.

“Ah!” Liu Yue momentarily blanked. Me appearing here was weird enough, she didn’t think that I would say that in front of her grandfather.

“Yeah, even grandpa accepted this grandson-in-law. You’re not accepting him? Could it be that you’re still thinking about that brat in the Situ family? If it’s like that, then grandpa will call his family…” Liu Zhenhai laughed.

“Grandpa!” Liu Yue stomped her foot. Stop messing around, what is going on!” Liu Yue was rather confused.

“Nothing, grandpa knows that you’ve been unhappy recently, so I thought of a way to get rid of your troubles,” said Liu Zhenhai.

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“I…” All of a sudden, Liu Yue wasn’t sure of what to say, she still didn’t understand what her grandpa meant.

“I agree with you and Liu Lei a lot. He is elder brother’s grandson, which means he’s someone of our Liu family. Essentially, we’re still within the Liu family, so I’m not worried at all,” said Liu Zhenhai.

“But grandpa, him and I…” Liu Yue said after a brief hesitation.

“Yes, he is my older brother’s grandson, but you two are not related by blood at all! Foolish girl, you didn’t come back to ask me. You just stayed depressed by yourself every day! If it wasn’t because I noticed, the two of you might have to regret it for life!” Liu Zhenhai said with a sigh.

“Not related by blood? Grandpa, didn’t you say he’s elder grandpa’s grandson? How could there be no relationship by blood?” Liu Yue asked in confusion.

“It is true that he is your older grandpa’s grandson, but your older grandpa, who is my older brother, is an adopted son of the Liu family!” Liu Zhenhai handed the diary to Liu Yue and said. “It’s clearly written here, have a look!”

Liu Yue received that diary in surprise. Tears begun to flow as she read it, she was no longer able to resist the feelings from her heart, causing her to leap into my arms and chocked, “Hubby… I thought I can never be with you again!”

“Hehe, everything’s over now. Alright, don’t cry. Look, you’ve gotten thinner recently! Come with me back home later!” I patted Liu Yue’s back.

“Mhmm!” Liu Yue nodded. Then, she suddenly raised her head and said, “Is this real? I’m not dreaming, right? Hubby… Pinch me…”

“Of course it’s real, there’s no need to pinch you though. Think about it, who would realize it’s a dream in their dream. This query proves that you’re not in a dream!” I smiled. “Even if you are, are you willing to wake up from this dream quicker?”

Liu Yue quickly shook her head and leaned against me.

“Okay now, you two, stop flirting in front of me. Although your both my grandchildren, you have to watch it!” Liu Zhenhai smiled. “You can get intimate all you like when you get back at tonight, now, you have to accompany the old man, I, for some food!”

Liu Yue and I smiled embarrassedly. I could tell that Liu Yue couldn’t be more happy right now, she skipped around like a girl in love, displaying a face full of sweetness.

Liu Zhenhai made a call and told the hotel to bring us some food, then looked at the broken bottle of red wine on the table with pity.

“Okay now, grandpa!” At this moment, I couldn’t help but change the way I addressed him. Calling him geezer when he even gave me his granddaughter was a bit too much.

“What did you call me?” Liu Zhenhai asked in disbelief.

“Grandpa!” I repeated.

“Ha! Okay, good grandson!” Liu Zhenhai laughed happily.

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“Grandpa, I want to tell you that Shuguang Corporation’s business partners are all over the world. If you want, I can help you get a few bottles of red wine from the sixties!” I said.

“Really?” Liu Zhenhai’s eyes shone when he heard that.

“Naturally!” I nodded.

“That’s great! I’ll be waiting!” Liu Zhenhai said excitedly.

Not long later, the hotel brought the dishes over. As expected of International Hotel, they even made a few common dishes look really nice!

“Oh yeah, I want you and Liu Lei to enter this year’s Huaxia Martial Competition together!” Liu Zhenhai said to Liu Yue.

“Mhmm, it’s fine if I don’t go,” Liu Yue was only thinking about me right now, and naturally lost interest in everything else.

“Hehe, our Liu family is not like the other Renowned Families, and have a lot of people. There’s only you two in this generation,” Liu Zhenhai smiled.

“Then alright, I’ll try my best,” said Liu Yue.

After chatting about a bit more things, we finished the meal. Liu Yue and I stayed with Liu Zhenhai until the evening before leaving International hotel together.

“You changed your car?” Liu Yue pointed at me Santana 2000 in surprise. From her perspective, I shouldn’t buy this sort of cheap car. The fact that I changed from a Bentley to a Santana made it seem like my stuff was getting worse and worse.

“I changed it, the original Bentley had some issues,” I said. “This car isn’t bad, its pretty comfortable.”

“An accident?” Liu Yue asked worriedly.

“Nope, someone trashed it,” I shook my head. “Aren’t I fine! Okay, let’s not talk about this. Zhao Yanyan and co. might be getting anxious. However, there’s an extra person at home…”

“You tricked over another sister when I wasn’t here?” Liu Yue winked and smiled.

“You seemed to have guess it correctly,” I said.


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