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Chapter 123 – Decide yourself

****! Only then did I understand, this Fatty Wu did do it a bit too much.

I have heard stories of some people in the society used children to forcefully sell flowers, I didn’t think that Fatty Wu would have bumped into it so coincidentally.

“But speaking of which, it was truly sad for Fatty Wu! Beating up foreign political figures would be enough to send him to the court martial!” Zhong Yang continued. “It was fortunate that Fatty Wu did it with good intentions, since the People’s Liberation Army should be for the people! His old man is using his contacts, but he probably won’t be able to stay in the army!”

“This Fatty Wu is just impulsive!” Hearing that nothing major happened to Fatty Wu, I stopped worrying. Basically, this was just a misunderstanding.

“Okay, Zhong-ge, my ganba is in hospital. Let’s catch up another day!” I said.

“Alright, I have to go back too. My coworkers are all waiting for me downstairs!” Zhong Yang nodded and said.

After Zhong Yang left, I said to He Xiyuan, “Xiao Xi, which hospital is ganba staying at? We’ll go right now, you shouldn’t delay getting sickness treated! I know the hospital regulation nowadays, they won’t treat people before the people pay!”

“He’s at Yanjing City Third People’s Hospital,” He Xiyuan replied.

“Alright, Chu Gao, stay here for first and talk about our cooperation with the new manager! Don’t worry, we’re all together. It’s fine as long as we benefit each other!” I said to Chu Gao. “Go back by yourself later, I have some business, so I’ll leave first!”

“No problem! Now I’m confident! So, your relationships are so powerful, it’ll be hard even if our company doesn’t want to be successful!” Chu Gao laughed.

“Don’t be too proud that early. Computer sales is just a small portion of our business. You also have to follow up on other projects!” I reminded.

“Understood boss, there’s no need for you to worry when I’m working!” Chu Gao chuckled.

“What not worry, didn’t I have to solve the issue this time!” I said.

It seems like you caused the trouble this time, Chu Gao thought to himself, but he still said, “That’s true, it was immediately dealt with when boss came!”

He Xiyuan and I walked out of Shuguang Corporation, and got on the Bentley.

“Ge, this car is really expensive, right?” He Xiyuan checked out the grand interior with interest.

This “ge” caused me to have various thoughts… I don’t know of this chick did it on purpose or not, but isn’t this baiting me to make a mistake!

“It’s not very expensive. When you get your driver license, Xiao Xi, older brother will give you a car!” I said.

“Oh…” He Xiyuan nodded, while excitement that could not be covered up flashed in her eyes. However, she still said, “Actually, never mind. If Yanyan-jie and them finds out, they will get angry…”

Hearing that, I felt a bit of joy. What does it have to do with Zhao Yanyan and co., did this chick feel guilty and thought too much into it?

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Hehe, interesting!

“No problem, you are our good little sister!” I decided to tease her a bit.

“Oh…” Hearing me say that, He Xiyuan nodded in slight disappointment.

It seems like my prediction is correct, this chick might actually like me. However, why did she like me?

“At your age, you should study probably! Do you remember once promising me to come and find me at Huaxia University?” I changed the topic, otherwise, the atmosphere would get too ambiguous!

“I didn’t stop! I have been self-studying!” said He Xiyuan. “I will definitely get in!”

“That’s good! Older brother will give you a sportscar the day you get into university!” I said.

“Okay! It’s a promise!” He Xiyuan said happily, without any trace of the sadness just noe.

I thought to myself, this chick chances really quickly.

The car arrived at the Third People’s Hospital very soon. He Xiyuan and I got off and ran straight to the ward.

“Xiao Xi, where is ganba staying?” I asked.

“He’s staying on a bed in the corridor…” He Xiyuan said slightly embarrassedly.

“What! Staying in the corridor!” I exclaimed. “How can he stay in the corridor!”

“It’s summer now, so it isn’t so cold. Dad insists on staying there. What’s more, it’s also cheaper there!” He Xiyuan explained.

“Cheap! Why didn’t you stop him. It’s not like our family doesn’t have the money!” I said angrily.

He Xiyuan blushed again when I said “our family”. I couldn’t help but exclaim quietly, just what is this chick thinking all the time! Why are her thoughts so complicated!

What I didn’t think of at the time was that I already had so many wifeys at He Xiyuan’s age…

I quickly walked to the second floor, where the orthopedics wards were, and saw many beds in the corridor from afar.

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“Ganna!” I saw ganma sitting beside a bed.

“Leilei!” ganma momentarily blanked, then said in surprise. “Why did you come? Did Xiao Xi find you? This kid, I told her already not to trouble your family…”

“Ganma, I met Xiao Xi coincidentally. Just what are you saying! I am your gan-son, we’re a family! How can I not care about ganba when he’s sick!” I said seriously. “Ganma, what you’re doing’s not right, do you not treat me as your son?”

“Of-Of course not! Ganma is very happy to be a son like you, but…” said ganma.

“It’s my idea!” ganba interrupted ganma. “Liu Lei, we’ve already troubled your family a lot, I don’t want to cause any more trouble for you family. What’s more, the surgery fees this time is very expensive…”

“Ganba! You’re my ganba, how can you call it troubling me! Your business is my business. Xiao Xi, go and call the doctor and move ganba to a high-class ward!” I said to He Xiyuan.

He Xiyuan naturally listened to me, so she already ran off before ganba said anything.

“Ai, just what is this for. From the way other people see it, our family is your family’s poor relatives! Other people couldn’t wait to avoid us, yet you’re so loyal! Ai, I had wanted to marry Xiao Xi to you, but you wouldn’t think my family’s Xiao Xi is worthy with your current conditions…” ganba blabbered.

“Ganba, don’t say that! Xiao Xi is excellent, it’s not that I don’t think she’s worthy, it’s just that… Ai, this is my fault as well. I already have so many girlfriends, isn’t it causing Xiao Xi to suffer if you tell her to be with me!” I said awkwardly.

“Hehe, we should let Xiao Xi decide that by herself…” ganba said with a smile.

Decide herself? Why do I feel like I fell into a trap? ****, then I remembered, ganba’s leg was broken, but his brain is fine! I had only said that since I treated him as a patient, but his thoughts are clear…

Never mind, I’ll just let nature take its course. Since I do have a childhood engagement with He Xiyuan, my parents probably wouldn’t reject it. As for Zhao Yanyan’s side, she like’d this chick quite a lot then as well.

Not long later, the doctor arrived. When he saw us, he put on a very impatient expression, “What is it, isn’t there a nurse! What did you call me here for!”


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