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Chapter 122 – Fatty Wu got into trouble

“No!” He Xiyuan shook her head. “It’s my first day at work!” With that, she looked at the hands held together.

I immediately understood. I was still holding He Xiyuan’s hands tightly. Originally, I would often hold her hand, but she was younger then and I only treated her as a little sister. Now she had already become a big girl. Holding her hand now was a bit ambiguous. Although I was her gan-brother. I was not her true brother.

I quickly let go of my hands and smiled awkwardly, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” He Xiyuan shook her head a bit disappointedly. Then continued, “My dad’s leg had an issue again. He needed to come to Yanjing to get it treated. But then we got here and found out that we don’t have enough money at home, so I came out to work.”

“Why didn’t you call me!” Hearing that He-bobo, who is also my ganba got hospitalized and didn’t call me, I felt a bit unhappy in my heart.

“My dad said that he didn’t want to bother you guys anymore…” said He Xiyuan.

“How is this bothering! Our families already admitted each other as gan-families already, we should help each other when in trouble!” I said.

“Sorry…” He Xiyuan replied quietly when she saw that I got mad.

“Alright, don’t think about that now. Why did you come to work in Shuguang Corporation?” I asked.

“They were hiring office assistants here, and I thought that since Shuguang was a large corporation with good benefits, they shouldn’t trick people. That’s why I came. I didn’t think that…” He Xiyuan said in a troubled manner. “Thank you, Liu-dage, you saved me every time…”

I nodded, office assistants didn’t require too much of an educational background, they would normally just prepare tea, coffee, photocopies etc. However, I never would have thought that my, Liu Lei’s, gan-meimei would actually be bullied when she came to my company to work!

How did it go again? Enough is enough!

Fatty Zhang, it isn’t going to end up as simple as you being fired.

I called Uncle Zhao and explained the situation. I had already talked over it with Uncle Zhao beforehand, so he had already sent a new general manager from the headquarters to replace Fatty Zhang’s current position.

After Chu Gao beat up Fatty Zhang, he pulled him up and chucked him on the chair. Then Chu Gao said, “This fatty is too thick-skinned, I got so tired and only beat him up like this!”

Hearing that, I laughed. This Chu Gao is too hilarious. He’s complaining about being tired after beating someone up.

“Fatty Zhang, what else do you have to say? You used your power to bring your son into the company, allow him to use his powers to trouble customers. What’s worse is that you actually try to bully female employees in the company!” I looked at Fatty Zhang and said expressionlessly.

“You… So it’s you! You are Director Zhao’s son-in-law!” Fatty Zhang exclaimed after finally recognizing me. When Zhao Yanyan ended up in the hospital, he saw me once when he was going to the hospital with Zhao Junsheng to visit Zhao Yanyan.

“You don’t feel like you’re undeserving of the failure, right?” I asked.

Fatty Zhang nodded silently, then said, “I’ll resign!” Fatty Zhang thought to himself, since he did not stuff only a little money into his pockets these years, although he would lose both power and position, he would still be able to enjoy the second half of his life.

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“Resign? I had planned to let you go originally, but it isn’t going to be so simple now!” I laughed coldly. “Do you think it’ll be fine after bullying my little sister?”

At this moment, Zhong Yang led a group of people in police uniform into the office.

“Zhong-ge, you came!” I said.

“Yeah, I brought the comrades from the economic investigation division over. It’s not really my business now, right?” Zhang Yang smiled.

“Originally it isn’t, but now it is. This fat *** committed attempted ****!” I said. Heh, now you’re pretty screwed, an economical crime with attempted ****. He will probably be imprisoned for at least thirty years, or even a lifetime.

I really hope that this fat *** was involved rather heavily in corruption, so he’ll be directly shot.

Fatty Zhang understood that he was truly screwed today. However, what he didn’t understand was that how I found him. Thus, he asked without giving up, “Even if you are destroying me, you have me make me understand why, right?”

“Then I’ll tell you. Your son just had to harass my wife, Zhao Yanyan, and even shamelessly proclaimed himself as your son!” I said coldly.

“That *******!” Fatty Zhang said furiously. “If I knew that it would happen, I wouldn’t have let him come to the company to embarrass me!”

“But isn’t the main reason for my anger. I also started a company myself, it’s called New Century Corporation, I wonder if you, Director Zhang, have heard of it?” I asked with a smile.

“Ah! So it’s like that! I understand now! I was confused at the time, just why did Shuguang cooperate with a small company like yours. I thought that the higherups did not investigate properly, so I thought that you guys would have to put up with it even if I block you guys off for a few days. I didn’t think it was due to this! It seems like I was too careless! Damn disappointing Zhang Liguang!” Fatty Zhang sighed.

“Bring him away!” Zhong Yang waved his hand, causing several officers to escort Fatty Zhang away.

“Why did you hit him so hard, causing him to look like a pig head! After he enters the detainment center, those that don’t know would think that us, the police, beat him up. Aren’t you making him look bad!” Zhong Yang laughed.

“No probably, he’s thick-skinned. It’ll stop swelling after two days!” I smiled.

“Oh yeah, do you have news of Wu Tian recently?” I asked.

“Don’t mention it! Don’t you know? Wu Tian got into trouble!” Zhong Yang shook his head.

“Trouble? What trouble?” I asked in confusion.

“It was last mouth. There were a few foreigners arguing with a child from our country. Wu Tian saw it, and directly beat up the foreigners without saying anything!” Zhong Yang shook his head and said.

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“Wu Tian didn’t do anything wrong to someone who was bullying a child from our country!” I said.

“If that’s really the case, then that’s true! The main thing is that it wasn’t like that after my investigation later! The foreigners came to site visit our country for business purposes! They are all important political people from other countries and have huge backgrounds!” Zhong Yang sighed.

“Say, Zhong Yang! What’s with you? Can foreigners be cocky just because they have a background? Are you still from China?” I said angrily.

“If they really bullied the kid, then I would stand up even if I was fired from the police department! The most important thing is that that’s not what happened at all. The foreigners did nothing. The kid held a batch of flowers and was insisting on the foreigner buying. Due to language barriers, they couldn’t communicate, and the translator wasn’t there either. The foreigner thought the kid gave him the flowers, and so wanted to leave. However, the kid just refused no matter what and pulled on that foreigner’s clothes. The foreigner returned the flower to the kid, but the kid still refused to let him leave. With no other way, the foreigner could only push the kid away! However, Fatty Wu didn’t know the situation before beating him up!” Zhong Yang smiled wryly.


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