Chapter 124 – No life

“Oh, so it’s like this. I want to transfer my ganba to a high-class ward…” Before I finished, the doctor interrupted me.

“Change to a high-class ward? You’re not dreaming, right? He still owes us thirty thousand something kuai of medical fees!” The doctor said with a face of disdain.

“Do you think that we can’t afford it!” I immediately got angry, just what sort of attitude was this? Did he forget that he has the sacred career of an angel in white? This guy was completely status-focused.

“It’s not what I think. If you can afford it, then why are you still staying in the corridor! Don’t put on airs if you don’t have money!” said the doctor, who turned around to leave after saying that.

“Medical fees are owed, right? Alright, then I’ll immediately pay all of it. We’re changing hospitals and not getting treated here!” I said.

The doctor handed the bill to me with a bit of suspicion and said, “It’s all here, I’ll go with you to get it paid!”

I smiled indifferently, it seems like he still didn’t believe me!

After arriving at the cashiers, I threw over a bank card without saying anything. When the receipt was printed, the doctor finally knew that the person he met today was the proper person that came to pay! However, from his perspective, I was just the kind of person that just had a bit of money, and didn’t pay it any heed.

“Let’s go, ganba, ganma! We’re changing hospitals!” I said directly after returning.

“Changing hospitals. Your ganba can’t move with the plaster on his leg!” said ganma.

“No worries, my car is downstairs!” I said.

“Mom, older brother’s car is really long, there is no problem for dad to lie inside after extending the seat!” said He Xiyuan.

Hearing this, that doctor felt a joy in his heart. So this brat drove a large bus!

Hearing He Xiyuan say that, ganma stopped worrying. He Xiyuan and I pushed ganba onto the elevator. As for that doctor, although he was unwilling, he still sent his patient to the entrance as ganba’s doctor.

Du Xiaowei was very observative. The moment he saw me, he ran out of the red label to help. Seeing that there were a lot of people, Du Xiaowei let me drive the car instead and requested to take a taxi to follow behind my car.

When the doctor saw my car, he was completely stunned. It seems like he truly met a rich person this today! This car needed at least several million!

Thus, he quickly ran over and said to me with a smile, “Sorry, my attitude was poor just now, how about…”

“Never mind, no need, hurry up and busy yourself with your tasks! Your time is precious, we’ll be leaving!” With that, I stepped on the pedal, causing the car to shoot out.

Through Zhong Yang, I was able to contact a hospital with better facilities than this one. That hospital had already prepared a high-class ward, while the doctor responsible is also an expert with a reputation. I directly paid two hundred thousand yuan in advance for the medical bills and left a bank card for He Xiyuan. The one million or so within the card should be enough for them.

I reminded her once again not to be afraid of spending money, and that she must make sure ganba’s leg gets treated well.

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Then, I went to find ganba’s doctor and asked, “Doctor Li, how is my ganba’s situation…”

“Your father’s sickness is what was left over from before. When he was treated previously, the medical level was probably not enough, although the broken bones healed, there would be an issue during a rainy day. He might have not noticed it at the start, but look at him now, he can’t even stand up! This sort of rheumatism is very hard to treat, that’s why, I am planning to give him Chinese medicines to take and apply on the outside, alongside acupuncture. It should have a good effect!” said Doctor Li.

“Alright, then thank you, Doctor Li. This is just a sign of good will!” with that, I stuffed an envelope towards Doctor Li.

“Hehe, I’ll try my best, but no need for this. If you truly want to, then treat me to a meal after your father is treated!” Doctor Li refused. “The hospital has regulations, just do that if you want me to get fired.”

Hearing that, I smiled embarrassedly, it seems like I was affected by that status-focused doctor!

I smiled and put away the envelope, “Then I’ll be troubling you!”

“Don’t worry, I treat every patient seriously. What’s more, this one was one that the higher-ups had specifically mentioned!” said Doctor Li.

I drove towards school after leaving the hospital. When I turned into an alleyway, several black-clothed masked men rushed out in front and blocked the way.

Ever since someone had sent killers after me, my nerves became unusually sensitive, these people were clearly not good people. That’s why I thought that it shouldn’t be much of a problem even if I use my car to crash into them. Which good guy would mask themselves and block off a car on the streets.

That’s why, I didn’t decelerate at all and director rushed over.

However, an unbelievable thing happened afterwards. Just as my car was about to hit a masked man, that masked man suddenly reached out his hand and pushed my car, actually causing my car to stop! Although that person took a few steps backwards, he didn’t take any damage at all!

I am confident that I can do better than him, even to the point of not taking any steps back, but just who am I! I have superpowers that normal people cannot compared with! Yet, the person in front of me truly stopped my car!

What was even more unbelievable followed. Another man walked up and punched through the front window with a punch and grasped onto the door frame from within. With a strong pull, he was able to pull off the entire car door!

****, just who are these people. My car was modified, the glass was bulletproof, while the car door was something that armor-piercing rounds would have trouble with. He actually broke it just like that.

I was stunned, this was too shocking.

The other two black-clothed men also walked over and took my Bently apart, into a pile of scrap metal, in a few moments.

At this moment, a figure walked out from a Toyota nearby.

“Hehe, Liu Lei, don’t you have superpowers? I do want to see, are my cyborgs stronger, or is your superpowers more amazing!”

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“Liu Kesheng! You’re still not dead!” I exclaimed. This person was actually Liu Kesheng, who had run away the other day!

“How can I die when you’re not dead yet! I need to watch you die!” Liu Kesheng laughed sinisterly.

“What’s this!” I asked, while pointed to the four black-clothed men.

“These are cyborgs, you can also think of them as clones, biochemical zombies or something like that. It doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you will be killed by them! Ahahahaha!” Liu Kesheng laughed maniacally.

“You have so much confidence that they can kill me?” I asked, while looking at the four humanoid, yet inhumane things.

“It’s not that I have the confidence. You saw just now that cars are easy stuff for them!” Liu Kesheng said pridefully. “Even if they can’t kill you, you can’t kill them!”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because! Hehe, listen carefully,” Liu Kesheng paused momentarily. “Because they have no life!”

No life? Just what are these things? When I saw Liu Kesheng that day, he was just one of Situ Liang’s dogs, he didn’t seem like he had much power?


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