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Chapter 119 – The Competition with Meng Qingqing

“I told you, I don’t like you! Why are you still pestering me?” The girl said coldly.

“Heh, you’re still thinking about that brat, aren’t you? He went to enjoy his life, yet you’re waiting here dumbly! He has gone to Yanjing city for so long, has he looked for you!” The young man laughed coldly.

“It’s none of your business! I do what I like!” The girl was still not moved.

“What’s so bad about me! Why can’t you give me a chance! I have done so much for you, and even gone into jail!” said the young man.

“Did you do it for me? You were clearly harming other people!” The girl said in disgust.

“Heh! It’s fine that you don’t accept me right now! After that brat, Liu Lei, dies, let’s see what hopes you have left!” The young man said cockily.

“He won’t die! Dream on!” The girl said plainly.

“You’ll know very soon whether I’m dreaming or not! Hahaha! The young man laughed loudly.

After the girl left, a teenage boy came over, “Liang-ge, since she’s not giving you face at all, do you need me to get someone to…”

“Alright now, before the plan succeeds, you better not cause trouble for me! Did you forget how what brought your old man down?” said the young man.

“I really don’t know what’s good about that brat, Liu Lei, why do they all love him so much!” The teenage boy said angrily.

“Oh yeah, there’s news from Gotou Mitsuo. The research on the DNA medicine is nearly completed, we just have to hold it in a bit more, then we will be able to take revenge. Gotou Mitsuo already promise us that he will help us get the Japanese nationality!” said the young man.

“Thank you, Liang-ge!” The teenage boy said happily.

While I was very busy, Xu Qingwei brought me an extremely exciting news. The research on spaceship supporting spatial jumps have already been completed. It was already no worse than the spaceship the Animasians used to visit Earth last time. The spaceship had already entered the final testing phase.

It seems like I truly made the decision to put Xu Qingwei there. I wouldn’t never have thought that he truly had a huge effect. Even Sun Sikong praised him a lot.

Sun Sikong used an autopilot system along with a filming system to do a machine-controlled trial. He succeeded to fly out of the solar system, use spatial jumps multiple times, then flew back, causing Sun Sikong to be unusually happy.

Now, Sun Sikong was going to do the last fine-tuning before the spaceship would be able to fy with people within.

New Century Computer Store and Qingmeng Computer Store pretty much opened at the same time. Chu Gao never thought that the people form Shuguang Corporation responsible for attending to him were so enthusiastic, causing him to get a bit shocked.

Shuguang’s service attitude was already the best in the world since it was one of the policies I was completely insistent on. What’s more, since I told Uncle Zhao beforehand, Chu Gao was able to get a promotion price very easily.

Although Dell was not as famous as Shuguang, it was pretty much the same with Shuguang in terms of hardware. Most of the parts used were made by Shuguang, while the pre-installed operating system was Shuguang 98.

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That’s why, Shuguang had a brand advantage over all. Yet, Dell’s branding wasn’t bad either, so it was all left down to Chu Gao’s sales methods.

As for Mengqing, they were clearly fighting back. Not only did they print a lot of pretty flyers to hand around school, they also gifted some accompanying equipment like mousepads, USB extension lines, earphones etc.

“Boss, do you think we should give some present or something?” asked Chu Gao.

“Since Mengqing is already giving these out, it’ll seem like we’re like sheep if we do the same. What’s more, the effects wouldn’t be too great either. I think we should come up with unique ideas! For example, we could do add some value into our services!” I replied. “For example, we could do something like having a free protective screen sticking service when they buy laptops!” I explained some of my experiences in my previous life, “Right now, the notebooks are pretty much just covered in one layer of paint. If they are not protected well, it is very easy for the color to come off. We can stay a transparent protective screen on it, making it look nice, while not affecting the usage!”

“As expected of boss! Why didn’t I think of it! This is a good idea! Let me go and prepare it!” said Chu Gao.

Since Professor Dong was able to get the funds, his research into OCR technology was put on track. In the meantime, I only gave the researchers a few tips as the honorary consultant. Most of it was completed by themselves. However, these few tips already had a key effect on the entire research.

“I already used our research project to apply to participate in the National Computing Scient and Technology Exhibition this time. I have a few invitations for the opening. How is it, are you interested in going together?” Professor Dong said with a smile.

“Me? That’s not so good, I’m just a consultant in name!” I said.

“What’s not good about it! Hehe, your suggestions had a key effect for our project! It could be said that you were of a huge important! Here’s two invitations, bring your girlfriend together next Friday!” Professor Dong handed two invitations to me.

“Alright!” I nodded and put away the invitations.

In the blink of an eye, the Computing Science and Technology Exhibition opening has arrived.

Zhao Yanyan and I arrived at the City’s Exhibition Center together. There was already a large number of cars parked at the entrance. Although economy cars made up the bulk of it, there were plenty of expensive cars as well. It seems that there were quite a few rich and powerful companies that came to enter the exhibition.

I held Zhao Yanyan’s hand and entered the exhibition hall. At this moment, it was already filled with guests from all around. Some of them were people that have entered the exhibition, but most of them were invited here to have a look. These people might very well become potential guests for the companies putting on an exhibition.

An employee from Su’s was introducing several digital cameras and filming equipment to the guests at Su’s Corporation’s counter. Under my secret support, Su’s was able to gain a lot of the leading technology in the digital industry. It was already no worse than any companies from other countries in the world.

There was a large poster of Su Yingzi behind the counter. She was smiling faintly as she held up the new DV. I couldn’t help to dumb out after seeing that.

“What, you miss Su-jiejie?” Seeing me like that, Zhao Yanyan asked with a smile.

“Mhmm, a little, we haven’t met in so long!” I sighed.

“Actually the money you have now is enough for us to spend through several lifetimes, you can tell Su-jiejie to not work so hard to earn money!” said Zhao Yanyan.

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“Xiao Zi only likes acting, perhaps, when she’s tired of it, she will come back,” I shook my head. “If it wasn’t for Uncle Su, it would be hard for Xiao Zi to remain so pure in the entertainment industry.”

“Hubby, aren’t you even more amazing than Uncle Su? Who would dare to have any ideas about Su-jiejie since she became your woman!” Zhao Yanyan smiled.

“He, your hubby lays too much of a low profile. A kind person guys bullied!” I laughed.

“You’re kind? It’s pretty good if you don’t bully someone else,” Zhao Yanyan also laughed.


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