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Chapter 120 – Science and Technology Exhibition

“Let’s go to see what new products that are being exhibited at our company!” I said.

“Our company?” Zhao Yanyan asked in surprise.

“Shuguang Corporation!” I explained.

“Isn’t that yours?” asked Zhao Yanyan.

“What’s mine is yours! Dummy! What’s more, you also have shares in Shuguang Corporation!’ I patted Zhao Yanyan’s head and replied.

“He…” Zhao Yanyan happily leaned by my side.

When I passed by New Century Corporation’s counter, I saw Professor Dong explain something to a foreigner very excitedly, while Chu Gao was also busy here and there as the person in charge.

When Professor Dong saw me walk very, he introduced the foreigner to me very happily, “ This is Mr. Frederick from Italy!”

“Hello, Mr. Frederick, I am the technical consultant for New Century Corporation,” I reached out my hand friendily.

“Hello, it is very nice to meet you!” Frederick said using rigid Chinese.

“Xiao Liu, Mr. Frederick is very interested in our OCR recognition system. He wants to cooperate with us to develop one for Italian,” said Professor Dong in excitement.

Hearing that, I said to Mr. Frederick with a nod, “We can satisfy your request. It is very easy if it is just to recognize printed text because Italian only 21 letters in the Italian langue, but it would be a bit difficult if we had to recognize handwritten text. However, it isn’t impossible!”

“That’s great! If it’s possible, then let’s talk in detail after the exhibition ends!” Frederick said happily.

Professor Dong was very happy. He could be more excited when he saw that his research result was recognized.

I talked to Professor Dong for a bit, then left with Zhao Yanyan first.

“Look! That’s Shuguang Corporation’s counter!” Zhao Yanyan pointed to a large area at the center of the exhibition hall.

I smiled, as expected of Shuguang Corporation. Not only did they get the best spot, the size of it was also several times that of other people’s.

Shuguang Corporation was exhibiting several new CPU models and a new hard disk driver in terms of hardware, while the software includes Shuguang Office 2000 and several business softwares.

This was just a small portion of what Shuguang was introducing to the market this year.

“How is it, not bad, right!” I pointed to the Shuguang Office that was being run on the display machine.

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“Not bad,” Zhao Yanyan said after a glance.

“What do you mean not bad? This is the most advance in the world!” I said.

“Do you think I don’t know? The next generation’s product is already in Shuguang’s lab. It just hasn’t been shown yet!” Zhao Yanyan glanced sideways at me and said. “I really don’t know how you developed my dad into a huge evil merchant!”

“Evil merchant? Hehe, we just don’t want to cause any scientific disasters. Things that are too advanced are not suitable for the current technological level,” I said.

“Tsk, whatever,” Zhao Yanyan decided not to argue with me.

Just as Zhao Yanyan and I were chatting, a voice interrupted us.

“Hello, beautiful lady, what do you think about our company’s products?” A young man wearing very stylish clothing walked over.

Our company? Zhao Yanyan momentarily blanked, then wanted to laugh, our company again!

“You are?” Zhao Yanyan asked.

“I am the marking manager of Shuguang Corporation’s Beijing branch, Zhang Liguang! I am pleased to serve this beautiful lady,” Although the young man said it in a very decent manner, the gaze that this Zhang Liguang looked towards Zhao Yanyan with was filled with lust.

Zhao Yanyan also noticed this, and shook her head in disgust, “No need, we’ll see for ourselves.”

“What? You don’t believe me?” With that, Zhang Liguang was about to grab hold of Zhao Yanyan. “Little girl, gege can give you a computer of the newest model!”

“What are you doing!” I walked up and pushed away Zhang Liguang’s lecherous claws.

Seeing that I spoke, Zhang Liguang stopped pretending to be well-mannered. He checked me out and said, “Who are you?”

“I’m her boyfriend,” I said.

“I didn’t ask you what’s your relationship with her. I’m asking what your identity is,” Zhang Liguang immediately added.

“I am New Century Corporation’s consultant,” I answered. I wanted to see what this gguy meant by that.

“New Century Corporation’s consultant! Heh, so amazing, but I’ve never heard of it!” Zhang Liguang laughed coldly. “Even a puny white collar dares to fight with me for a woman, I, Young Master Zhang, has never failed to get a woman!”

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Hearing how cocky this guy sounds, I wondered, just how did this ******* join Shuguang Corporation? Thus, I asked, “What right does a puny marketing manager have to get cocky with me!”

“What happened, Young Master Zhang!” Another young man came over, he also dressed in a rather fake, but well-mannered way.

“Oh? It’s Young Master Yan! Your bro, I, got interested in this bird. How is it? Bro’s taste is pretty good, right!” Young Master Zhang said proudly.

“Not bad! She’s truly not bad! This bird looks pretty cute!” Young Master Yan nodded.

Seeing that the two of them were acting so supercilious and said whatever they wanted in front of Zhao Yanyan and I, I felt slightly enraged. However, since this was a public location and I represented New Century Corporation, there would be some consequences if I hit him. What’s more, since he was someone from Shuguang, I naturally had to treat it as an internal issue.

“Yanyan, let’s go, speaking with these sort of people is wasting our time!” I held Zhao Yanyan’s hand.

“Wait!” Young Master Yan immediately blocked my path. “This little girl, stop pretending, let’s be blunt, aren’t you with this brat for money? Although our Young Master Zhang is the market manager of Shuguang, his old man is the general manager of Shuguang Corporation’s branch office in Yanjing! Being with him is so much better than with this brat!”

So it was due to this! I was wondering how this sort of scum could get into Shuguang and become a department manager! So it was due to relationships.

Hearing Young Master Yan’s words, Zhao Yanyan nearly laughed out loud. However, Zhao Yanyan did have a good temper, so she didn’t’ get mad. She only said coldly, “I’m not interested.”

I casually pushed Young Master Yan to the side and said, “Do you hear that? My wife’s not interested!”

“New Century Corporation, right? Just wait, I’ll make it so that you cannot stay in Yanjing city! Heh! No computing companies dare to offend me, Young Master Zhang! Just wait for death!” Young Master Zhang said cockily.

I felt a sense of depression in my heart. Shuguang Corporation was an international corporation, but a general manager in a city actually became similar to a local tyrant, and his son actually treated this as something to get cocky about.

Shuguang Corporation was huge, it was unavoidable for it to walk onto this path. It seems like it was about time to deal with this.

“Boss, a problem came up with the computer sales department!” Chu Gao found me and said urgently.

“What’s the problem?” I asked.

“Shuguang Corporation’s Yanjing branch suddenly stopped the supply for us!” said Chu Gao.

“Stopped supply? Why!” I asked.


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