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Chapter 118 – Meng Qingqing

I thought about this name in my heart. Although I didn’t know her background, it was as Wang-ge said, this girl is definitely not simple!

I thought back to Wang-ge’s expression back then. Perhaps he still knows something that he didn’t tell me!

I returned to the bar once again and found Wang-ge.

“Wang-ge, is there something that you haven’t told me?” I said at Wang-ge and went straight to the point.

My aura caused Wang-ge to blank, then reply, “Young Master Liu, I didn’t hide it from you intentionally, I just didn’t want to cause trouble for you.”

“It already is trouble, I saw her today! She used sixteen million to bid for two shops! Sixteen million, does she need to come out to sell herself!” I said.

“Ah!” Wang-ge was also shocked. He was someone of the middle-class, but he couldn’t possible take out so much money in one go!

“Young Master Liu, actually, after you left that day, she hit all the money that Lil’ Three gave him in anger, as if she was furious, then drove away! She drove a Ferrari sportscar!” said Wang-ge.

It seems like there must have been some sort of misunderstanding! However, what could it be? From the looks of it, it was certain that Meng Qingqing definitely did not lack money! But what was it for?

Could the rich girl have come out to have fun? That didn’t seem like it either. Who would give their first time out for fun!

Could it be the legendary split personality disorder? But she seems rather normal!

My mind was in a mess.

Putting it all at the back of my mind, I got Chu Gao to establish a business service provide. Since we didn’t need a lot of the shops, I chose to rent them out.

Chu Gao established a standard for the rents and regulations for the property management according to the location and size of the shops, it was to be handled by the newly established New Century Commercial Region Business Service Provider.

Since pretty much all of the shops on the business street belonged to New Century Corporation, the name of the business street was also changed to “New Century Avenue”.

Yet, the computer sales shop that Chu Gao planned was placed in a shop that didn’t have that good of a location. This sort of company did not reply on the location of the shop, rather, it relied on reputation.

Ever New Century Corporation was established, Chu Gao set the office beside the two company-styled shops that Meng Qingqing had bought. That was because the shops here were all long-office styled once, very suitable for running a company.

Employing people came next. The thing Huaxia lacked the least was talented people, especially in Yanjing city, which was full of them. Thus, we very quickly had enough employees. Chu Gao got a headhunter company to employ a few experienced people as the managers and directors for the higherups, while the other employees all applied to get in.

Meanwhile, the two shops beside New Century Corporation has already been officially opened after being refurnished, while the first floor of the shop on the left was already being prepared, most likely for a shop.

I looked at the two shops that were linked together with interest. It was Qing Meng Limited. I wonder what kind of business would it do.

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A red Ferrari was parked in front of it.

I watched everything as I sat in a Bentley that wasn’t that far away.

I looked down at my watch, it was already five something at night. Meng Qingqing should be coming out soon. Through Chu Gao’s observations these few days, Meng QIngqing would always leave the company at this hour.

Just as I was thinking, the figure that has been in my dreams appeared. Meng Qingqing walked out from the company.

I opened the car door and walked over.

Meng Qingqing momentarily blanked after seeing me.

“Miss Meng, this one wants to invite you to dinner, I wonder…” I said with a smile.

“What did you come here for?” Meng Qingqing glared at me coldly and said, “Aren’t you afraid of me calling the police to arrest you?”

“Why would they arrest me?” I asked.

“You know yourself,” said Meng Qingqing.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

“You ***** me,” Meng Qingqing said expressionlessly.

“****? The bar can prove that you did it willingly, it’s getting a prostitute at worse…” I said with a shrug.

“You!” Meng Qingqing was extremely angry. “This isn’t important! It is if I say it is! My wish to send you to jail is enough as long as I want to!”

“Such an opinionated girl…” I muttered. It seems like she truly is a rich person’s daughter from how proud she was as she spoke.

“What did you say?” Meng Qingqing heard my mutter.

“Nothing, I said you’re pretty,” I replied.

“There’s no need for you to say that this lady is pretty!” Meng Qingqing snorted. “I won’t let you off. We’ll see!” With that, she opened the door to her Ferrari.

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I found it rather funny. What was that supposed to mean? Was she declaring war on me? Just as I was thinking, she turned the Ferrari around and charged towards me.

****, this girl is too vicious, right? She wants to kill me? I immediately jumped to the side.

“You’re got some moves!” Meng Qingqing stopped the car and looked at me.

“I don’t want you to be widowed at such a young age,” I replied.

“Heh! I can’t expect anything else from you,” With that, Meng Qinqing slammed down on the pedal and sped off.

“Boss, I didn’t think that Qingmeng also started a computer sales company, and it is in cooperation with Dell! I never would have thought that they also thought about student machines. Dell had introduced a model that was rather good for its price, the company is probably going to open these few days,” Chu Gao said with a troubled expression.

“Oh? Why did it turn out like this! It seems like this Meng Qingqing is not simple!” I nodded.

Chu Gao was rather worried, he thought to himself. Boss can’t be wanting to stop his project, right! That means that his previous hard work would be wasted. This was his first project!

At this moment, I started considering in my heart. If I wanted to give Meng Qingqing a favor, I could just cancel this computer sales project plan. However, it was hard to say whether Meng Qingqing would accept my favor. Most importantly, I wanted to come into contact with Meng Qingqing right now, and not just continuously avoid her. If I wanted to avoid her, then we would never come into contact with each other. Only business competition would cause me to come into frequent contact with Meng Qingqing. This way, I made my decision. I smiled and said, “Don’t change our plan! We have to do it better than them! Go and contact Shuguang Corporation, let’s cooperate with Shuguang Corporation!”

“Shuguang? Would they cooperate with a small company with us?” Chu Gao asked in confusion.

“Definitely!” I patted Chu Gao shoulders. “Don’t underestimate yourself, we are actually not a small company! Hehe!”

Chu Gao thought to himself, that’s true, we invested nearly five hundred million into the shops, is that little!

“Okay Boss! I’ll go to make the plan now and prepare to talk with Shuguang!” Chu Gao said excitedly.

“You have to believe in yourself!” I encouraged. “Oh yeah, you have to keep paying attention to Mengqing and report their direction to me!”

“Understood, boss!” Chu Gao answered.

After Chu Gao left, I smiled. Meng Qingqing, aren’t you very proud, then I’ll let you be proud! From now on, I’ll do whatever you do, I’ll force you to submit.

I felt like I was rather sinister by doing this, but there was no helping it, sometimes, you didn’t have to keep letting her get her way in order to gain a girl’s heart.


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