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Chapter 117 – I don’t want any of the ones she wants

Although this bid was public, it was only for the relatives of staffs at the school and some students with the ability. The reason for this was because the school didn’t want people from the society to enter.

However, Huaxia University was a place of crouching tigers and hidden dragons, there are plenty of students with powerful backgrounds, so there was an ocean of people at the auction.

“Boss, it seems like today seems rather difficult!” Chu Gao said as he looked at the room full of people.

“Hehe, whether it is going to be difficult is the business of you, the general manager. I only look at results! Which is the ownership of a hundred percent of the shops!” I patted Chu Gao’s shoulders and said. “No need to worry about the money, just call out the price as you like!”

Chu Gao nodded, he already understood the importance of his responsibility.

Although I faced it with the attitude of messing around, since I’m going to do it, I had to do it to the very best. After discussing a bit with Chu Gao and Huang Wenjing, we decided the name of the new company to be New Century Corporation.

The reason we chose this name was because I treated this company as a completely new beginning. I hoped that it would be different to my other two companies. Chu Gao was a talented person that I had faith in, but he still lacked experience. He was different from Zhao Junsheng and Su Yuanchao. The two of them were old foxes that had been in the business world for half their lives, I could let them manage a large corporation that was quickly expanding without any worries, but Chu Gao was only someone that just got into it. That’s why, I didn’t want his success to come too quickly. I hoped that he can use his own abilities to turn New Century Corporation into a new business mothership that was no worse than Shuguang and East Asia Motion.

As for the shares, I decided to give 5% to Chu Gao. Chu Gao didn’t refuse, since he knows that his fate will be closely linked with New Century in the future.

“4 million, Guangwei offers 4 million!” said the auctioneer.

“4.1 million!”

“4.3 million!”

I signaled Chu Gao, causing him to raise the plate, “5 million!”

Everyone on scene immediately looked towards Chu Gao, this is too crazy for him to add 700 thousand in one go, right?”

“5 million once, 5 million twice, 5 million three times. Deal! Congratulations New Century Corporation for purchasing shop a01!” Chu Gao had already gotten the shop when everyone was still shocked.

Due to Chu Gao making a good start, the price of the second shop instantly shot up and reached the price of 5.5 million.

“5.6 million!” that Guangwei company called again.

Yang Wei! That person was called Yang Wei! The name flashed across my mind, he was the karate club captain or something that went against Ding Wenfeng!

It seems like this person’s ability shouldn’t be underestimated!

However, we were determined to get everything this time. When Chu Gao named the price of 6 million, Yang Wei clenched his teeth. 6 million was indeed a bit too much for a shop of 220 square meters.

After that, New Century used the same method to get nearly half of the shops. The actions of New Century caught everyone’s attention, a lot of people even directly gave up after Chu Gao called out a price.

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From the looks of New Century, anyone could tell that New Century was going to be very successful in the future!

Yang Wei clenched his teeth in anger. He got internal news that Liu Yue’s engagement with Situ Liang was cancelled, causing him to get extremely happy! This way, he had a chance to enter into the core of the Liu family! As long as he was capable enough, it wasn’t an issue for him to become the new family head. This investment in this business street also became the place where Yang Wei wanted to train himself. However, it was obvious that the New Century Corporation was determined to take down everything by themselves!

“7 million!” The following shop was a 350 square meter shop with a basement, the starting price was 6.8 million.

“8 million!” A female voice rang out. This was the only person aside from Chu Gao who dared to put a price increase of a hundred thousand! The entire room was shocked, did a black horse just pop out?

My head buzzed! It’s her! It’s actually her! This voice was still fresh in my mind.

I slowly turned over and saw that beautiful face once again. It’s her, it was the girl that I stole the first time from like brute! She dressed very formally today, unlike the fieriness of the other day at all.

If it wasn’t because I could remember her face clearly, I would even thought that I recognized her wrongly. However, my instincts told me that it couldn’t be a mistake, it was her! However, would a girl that can take out 8 million go and sell her body?!

My mind instantly turned blank. When Chu Gao, who was beside me, was just about to raise his plate, I quickly stopped him and shouted, “Put it down, don’t compete with her!”

I don’t know why I had such an unusual action, but I really lose it a bit. My voice was very loud, causing many of the people to turn and look out way.

The girl probably heard it as well and turned around weirdly. It was obvious that her body froze and her face turned pale when she saw me. She stared at me fiercely for a while, then turned back slowly.

“Boss, what happened?” Chu Gao looked at me, who had an equally pale expression, and said.

“Nothing,” I sighed. “Just let her have the shop.”

“Boss, aren’t we going to get everything?” Chu Gao asked.

“Just don’t ask, I don’t want any of the ones she want,” I said slowly.

Although Chu Gao didn’t understand, he still nodded.

The following shop was a connected shop to the previous one. She still got it with the price of 8 million.

Afterwards, she did not bid for anything else, so Chu Gao got everything with a high price. It seems like her target was just those two shops.

16 million! This wasn’t something that a normal student could afford! Just who was she?

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Due to New Century’s weird action of letting others have two shops worth 8 million, other companies entered the bids once again after they reacted, while Chu Gao started his oppressive price calling once again.

This caused the companies to regret it a lot. They lost two chances for no reason.

What they didn’t understand was why New Century intentionally allowed others to have those two shops, but it didn’t matter anymore, because the auction as already finished.

Aside from New Century Corporation as the biggest winner, the girl was the only other buyer.

After the auction finished, although I wanted to sign the contract as New Century’s representative at the same time as the girl, I still decided to let Chu Gao go after thinking about my identity.

“When you sign the contract, help me take a look at her name,” I said to Chu Gao.

Chu Gao nodded, and thought, so Boss got interested in that girl, no wonder he wanted to let her have the shop!

Chu Gao instantly became a famous person in Huaxia University. Both the journalists from the school newspaper and the school tv channel all recorded this classical moment.

Chu Gao was pretty good mentally, so he could act naturally towards the media, even though it was his first time. He even had a smile on his face. This caused all the girls in Huaxia University that wanted a rich boyfriend to try and find out about Chu Gao’s background!

You have to know, New Century actually paid 4 hundred something million!

Chu Gao was also able to sneak a peak at the girl’s contract when they were signing it.

Meng Qingqing!


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