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Chapter 116 – Business Street

I thought about it briefly. Although the starting point was very low, having this thought was a good idea! Starting a business was an enjoyment of the process, if I really set the starting point high, then it would have the reverse effect!

“This idea is pretty good!” I praised, “We can cooperate with some famous computer companies, and only sell some branded computers. This way, the after-sales service would be much more convenient, allowing us to avoid a lot of unneeded trouble!”

“Yeah! I’m also thinking that! Also, right now, some universities in Hong Kong has already started to sign contracts with some factories about selling student computers, which means that they sell a few discounted models specifically for students. This would also reduce the burden for students buying computers!” said Chu Gao.

“Very good! Then go and do it! I already sent the initial investment of five million into the account!” I said. “Although you can freely manipulate the funds, you have to do your accounts properly! I will check them any time!”

“Naturally! Hehe!” Chu Gao laughed.

It truly was as Chu Gao had said, the dirt road behind the university town became a business street after a quick renewal. The empty rooms on the ground floor of the university town were all turned into shops for public bids.

“Chu Gao, did you find out that if the bids of the school’s business street are totally public, or just a show for the internal people?” I asked. This is because, a lot of the shops within the school were used to give to the relatives of the staffs’ family.

“It should be a fair competition. I have asked about it. The school is auctioning the shops, the highest price gets it!” said Chu Gao.

“Oh!” I nodded. “Did you find out what is the approximate lowest price and final price?”

“The size of each shop is different, but I would estimate the lowest price for the auction to be at least twenty thousand per square meter!” said Chu Gao.

“What do you think about it?” I asked.

“Boss, I think that if we have the spare cash, we should buy a set. I essentially grew up here, judging from my experiences, the price of the land for the business street behind our school would at least double in less than two years. Of course, if we really don’t have the money, then we can rent a place from one of the purchasers!” said Chu Gao.

“Mhmm, the price of houses increasing is natural!” I said with a bit of praise. “How much money would we need if we wanted to get all of it?”

“All of it?!” Chu Gao exclaimed.

“Yes, all,” I nodded.

“Boss! The five million we have can only get one at most!” Chu Gao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Who said that we only have five million? The five million was funding for registering!” I said. “Don’t worry about the money! Just say how much do we need!”

“Ugh… There is about forty shops that is being auctioned by the school this time. Each one is between two hundred to six hundred square meters. That would approximately total up to twenty thousand square meters. If we calculate it using the lowest price, it would be two hundred million, but if some company enters into the competition, it would need at least three hundred million!” said Chu Gao.

“Alright! I will prepare five hundred million for the company! What you have to do know is clearly understand about the details of the auction, then do a detailed proposal!” I said.

“Five hundred million!” Chu Gao exclaimed in shock as he looked at me.

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I smiled and nodded, “Chu Gao, five hundred million isn’t actually much. If we actually do it properly, we can earn tens or twenties of five hundred million!”

“Alright, boss, I will definitely work hard!” Chu Gao said excitedly.

May 1999 arrived in the blink of an eye.

During this period of time, I went to the bar nearby a few times once again and saw the owner of the bar, Wang-ge.

“Wang-ge, is the girl you find for me last time still working here?” I asked.

I don’t know why, but I still could not forget her after so long. This wasn’t a good sign. I felt like I was an extremely possessive person, I cannot allow anyone of the women I slept with to stay on the streets. Furthermore, this feeling became more and more intense!

Under this sort of circumstance, I can no longer go out for this sort of one-night stand. Otherwise, Zhao Yanyan would definitely murder me if I bring a few prostitues home!

“About this… Young Master Liu! Last time, she was a virgin, so she no longer came after that one time!” Wang-ge said perfunctorily. It was true that she was a virgin, however, he didn’t speak about the weird actions of the girl last time since he didn’t want to cause trouble for me.

“Virgin?!” I was shocked. I couldn’t be more drunk that night, my actions were pretty much crazed and violent. I didn’t think that it was actually the first time for the girl that was underneath me! When I thought back to her painful scream, I could only feel heartache!

How did I not realize this! If it really was like this, was what I did too much?

“Do you have her contact?” I took a deep breath and asked.

“She only left a phone number last time!” said Wang-ge.

“Give it to me,” I decided that I must find her and give her a reasonable explanation. Regardless of whether she accepts or not, I didn’t want her to come to this sort of messed up place again.

“Lil’ Three, find the contact for the bird that served Young Master Liu last time!” Wnag-ge ordered.

Hearing Wang-ge say “bird”, I felt rather uncomfortable in my heart. I frowned, but didn’t say anything in the end.

However, my expression did not escape Wang-ge’s eyes. People like him had gotten the fiery eyes of truth for observing things due to staying at the bottom of society.

“What is it, Young Master Liu, did you… get interested in that girl?” asked Wang-ge.

“Kind of,” I didn’t explain.

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“Young Master Liu, just listen to me for a moment. The girl seems to have quite a complicated background. I think you should leave it so you don’t get into unnecessary trouble!” Wang-ge said with a weird expression.

I nodded and didn’t pay it any head. Complicated. Hehe. I interpreted Wang-ge’s words as the girl might have been forced out to sell herself since her family has some trouble, and that Wang-ge was afraid of me dumping money into it.

I called the number Wang-ge gave me, but the results showed that the number had been stopped. I sighed helplessly. It seems like she didn’t want anyone to disturb her.

On May 20th, the public auction for the shops on the business street started in the main conference room of Huaxia University’s main building.

Chu Gao and I participated in the auction in the names of students starting a business.

Zhao Yanyan and Yu Ting also came with us. Chen Weier was chosen to be a worker for the school, so I was also able to get a lot of first-hand information about the auction.

The auction seemed to be very good. The school was not going to consider any internal relationships and would refuse anyone that wanted to buy something using the minimum price through relationships, since the logistics group behind the school aimed to make money from this auction.

Since the business street was underneath the university town and had a stable customer base, it had a very good potential for continued development. Since there was no clear regulations for the types of shops, it means that once you buy the shop, you had complete control over it.


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