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Chapter 115 – Starting a business at school

A young man gazed at the computer screen with eyes full of savage light.

“Liang-ge, do you have confidence in killing him?” asked a teenager beside him.

“Ninety percent! He got lucky when I didn’t kill him last time!” The young man replied plainly.

“Hehe, Liang-ge, then I…” the teenager asked with a bit of hesitation.

“Don’t worry, I won’t chuck you away! I only thought of such a plan after you provided me with such important information! No matter what, we are comrades! Although I’m not a good person, I’m not the kind of person to destroy anyone that helped me!” said the young man after looking towards the teenager.

“Sure! I, Liu Kesheng, will put my life and everything I have in your hands!” said the teenager.

“You didn’t hide any, right? They didn’t find much money when your father fell, I think that it should all be in your hands, right?” The young man gazed at Liu Kesheng and said. “I used all my money already, if you have any, then take it out.”

“Liang-ge! I already said it before, even if I, Liu Kesheng, have to throw everything I have into it, I take Liu Lei down with me!” Liu Kesheng took out a gold card and said. “This is a gold card from the Swiss bank, the money my father left me is inside. A part of the money is also the money I took from the Daxing Gang when I was working there!”

“Daxing Gang, hmmph! Good job!” The young man snorted and said. “Not bad! With your financial aid, I will definitely cause that Liu Lei to disappear from this planet this time!”

March had arrived in the blink of an eye. That was when school started in Huaxia University once again, and it was the time when I arrived at the nostalgic dorm room. In this period of time, my mood has improved. I no longer drowned myself in alcohol, and I never went to that bar again.

Although I really wanted to go, another voice in my heart told me not to.

“Big bro! Where did you go before!” Huang Wenjing and Chu Gao said excitedly when they saw me.

“Hehe, there was some issues at home, so I didn’t stay at the dorm!’ I chuckled. “Oh yeah, where’s Ouyang Tianqi?”

“Oh him, he got locked up by his family for some sort of special training. Apparently it’s to enter some sort of competition,” said Huang Wenjing.

I nodded and it might be due to entering that Martial Competition. I know Ouyang Tianqi was also someone of the Six Renowned Families, so he would enter the competition as well.

“Oh yeah, Professor Dong Yuchen is researching about something. Both Chu Gao and I were honorably chosen into the research group, but Professor Dong seemed to have reached some sort of trouble. Oh yeah, boss, Professor Dong told you to go and find him!” said Huang Wenjing.

“Oh, okay!” I nodded.

In the afternoon, I arrived at Professor Dong’s office after cleaning up a bit. Professor Dong was reading, and when he saw me, he greeted me and told me to sit down.

“Professor Dong, you were looking for me?” I asked.

“Oh, Xiao Liu came, I’ll pour a glass of water for you!” With that, Professor Dong got ready to get up.

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“No need, Professor Dong! No need to trouble yourself!” I quickly said.

“Alright!” Professor Dong sat back down and said, “It’s like this! The thing about starting a company I talked to you a while back, ran into some trouble!”

“Ran into trouble?” I asked. “What’s going on?”

“The project startup fund didn’t pass our project! It’s too unreasonable! A student actually had so much power, and didn’t even give me face! He directly shut my proposal down! This is too much! Too much!” Professor Dong shook his head and said.

“Startup fund? Is it the one Zhang Jiaming is responsible for?” I asked.

“Yes! You know him?” asked Professor Dong.

“I know him! But if you want to ask me to go and find him, it might make it worse! This brat is actually my rival in love!” I shrugged.” However, didn’t the dean already approved of this project?”

“Yes, but the final decision for the funding is still in Zhang Jiaming’s hands! That’s because this Huaxia Investments was operated by Zhang Jiaming’s father’s investment company, so the school found it difficult to offend him!” Professor Dong shook his head.

“Hehe! It’s like this! It’s alright! It’s just a shame that without the funding, our research project will be stalled!” Professor Dong said in pity.

“Is there any other ways?” I didn’t want to see the old professor being sad, since people like him placed more important in research than anyone!

“Ai! Oh yeah, Xiao Liu, do you know any companies outside that can invest into us?” Professor Dong asked casually.

“Oh, how much does this project approximately need?” I asked.

“It needs at least two million!” said Professor Dong.

“How about this! Professor Dong, register the company in my name. I will be responsible for the funding, then I’ll hire Professor Dong as a consultant! I can give you a portion of the shares!” I replied.

“You have the money?” asked Professor Dong.

“Yes! My parents own a factory, so they can provide us with some of the money!” I said.

“Great! Great! I thought that we would have to give up on the research!” said Professor Dong. “Just leave the shares. However, if they research this topic successfully, I hope that you don’t casually sell the patent!”

“Naturally!” I said. “Then let’s leave it at that, I’ll go back and plan first!”

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After saying farewell to Professor Dong, I returned to my dorm. No matter what, my two bros had admitted me as boss, so I feel like I have to include them in all the good stuff!

Thus, I told them about starting up a company. I decided to start a new company and Professor Dong’s topic was just one of its projects. This company could be diversified, not only limited to computing, it can consider any projects with potential!

Chu Gao and Huang Wenjing were both very excited and expressed their willingness to join.

Thus, after thinking about it for a bit, I decided to let Chu Gao be the general manager since he had a better overview of things. Although Huang Wenjing was smart, it was mostly in computing, so I decided to let him be responsible for stuff to do with computers.

“Boss! I already registered the company!” Chu Gao handed a pile of documents to me.

“Mhmm, not bad!” I was very satisfied about Chu Gao’s efficiency in work!

“Boss, I thought of a project, hear it out! I heart that the school wanted to develop the street behind the University Town that Huaxia University newly built into a business street. I want to rent to buy a shop there in order to sell computers! You also know that it was very inconvenient for students at school to go and buy it from Zhongguang Village. Not only was there a lot of evil merchants, the quality couldn’t be assured either! We can establish a computer selling company that targeted students!” said Chu Gao. “This way, even if our research project doesn’t work out, we can ensure that the company has a stable income!”


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