Chapter 112 – Sullen Mood

At the same time, how could I wish for Liu Yue to be my sister! I couldn’t help but think of Duan Rong and Mu Yuanqing in “Demi Gods and Semi Devils”. Wasn’t it the same with our situation right now!

I caressed Liu Yue’s cheeks lightly and helped her wipe away the tears on her face, while saying in a worked-up manner, “I don’t want this either, however, in this world, some things are like this… We are not close relatives anymore, but after your grandpa finds out about this, he definitely would stop us.”

I felt a sense of helplessness. Ever since I returned to this world once again, I had faced no troubles with my knowledge of my previous life. I was able to get money and beauties easily. However, I finally noticed today that there were somethings that I couldn’t change. Even if I get reborn ten thousand times, the relationship between relatives could never be changed!

I wanted to stand up, but Liu Yue hugged me tightly and said painfully, “No! Just treat it as a dream, nothing happened after we wake up.”

I also understood in my heart, perhaps, this was the last intimate contact between Liu Yue and I… In the future, would Liu Zhenhai and my parents allow us to be together?

Although we could already be together by law, I can’t possibly speak about law in front of Liu Zhenhai! From the way Liu Zhenhai captured me before, speaking about the law with this fellow was just a dream.

Could Liu Yue and I possibly change his thoughts? He was someone that put a lot of importance on his face. Although Liu Yue and I were no longer close relatives, no matter what, we are of the same bloodline, how would the other Renowned Families view him? Would they mock him?

However, neither of us said it out. Both of us understood it clearly, yet we continued to play dumb.

During that night, Liu Yue and I maniacally asked for it. Sweat and tears soaked through our blankets, but we continued to maniacally ask for it.

We only fell asleep in each other’s arms when both of us completely lose all strength.

To my mental powers, I was able to recover my stamina very quickly, so I got up very early in the morning of the second day. As I watched Liu Yue, who was still asleep, I couldn’t help but have an impulsion to kiss her.

However, I forced myself not to do that, because I knew that from today onwards, she was my little sister.

I pulled over the blanket that Liu Yue kicked to the side and covered her properly.

I didn’t think that my movement would cause Liu Yue to wake up. It seems like this chick didn’t sleep too deeply. She opened her eyes and looked complicatedly at me.

However, at this moment, rationality already suppressed the desire in our heart. Both of us clearly understood that we could find an excuse for the previous night, but not for today.

“Hubby, it was the last time you didn’t get Weier-jiejie, them and I over. It seems like Liu Yue-memei is rather attractive!’ Zhao Yanyan pushed open the door and said with a giggle. However, she immediately felt that the atmosphere wasn’t right.

Liu Yue looked at me blankly with red eyes, while I also revealed an expression of helplessness and suffering.

“What is it, Liu Yue, did you and hubby get into a fight?” Zhao Yanyan hurriedly ran over.

I shook my head and pointed to the Liu family tree that was on the nightstand, “Have a look at it yourself!”

Zhao Yanyan picked up that family tree, then exclaimed with her mouth wide open after a few looks, “My god! This means that, you and Liu Yue… are actually real siblings!”

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“It’s… pretty much like that!” I had an extreme impulse to smoke at that moment, despite having quit smoking for many years.

“Why did it end up like this! No wonder our dad asked me so many times which Liu Zhenhai it was when I told him that you and Liu Yue were going to visit her grandpa, Liu Zhenhai. After I explained, he left with a sigh,” Zhao Yanyan thought about it and said.

“The situation is severe, I didn’t think it would be like this as well! Ever since a young age, I just never heard of these relatives!” I said helplessly.

“Could he have made a mistake? There are too many people with the same name in HUaxia!” Zhao Yanyan asked.

“It can’t be…” Liu Yue, who had stayed silent till now, spoke up. “I heard from grandpa before. He has an older brother that was chased out of the family by his father!”

It seems like this really was complicated. I sighed and said, “Yanyan, comfort Liu Yue first. The most important thing right now is to confirm with my dad!”

“Alright, go! I’m here!” Zhao Yanyan nodded.

I put on a large coat, then walked to my dad’s study with a heavy mind. I knocked on the door. Then, my dad’s voice rang out from within, “Come in, the door isn’t locked!”

I pushed open the door and found my dad smoking on the armchair. The ashtray on the table was also covered in cigarette buds. I looked at my dad again and saw his bloodshot eyes, it seems like he didn’t sleep well the entire night either!

“Dad, is the family tree you showed me real?” I asked anxiously.

My dad raised his head and pointed at the sofa on the side, “It’s real! Your grandpa left it for me back then!”

I smiled wryly, “No wonder Liu Yue said that they also have a box like this at home!”

“How do you plan to deal with this?” My dad asked.

“To be honest, I don’t know either!” I said with a sigh.

“What level of relationship did you reach with her?” My dad asked in a testing manner.

“The final step!” I shook my head, “Don’t you know your own son!”

“Ai! Blasphemy! I also guessed that, I only asked with a get-lucky mindset!” replied my dad.

“How could it be this much of a coincidence! Dad, I’ve never heard that I had such a second grandpa!” I asked.

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“Yes, you’ve never heard about it, even I don’t know much. Your grandpa has never told me about his family! I only heard a little bit here and there from your grandma’s words!” My dad replied. “The Liu family was a huge family before we were liberated. You can imagine how much power they had in the old society has a huge warlord. This sort of family would often ignore the feelings of their children. The marriage between children was just a chip for money and power in the hands of the elders!”

I nodded, actually wasn’t it just the same now! Liu Yue was supposed to be married into the Situ family like that!

“My father, who is also your grandpa, apparently was forced to marry a rich man’s daughter. Yet, your grandpa had already fallen deep in love with your grandma. Your grandma was just a mere civilian back then, so your grandpa’s family naturally disagreed with it! Your grandpa was also very determined, so he just left home in rage in order to be with your grandma, completely severing all ties with his family! That’s why, it could be said that we don’t have any real relationship with that Liu family anymore! According to the rules of the family, your grandpa was also chased out of the family!” My dad continued.

I never would have thought that my grandpa was also a spoony person when he was younger, he actually did such a shocking thing!


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