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Chapter 113 – Paying to get drunk in a bar

After this incident occurred, I didn’t have the mind to meet Liu Zhenhai or whatever. Liu Yue also returned to Yanjing city beforehand and continued to run her car shop. She passed along a word from Zhao Yanyan that, although she can’t be with me, she will no longer like anyone else. She will work hard to succeed the Liu family’s properties.

And I also passed along all of my shares of the car shop to Liu Yue. It was one of the only things I could do. This time, Liu Yue did not refuse.

However, we never met again.

Before everything was completely sorted, her and I could not meet. Although I wasn’t sure if I could make Liu Zhenhai change his mind, I know that the most favored thing for us right now was the law. The law still supported Liu Yue and I.

The only thing I needed to do was to convince Liu Zhenhai and my father.

When we returned to Yanjing city, my mind was still in chaos, so I would go to the bar every night and allow myself to be numbed by alcohol.

Every time I turn sober, I would be in terrible suffering, I had already fallen helplessly in love with Liu Yue.

However, everything and everything turned into a marriage, into a mere dream.

Meanwhile, Zhao Yanyan and co. also knew that I was in deep suffering, so they didn’t restrain me too much. Instead, they felt that allowing me to let myself go for a bit could relax my suppressed emotions.

“Young Master Liu came!” Pretty much all of the waiters in this bar knew me. In this period of time, I could come every day, and I was also very generous, so both the waiters and the owner was very courteous towards me.

This level of spending was a tiny amount towards me. I merely treated money as a number, since everyone was happy, there was no need to be so precise with everything.

“Five Maotai!” I said to the waiter.

“Sure, Young Master Liu!” The waiter answered easily.

I remember the exaggerated “you came to cause trouble” expression of the waitress in the bar when I came here the first time to order Maotai. However, when I threw out a pile of notes, her expression immediately turned to one of respect and coquettishness.

“Young Master Liu! Your alcohol tolerance… Normally you only drink two bottles…” The waiter brought five bottles of Maotai over. Since I was quite nice to them normally and gave them a good amount of tips, the waiter specifically reminded me.

“No problem! I’m in a good mood today!” I smiled. Liu Yue actually called me today, although it was just a plain courteous call, it still made me really happy.

I drank the bottles of Maotai in front of me one by one. Although I could drink a lot in my previous life and even have superpowers protecting me in this one, since I truly wanted to get drunk, I was able to within a short period of time.

“Liu Yue…” I repeated this name over and over again.

“Wang-ge, what do you think is up with Young Master Liu today, why did he drink so much!” The waiter that gave me the alcohol just now said to a man behind the bar.

“Lil’ Three, what are you afraid of, are you afraid of Young Master Liu not paying!” Wang-ge glared at him and said.

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“How could I, just who is Young Master Liu! How could he not pay, even if he drank too much and forgot, he could definitely bring back double!” said Lil’ Three. “I just feel like there is something wrong with Young Master Liu today, why did he drink five bottles all by himself! My god, how did he manage it! Wang-ge, do you think Young Master Liu is troubled?”

Hearing that, Wang-ge agreed. Young Master Liu was very nice to his business, every time he paid the bill, he would chuck over stacks of money without caring at all.

Wang-ge walked over by my side and stood there for a while before saying to Lil’ Three, “I think Young Master Liu seems to have broken up!” Wang-ge was someone that has experienced this, so he could naturally tell!

“Wang-ge, Young Master Liu is so sad, we have to help him!” said Lil’ Three.

“I know this as well, but how are we, two men, supposed to help him?” said Wang-ge.

“Say, Wang-ge, are you confused since you’re involved or what? Isn’t it just a woman! Aren’t they just like that! They feel the same in bed, there are so many escorts in our bar, isn’t it fine if we just get one to be with Young Master Liu!” said Lil’ Three.

“Could Young Master Liu get interested in our escorts?” Wang-ge shook his head. “The identity of Young Master Liu definitely isn’t simple, no matter how terrible of a situation he is in, he can’t possibly go and look for those kind of trash!”

“Wang-ge, did you forget, a Huaxia University’s student came to our bar today wanting to sell her first night!” Lil’ Three reminded.

“Oh yeah! I remember, then shouldn’t you quickly go and call her over!” Wang-ge nodded and said. “Only someone like her can be suitable for Young Master Liu!”

“But, Wang-ge, that girlie is too much, she wants fifty thousand!” Lil’ Three reminded.

“****! Are you ******* afraid of Young Master Liu not being able to afford it? Even if we have to pay it, I won’t say anything! Young Master Liu increased our revenue by several hundred thousand recently, so what if we treat it as honoring him!” Wang-ge kicked Lil’ Three and said. “Hurry up!”

I sense of coldness attacked me. When I moved my body lightly, I instantly felt something ice-cold pointing at my lower body!

“Don’t move!” A female voice passed into my ears. “If you move one more time, then I’ll be merciless!”

I struggled to open my eyes in confusion, what was going on? A beautiful young girl came into my sight, she was wearing very revealing clothes, and was unusually sexy. What shocked me the most was that this girl was actually holding a dagger as she scrapped across my lower body with it.

****, did I meet a female thief that only robs a man’s body? Although I was a bit handsome, but she didn’t have to do something so shocking if she wanted to bed me, right? Could she be the legendary queen-type person?

I tried my hardest to recall the situation just now. I was drinking in Old Wang’s bar, then since I drank too much, the waiter there, Lil’ Three, took me to a room to rest. Then I don’t remember. Why was I stripped naked after waking up.

However, I am someone that have experienced a variety of things. I thought about it briefly then called down and said to the girl in front of me, while starting at her, “What do you want to do?”

“You’re pretty calm! I didn’t think that this lady would meet a powerful opponent the first time I come out!” The young girl said as she scrapped my lower body with the dagger in her hands.

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Hearing her words, could it be the first time this female thief is committing a crime? ****, why am I so unlucky, I even managed to meet her first time!

“Say, comrade chivalrous woman, you better put the murder weapon in your hands away, I still have four wives at home. If your hand shakes, then wouldn’t all my wives have to be alone for the rest of their lives?” I made a joke that was somewhat real in order to loosen the atmosphere. Although I had my superpowers protecting me, I can’t use my **** to fight against a knife, right?


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