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Chapter 111 – Thunder on a Sunny Day

Chen Weier’s parents already found out about Zhao Yanyan’s matter. Although they were very angry at the start, they came around and thought that it wasn’t a big deal. At least their daughter was happy now and was in a better spot than being married to that Yu Gang. After Chen Tianlei’s guidance about how the upper class was like that, they also calmed down.

What made them happy was that the “real girlfriend” did not shun their daughter. Instead, their relationship was like that of sisters. This was the most important. What does a title count as. What’s more, their daughter was not an existence like other mistresses or concubines, she was recognized by both of their parents, even if they can’t get the marriage certificate in the future, they would be able to have lots of descendants.

Liu Yue and I decided on the fifth day of Chinese New Year to visit her grandfather, Liu Zhenhai. Although I was unwilling, I still had to face it eventually. I always had a conflicted feeling about Liu Zhenhai in my heart, causing me to be very uncomfortable.

On the night of the fourth day of Chinese New Year, my dad walked over with a serious expression while I was chatting with the four girls in the living room. He stared at Liu Yue for a while, before saying weirdly, “Liu Zhenhai is your grandfather?”

“Yes dad, hubby and I are going to visit him together tomorrow!” Liu Yue was a bit confused by the question, but she still replied.

My dad’s expression turned even weirder as he clenched his teeth, then finally sighed and said to me, “Come with me!”

I was a bit confused by my father’s expression, he was fine in the morning, why did he turn like this at night? However, I didn’t think anything of it, my dad was a bit weird like this at times.

I followed behind my dad to the study. There, he opened the book shelf and took down a sandalwood box, which he handed to me and said, “Take a look when you have time!”

I returned to the living room in confusion, while holding the sandalwood box, then saw Zhao Yanyan walk over with a giggle. She was holding a fruit plate in her hands with four cards on it. Just as I wanted to ask her about it, she said, “I ask for master to flip a card!”

I momentarily blanked, then immediately laughed loudly, “What are the four of you doing. Weier, as the older sister, why are you letting Yanyan mess around.”

“We aren’t messing around, I discussed with the sisters just now, it’s time to decide on some rules. Flipping over a card every night will be one of it!” said Zhao Yanyan.

“Ha, it’s just like lottery!” I casually picked up a card, then said a “Yue” written on it. Seeing that, I instantly knew that it represented Liu Yue.

“Okay now, Liu Yue-meimei, quickly go and bath in order to serve hubby in bed!” Zhao Yanyan pushed the embarrassed Liu Yue in front of me with a giggle.

“Yanyan-jie, you guys have to come over to help me tonight, I can’t handle… by myself!” Liu Yue said quietly beside Zhao Yanyan, but I was able to hear everything.

Thus, Liu Yue and I was pushed into the bedroom like a newly wedded couple being pushed into the nuptial chamber.

“Hubby, I want you to date me, okay?” After a period of intense action, Liu Yue said coquettishly as she laid on me. Just now, this chick was determined to be on top, but due to the lack of techniques, she ended up panting a lot…

“Date? Hehe, aren’t we dating?” I chuckled.

“It’s not the same! Sometimes, I feel like I’m kind of a failure as a person. Being so old, I still don’t know what it’s like to date. I’m talking about going to watch movies or shop with the person I like…” Liu Yue said wishfully.

“Sure, when we get back to Yanjing city, I’ll accompany you for a few days. It’ll be just the two of us without anyone else!” I said.

“We aren’t bringing Yanyan-jie and them?” Liu Yue asked.

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“Nope!” I said.

“Thank you, hubby!” Liu Yue kissed me.

“I’m so tired!” Liu Yue complained, “I feel more comfortable laying on the bed letting you do it.”

“Then let’s change!” I hugged Liu Yue and rolled around on the bed.

“Be careful, don’t hurt me…” Liu Yue said quietly.

“Oh, what is this?” Liu Yue suddenly pointed to the sandalwood box I casually through at the edge of the bed and asked.

“I don’t know, my dad gave it to me just now. I don’t know why he was so mysterious today!” I chuckled.

“Grandpa also has one of these boxes in the study, let’s open it and have a look? It might be a family treasure!” Liu Yue snatched the box over.

“Let’s look at it after we finish!” I said.

“No, finish looking, then do it!” said Liu Yue.

“Okay, how about this, let’s do it while we’re looking!” I compromised.

“Mhmm, let’s do just that!” said Liu Yue.

“I thought it was something nice, it’s just a crappy piece of paper!’ Liu Yue said after opening the box. “Boring… Yi, why is grandpa’s name on this piece of paper?”

“What grandpa’s name?” I causally answered since I was frustrated that Liu Yue and I didn’t finish our business.

“My grandpa Liu Zhenhai! Who is this Liu Zhenjiang?” Liu Yue pointed to the name on the paper and asked.

“That’s my grandpa, he passed away when I was young,” I said.

“Ah!” Liu Yue shuddered after hearing that, then exclaimed. “Impossible! What’s going on! I don’t believe this!”

I instantly freaked, and my lust was drowsed quite a bit. I received the paper in Liu Yue’s hands and took a look. The words “Liu Family Tree” was written clearly on it.

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On the ninth generation of the family tree, Liu Zhenhai and Liu Zhenjiang’s name were written. They were brothers!

Liu Zhenjiang was my grandpa, Liu Zhenhai is my grandpa’s younger brother! I was actually my grandpa’s younger brother!

My brain instantly went boom, turning completely blank!

How was this possible? I have never heard my family mention this? There was a period of time when my family was in poverty in my previous life, I did not hear them mention that we had such a rich relative, how did such a second grandpa pop up in this lifetime?

If it was like that, then Liu Yue… She should be my cousin!

Why was it like this! Liu Yue and I were actually relatives!

I was actually doing this sort of stuff on the bed with my younger sister!

Liu Yue looked at me a bit blankly, completely unlike the calm, strong and collected woman she normally was. She said with a trembling voice, “Hubby… The two of us…”

I also smiled wryly. I didn’t know whether it was true or not, but if it was really, it was no better than thunder on a sunny day.

Actually, technically speaking, Liu Yue and I were no longer relatives. That was because only relatives within three generations of each other cannot marry by law, Liu Yue and I were already at the fourth generation, so we were allowed to be together by law.

However, the main problem was that would Liu Zhenhai, the family head of this large family, allow this to happen? Can he tolerate the comments within the family? This was what I was most worried about.

“I don’t want to be your younger sister! I love you, hubby!” Tears dropped from Liu Yue’s eyes as they pierced into my heart.

I finally understood my father’s weird expression, so that was it!


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