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Chapter 110 – The New Year

Our family ate the Chinese New Year Eve dinner as we chatted happily. My mom did not go deep on my issue, since the people involved didn’t say anything, there was no need for her to worry!

However, as a parent, she felt that she still needed to remind them. Thus, she said, “Leilei, I won’t say too much about your issues. Young people are free to love! However, have you considered the things about the future? These girls can’t just follow you for a lifetime just like this, right? How do you want to settle them? After all, our country’s law only allows monogamy!”

This was precisely an issue I had in my heart, to be honest, this was also my greatest trouble. I already promise Zhao Yanyan that if I get married, the position of the legal wife would definitely be hers, but what about other people?

Just as I was troubled, Chen Weier spoke up, “Mom, we don’t care about this. As long as we can be with hubby, that is enough! Let him marry Yanyan-jie, we won’t get jealous!”

I looked towards Chen Weier thankfully. However, I finally made it through for now. Yet, this problem will need to be faced sooner or later. Worst come to worst, I’ll just use money to buy another nationality. This was also the solution when I have no other solutions.

On the first day of the lunar new year, Zhao Yanyan and I visited my father-in-law and subordinate, Zhao Junsheng. When he saw Zhao Yanyan and I get back to how we were before, he was very happy. He drove us to Grandpa Zhao’s family to eat dinner together that evening and decided to drink till we’re all drunk. However, I faced an unexpected guest in Grandpa Zhao’s home.

This person was Ye-bobo, Ye Xiaoxiao’s father. Although he didn’t know of the relationship between Ye Xiaoxiao and I, it was hard to avoid it being awkward when we met. I pretended like I didn’t mind at all when I asked about Ye Xiaoxiao’s situation. Ye-bobo wasn’t too clear, he merely said that Ye Xiaoxiao was studying her masters in Yanjing city. She had returned for a few days before Chinese New Year, but then left, since she said that there was someone she was worried about in Yanjing city.

Hearing that, I felt a sourness in my heart, did Ye Xiaoxiao’s heart belong to someone now? I couldn’t help but shake my head and exclaim silently in my heart. Liu Lei, Liu Lei! Go you think you’re Casanova? Although you and Ye Xiaoxiao felt affable about one another back then, it has long since passed, and you had brought her so much damage. Since she decided to avoid you, it means that it is impossible between the two of you now!

Yet, deep in my heart, another voice said, that’s impossible, Ye Xiaoxiao said it very clearly in the note that she left behind, she will be back! It’s just that the time is not right.

As I was thinking about so much stuff, I couldn’t help but drink a few more glasses. Zhao Junsheng originally had the intention of getting us drunk, so he kept on encouraging me to drink. Since my heart was in chaos, I naturally did not refuse, causing me to drink until I don’t even know what I drank.

I could only heart Zhao Junsheng praise himself in front of Auntie Hui (Zhao Junsheng’’s wife), “I told you this brat, Liu Lei, is a gold mine back then! It seems like I do have the forethought to notice it! I have been doing business and investing my entire life, but my most strategic and thoughtful investment was marrying Yanyan to him! Haha!”

I replied while I was in a blur, Uncle Zhao, you truly are shameless in your speech. I already xo’d your daughter before knowing you! Now you’re saying the work was done by you. When I think back to me in your office, you scared, tricked and lied to me. It was fortunate that laozi have a lot of experience, otherwise, I really would have been tricked.

On the second day of Chinese New Year, I visited Chen Weier’s parents with a dizzy mind. I saw Chen Tianlei and Chen Zelong who had come to visit in Chen Weier’s home. The brat Chen Zelong had gotten much more down to earth, as he kept on calling me brother-in-law.

I used the chance to ask him about how his media company was going as well. I didn’t think that Chen Zelong might not be capable in other matters, but he truly was talented in this matter.

They say that the entertainment industry is chaotic and messed up, but this brat actually got rather successful.

Of course, the entertainment world is related to the underworld, so, the Three Rock Media and Culture Development Limited did quickly stabilize partly due to the relationship in the Three Rock Gang.

A lot of famous directors couldn’t help but give Chen Zelong face. In the words of the people in the industry – Three Rock Media is very powerful! If you offend them, then you might disappear from this planet.

Of course, this was just an exaggeration, but the Three Rock Gang’s name couldn’t help but make those people that wished to go against Three Rock Media re-evaluate themselves.

I found out through the conversation with Chen Zelong that Three Rock Media was preparing to shoot a sci-fi and mythological masterpiece called “Fishman Legends”. The story idea could be said as perfect, if the advertisement was done to point, it might even become a sci-fi film that was comparable to “Superman”.

Chen Zelong named a few people for the female lead. I took a look and saw that Su Yingzi was included in it. It seems like this chick’s pure image was very popular with the media.

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I knew that this was a chance. If this movie was successful, then Su Yingzi might very well become an Oscar-winning actress. Her career would also reach a new height.

“Just use Su Yingzi for the female lead!” I pointed onto the list on and said. “Also, restrain your subordinates a bit, don’t try anything with her!”

I knew that there were a lot of unspoken rules in the entertainment industry, especially when it came to people like Chen Zelong, that always wanted to take advantage of the female celebrities, so I gave him a warning beforehand.

The corner of Chen Zelong’s mouth revealed a lewd smile, “Don’t worry, brother-in-law! I understand!”

Sometimes, a conversation between two men were that simple. The other person was able to understand your intentions with just a few words. It seems like Chen Zelong was someone that could be considered to have potential.

“Leave it to Shuguang for the 3D effects. They are top notch when it comes to animations and 3D effects,” I said.

“We also think that as well, but we don’t have any connections with Shuguang. You also know that what I do is enough to handle the people in the entertainment industry, but an international company like Shuguang doesn’t care about this. Going illegal with them is equal to asking to die!” After this period of training, Chen Zelong had already matured a lot, he saw things a lot clearly and was not that arrogant young master he originally was before.

“Hehe, you still don’t know? The person you hit that time was the Shuguang Corporation’s Director Zhao’s daughter!” I chuckled.

“Ah?” Thinking back, Chen Zelong did recall that someone had said it at the time, it’s just that he didn’t treat it as an actual issue. After staying in the mainland for a period of time, he finally understood how powerful is Shuguang Corporation. He also got afraid silently afterwards about how he definitely would end up worse than he was if Shuguang truly wanted to take revenge on him!

“Alright now, don’t worry, no matter what, we’re a family now. That father-in-law of mine will not cause trouble for you due to this, I’ll help you deal with this,” I patted Chen Zelong’s shoulders and said.

Chen Zelong was both respectful and afraid of his brother-in-law at the moment, so he quickly nodded in an understanding manner.


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