Chapter 11 – Heart Throb

“The people in the family all practice the martial arts that our ancestor passed down, although it’s not the kind of flying and walking on walls, it still allows us to strengthen our bodies,” Ouyang Tianqi thought that since he plans to get this guy into his family, there really wasn’t much of a need to hide it, so he revealed his background, since this isn’t any core secret and would be known sooner or later. Huang Wenjing already knew it ages ago.

“Six Renowned Families?” I momentarily blanked and said it! I remember when I got on the wrong side of that Liu Zhenhai, Jiang Yongfu had once said to me that their Liu family is the Liu family of Huaxia’s Six Renowned Families. Was Ouyang Tianqi’s family once of the Six Renowned families?

“You… know about us, the Six Renowned Families?” Ouyang Tianqi momentarily blanked after hearing me say the name, since very few normal people in Huaxia knew about the Six Renowned Families.

“En, I know a bit about them,” I said. “I’m from Songjiang, and got into some conflict with the local Liu family, so I do have some knowledge of the Six Renowned Families.”

“Sonjiang’s Liu Family?” Ouyang Tianqi said. “You got in trouble with them?”

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“It’s nothing much, it’s just that his grandson pissed me up, so I beat him until he became disabled, then that geezer from the Liu family went to talk with me, and when he couldn’t beat me, he took out the guns. Thank god my reaction was quick, so I ran away, otherwise I might have died there,” I said.

Ouyang Tianqi was exclaimed to himself, this isn’t anything much? You caused his grandson to become disabled! However, Ouyang Tianqi was also rather confused, although the Liu family has fallen a lot these past years, they wouldn’t let the people that offended them off so easily! Furthermore, just how much intelligence and courage would be needed to easily run away when facing guns! It looks like his roommate was definitely something! Ouyang Tianqi became even more determined to pull this person to his side in order to help with his business in the future.

“Although this has already passed, you should still be a bit more careful, Huaxia University also have people from the Liu family here!” Ouyang Tianqi said.

“Hehe, no problem, people from their family probably forgot about me already!” I said without care.

Ouyang Tianqi didn’t reply. Only after a while, did he finally ask hesitantly, “Laosan, what does your family do?” This was what Ouyang Tianqi wanted to know most, he felt like his roommate seemed to have a great family background, even his speech and actions were not of commoners! If his family really has some power, then that would be very beneficial to his own family in the future!

“Oh, my dad opened a factory back home, my mom’s also in the factory,” I said plainly.

Ouyang Tianqi nodded, his family must have some money if they opened their own factory, but he was a bit disappointed, since his family does not seem too influential. However, Ouyang Tianqi didn’t’ mind that much, if his (Liu Lei’s) family was very powerful, how could they set their eyes on his own! Only people without background would be roped in by his own family.

The two of us then chatted randomly about the school before we arrived at the entrance to Huaxia University’s canteen. I couldn’t be any more familiar with here, I, who was really poor in my previous life, pretty much ate in the canteen for every single meal!

“Oh yeah, do you have a meal card?” I asked awkwardly. Due to the damn fat-*** yesterday, I forgot to get my meal card, and only remembered after I arrived at the canteen entrance.

“Yep! Did you not get it done? Then just use mine for now!” Ouyang Tianqi took out a Huaxia University’s meal card from his jacket pocket and said.

As I looked at the meal card in Ouyang Tianqi’s hand, I thought back to the distant university era, and myself, who was once self-abased! The same me that didn’t dare to confess to Zhao Yanyan.

Then I thought back to myself in middle school, as well as the reasons that caused my self-abasement…

I shook my head, although these seemed like distant things, they were still buried at the depths of my heart. I had once intentionally tried to forget it, yet the result of it was renewing those thoughts.

“Situ-dage, don’t be like this…” Just as I was in deep thoughts, a voice sleeping in my memories rang out beside my ear.

I shuddered while my mind turned completely blank!

How is this possible! Impossible! I studied in Huaxia University for four years in my previous life, this person did not appear here!

Ever since I was reborn, coincidences continuously happened beside me!

Within the underworld, Yama was sitting in front of a large screen, drinking alcohol. He smiled as he looked at what was happening to his sworn brother in the world of the living.

“Yama-daren, this time, it was done as you ordered as well!” A xiaogiu said.

“En, alright! You can leave” Yama waved his hand. “Haha! It really is such a shame if this relationship was missed!”

“What are you afraid of, bofu already put you in my care!” A male voice said.

“Yet, I have always treated you as a dagege!” said the female voice.

“Xiao Ting, you know I have always liked you!” The male voice said.

It’s her! It really is her! My heart was in chaos… I had thought that I forgot it all, yet, I never would have thought that this person would appear in front of me once more, causing the scenes back then to appear so vividly in front of my eyes.

I turned my head back and look at the face that has once appeared in my dreams. She was even more beautiful now.

She clearly saw me as well as her body shuddered, then she unnaturally moved away from the boy beside her.

“Xiao Ting, what happened?” The boy beside the girl looked at the girl in confusion.

However, the girl didn’t care about him, she only looked at me with a hint of sadness.

“How are you…” Since my personality had changed a lot, I recovered from the shock very quickly and said sadly.

The girl looked at me without saying anything. She only sighed softly, then shook her head.

“Xiao Ting, who is this person? Why haven’t I seen him before?” Seeing that the girl was ignoring him, the boy asked a bit angrily.

“Situ-dage, he is my middle school classmate,” The girl said with a lost expression. “Go and eat first.”

The boy called Situ-dage looked towards me, then seeing Ouyang Tianqi, who was beside me, he snorted, “Xiao Ting, don’t get in contact with these two people, they aren’t anything good!”

“Situ-dage, don’t say that! He is my classmate!” The girl frowned happily.

Before I said anything, Ouyang Tianqi, who was beside me, got annoyed first and pointed at the boy, “Situ Liang, what did you say? Did I offend you?”

Situ Liang clearly didn’t think much of Ouyang Tianqi, he just glared at him and snorted.


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