Chapter 12 – Middle school memories

After the snort, Situ Liang looked at Ouyang Tianqi in contempt and said, “What are you saying, am I wrong? You’re just the successor of a fallen family, heh!”

“You!” Ouyang Tianqi chocked in anger, if his family didn’t specifically tell him not to get in conflict with people from other families, Ouyang Tianqi would have rushed up and beaten Situ Liang to a pulp already.

“Xiao Ting, let’s leave quickly!” Situ Liang glared at us proudly and said.

“Situ-dage, he really is a classmate I haven’t seen for many years!” The girl said anxiously.

“Xiao Ting, you’re not going to listen to me? Bofu put you in my care and told you to listen to me!” Situ Liang used his ace.

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“But…” The girl still wanted to say something, but was pulled over by Situ Liang.

The girl frowned and broke free of Situ Liang’s grasp, then said, “Fine, I’ll go with you!”

With that, taking the chance that Situ Liang didn’t react, she quickly said beside my year, “My phone number is 135xxxx1234!”

While I was still blanking out, the girl was long gone.

“Laosan! Laosan!” Only after Ouyang Tianqi called for me beside my ear for a long while did I return to my senses. At that moment, the figures of the two people have already disappeared.

“What is it, laosan? You… And her…?” Ouyang Tianqi looked at me strangely and asked.

“Nothing… It’s just a classmate I haven’t seen for many years,” I shook my head as my expression returned to normal and replied plainly.

“Classmate?” Ouyang Tianqi found it really weird, he thought to himself, it shouldn’t be just classmates. However, he didn’t think too much into it, since it’s Liu Lei’s private business, there was no need to find out about everything. Thus, he didn’t say much more as we walked into the canteen.

Ouyang Tianqi’s appetite was truly amazing, he ordered a bowl of plain porridge and five meat buns. However, most people that have morning training had great appetite, I was like that normally as well, but my mood was rather sullen today. I didn’t know what was with me. I had thought that this person was only a passerby in my life, even at the moment that I died in my previous life, I didn’t’ think of her. Yet, meeting her just now had caused an unnatural feeling to swell up in my heart.

I spent my middle school life in a terrible school.

I was that kind of student who wasn’t well versed at speaking, and was even a bit introverted. I didn’t have much good friends, nor much bad friends. Basically, it was no difference to anyone whether I was there a lot!

At the time, the person sitting in front of me was a very pretty girl, she was that sort of little princess from a rich family, and had many pursuers. Although I had a crush on her, I was truly too normal, I was so normal that I was like a droplet of water in the ocean!

That’s why I didn’t have any actual thoughts about her, I did understand what I was made of.

Yet, I don’t know why, some sort of coincidence connected us together!

Her name was Yu Ying, she’s also the girl I met once again at the entrance of the canteen.

I remember that it was a certain day after school, I prepared to go home after swiftly packing up my things just like any other day. However, I got called by the class tutor to get scolded in the staff office just when I got to the door! I don’t remember the exact details, but it was essentially about my grades. The entire talk lasted for nearly half an hour, and when I left the school gates, aside from a few people on duty for some classes that haven’t finished their work, the entire school was pretty much emptied on anyone.

On my journey home, a loud roar suddenly sounded out from the alleyway beside the school, “Today, no one from your home that has come to get you is here! Let’s see who else will help you!”

“Huang Guodong, what exactly are you going!” A girl yelled fearlessly.

I listened carefully. The girl was actually Yu Ting! Although I didn’t have the personality of a busybody, towards the girl I had a crush on, I still had that bit of curiosity! Thus, I walked towards the alleyway without anyone noticing. There, I saw a tall and muscular boy, wearing the uniform of the First Middle School, with a mushroom hairstyle.

The First Middle School was a infamous delinquent school in Songjiang, the students there smoked, drank, fought, *****, robbed, gambled, the only things they didn’t do were kill and commit arson! The boy in front of me was clearly a delinquent of delinquents! Although most of the students in the First Middle School were anyone good, they still dressed rather like a student since the parents and teachers were restraining them! Yet, the person in front of me actually had a mushroom hairstyle! So, he was either held back in school or about to be kicked out!

“What am I doing? Yu Ting, I pursued you for so long, I’ve written no less than a hundred love letters, even if you are a rock, you should be moved, right?” Zhang Guodong said.

“Sorry, my family doesn’t allow me date!” Yu Ting said.

“Doesn’t allow? Heng! It’s just an excuse, right! Out of the middle schoolers that are dating, how many is permitted by the family? Aren’t they still together!!” Zhang Guodong snorted.

“That’s right! Then just treat it as an excuse! The real reason is that I don’t like you,” Yu Ting said.

“****!” Zhang Guodong’s expression became extremely terrible, but he still forcefully suppressed his anger and said, “Yu Ying, consider it a bit more! I am the big boss of First Middle School, which means that I’m the big boss of all schools in Songjiang, if you follow me, then you live will be extravagant, and as cool as you want!”

“I’m having a great life now! Thank you for your good will!” Yu Ting said coldly, there was even a bit of contempt in her words.

I found it natural for Yu Ting to have this sort of reaction! Yu Ting’s family condition was great, it could be said that they were very rich! Therefore, Zhang Guodong’s conditions that seemed amazing, wasn’t anything in Yu Ting’s eyes! Most importantly, I remember someone else telling me that Yu Ting’s father was Yu Ruizhong! And who is Yu Ruizhong? The number one person in the underworld of Songjiang city at the same.

As I expected, Zhang Guodong’s expression turned sullen after hearing that, “Yu Ting, don’t nomt take face when given it! I, Zhang Guodong, have never pursued any woman by putting myself so low! You are the first!”

Seeing that Zhang Guodong actually got angry, Yu Ting got rather worried! Since she was a girl, no matter how powerful her family was, she is still alone right now! Yu Ting looked around, and saw that there wasn’t anyone else in the alleyway!

“What do you want…” Yu Ting’s voice become a loud softer.

“What? Haha! I’m telling you, today you have to accept whether you like it or not!” Zhang Guodong roared with red eyes. “I’ll make you become my woman today, then, would I be afraid of you not giving in!”

With that, Zhang Guodong rushed over.

Yu Ting was shocked, how was she supposed to know that Zhang Guodong’s ******* instincts would take over, causing her to be terrified! She yelled frantically, “What are you doing!”

“Do what? You’ll see soon enough!” With that, Zhang Guodong leaped towards Yu Ting.


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