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Chapter 109 – Red Envelope

Only after something happened to Zhao Yanyan did I value the people around me even more. This was also why I accepted Liu Yue and Yu Ting so quickly. If time can flow backwards, I definitely wouldn’t make this sort of low leveled mistakes. However, the heavens already gave me a chance for rebirth, how could it give me a second chance!

When everyone arrived at entrance to my family’s mansion, I got Du Xiaowei and his subordinates to find a hotel to stay in, then told him that I have some business to take care of, so I’ll call them later. Then I also reminded them that they must hide the guns well, otherwise, if it was found, even if they are related to me, it isn’t going to be good.

Red Eagle smiled and opened the back door of the Jinbei, then pointed at a pile of metallic parts, “Mr. Liu, if I say that these are car parts, would someone believe it?”

These brats did move pretty fast. I nodded in satisfaction, then looked at Du Xiaowei with a praising gaze. It seems like the disciples that he instructed as an instructor really aren’t normal!

“Hubby, we’re a bit nervous!” Yu Ting and Liu Yue said worriedly as they held hands.

“Liu Yue, this isn’t like you normally! Where did the collected, bright and strong woman go?” I teased.

“But that’s different! How am I still some sort of strong woman, I’m just your little mistress, your legal wife is right there, what place do we have!” Liu Yue deliberately said like she was wronged.

“That won’t happen!” Zhao Yanyan walked over and held Liu Yue and Yu Ting’s hands. “Uncle and Auntie are really nice, they won’t trouble you guys!”

“But I’m still really nervous!” said Yu Ting.

“No problem, you can ask Chen Weier about that. When she first came, she was also very nervous, isn’t she fine now!” I laughed.

“Hubby, you’re making fun of me! I’m not coming anymore!” Chen Weier pouted with a blush.

“Aren’t you just setting an example for your two little sisters!” I said. Then, I rang our home’s doorbell.

Actually, I was also very nervous in my heart. I was afraid that my parents would say something over the line and hurt Yu Ting and Liu Yue. They didn’t do any wrongs. Liking a person and being with him was all natural, but most importantly, they all like the same person.

My parents already forcefully accepted Chen Weier, and now there’s two more. I really didn’t know what I should do. However, since we’re already at the entrance, we’ll just force our way through! There’s always going to be a way, so we’ll just see.

Not long later, the door opened and my mom came out.

“Mom, Happy Chinese New Year!” Zhao Yanyan ran over intimately and said as she leaped into my mom’s arms.

My mom immediately smiled brightly when she said “mom”. She smiled and said, “Yanyan, you finally came back. Mom missed you so much! That ****** brat Liu Lei didn’t bully you, right?” With that, she gazed at the girls behind me. After which, her expression immediately turned sullen. Did he say that there was just one more? Why is there two more?

Since Zhao Yanyan had the intention of helping me out, she jumped out form my mom’s embrace and said, “Mom, hubby is really nice to us! He can’t value me anymore, just don’t worry! Oh yeah, let me introduce you, you know Weier-jiejie, so I won’t introduce you!”

“Mom, happy Chinese New Year!” Chen Weier also walked over to my mom’s side and intimately held her hand.

“Good! Good! Weier grew taller again. Hehe, that brat, Liu Lei, he doesn’t find it enough with just the two of you. He still went out to be a playful. The girlie, Yanyan, messes around, but you, as an older sister, should control the brat, Liu Lei, more!” said my mom.

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Seeing Liu Yue and Yu Ting, who were very nervous, I quickly gave Zhao Yanyan a cue.

Zhao Yanyan understood my meaning and continued, “Mom, this is Liu Yue, she’s a good from of Yanyan from primary school all the way to university! This is Yu Ting, speaking of which, she’s Liu Lei’s first love, even I’m a third wheel! Hehe!”

“Yanyan-jie…” Yu Ting said thankfully. She had thought that Zhao Yanyan would exclude her a lot, she never would have imagined that Zhao Yanyan was so nice, and would never bully her.

Hearing Zhao Yanyan say that, my mom let out a sigh and said, “Yanyan, you’re too loose with Liu Lei!” Then she turned around and said to Yu Ting and Liu Yue, “Both of you are Liu Lei’s classmates, right? Ai! This isn’t your fault, I know you’re both good girls, I can see that from you being able to get into Huaxia University. Since you girls can live together nicely, then I won’t say anything as an elder.”

Zhao Yanyan gave Yu Ting and Liu Yue a cue, then said quietly, “Quickly call mom!”

“Mom!” Liu Yue and Yu Ting said together with a blush.

“Good! Good! You’re all my good daughters-in-law. Here’s a red envelope each! Everybody has one!” With that, she took out four red envelopes from her pocket and handed one to everyone.

The four girls did not lack money, but the meaning behind this red envelope was different, so all of them received it excitedly then bowed towards my mom, “Thank you, popo!”

Then, all of them carefully put the red envelopes in their pockets.

I really suspect that they actually practiced this beforehand.

“Mom, where’s my red envelope?” I said with a troubled expression.

“Yours? There isn’t anymore!” said my mom.

“I used to have it every year before!” I still didn’t give up. Although I didn’t care about it, all of the four girls had one, so if I didn’t, that truly is embarrassing!

“Yeah, you were supposed to this year as well, but who let you add an extra person in last minute, so I gave yours out!” My mom replied innocently.

I sweat! This really is trouble brought upon myself! I finally had a taste of my own medicine.

February 15th 1999, it was Chinese New Years eve.

All four girls took the initiative to help my mom in the kitchen to prepare the dinner. Actually they didn’t have to do much since the servants in our home already did all of it. However, cooking was a woman’s instinct, so they all wanted to go and join in.

Not long later, a large table full of dishes was prepared.

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My dad looked at the table full of people, then couldn’t help but exclaim quietly, “Liu Lei! It’s not good if you continue like this, should we change this table to a larger one next year?”

My dad’s words caused me to blush, but since some things have already happened, I can no longer stop it.

“Say, Liu Lei, I heard Yanyan say that you seem to still have someone outside, right?” My mom said with a sullen expression. “What exactly do you want to do? You already have so many beautiful and good girls, do you still not have enough?”

“Mom, I can’t help it!” I said forcefully.

“I don’t care, I’m telling you, if you add any more, I won’t welcome them next year!” My mom said.

I know that my mom was just saying things, if there was a few more, my mom wouldn’t be able to harden her heart to kick them out.

Zhao Yanyan giggled when she saw me. In response to this, I could only pretend like I didn’t see her.

“Mom! Just don’t scold Liu Lei now, actually I have responsibilities as well. He has my permission!” said Zhao Yanyan.

Seeing Zhao Yanyan like that, my mom could only sigh and said, “It’s just because that you’re too loose with him that he is doing whatever he wants!”


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