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Chapter 108 – Another Yellow Lamborghini

Du Xiaowei and I got of the car. Due to what happened just now, Du Xiaowei continued to remain vigilant in fear of some other accidents happening. On the other hand, I was very relaxed.

Yellow Lamborghini! It actually was a yellow Lamborghini!

The Lamborghini’s entire rear was dented by a Hummer!

A familiar past event suddenly popped up in my mind. I had once bought Fatty Wu’s older sister, Wu Yingying a car like that. We haven’t met for a long time. At that time, there was only one car like hers in the entire Songjiang city. I wonder how she is now. However, it can’t be that coincidental, right?

When I walked closer to have a look, I couldn’t help but be shocked. It really was the chick Wu Yingying!

At that moment, Wu Yingying had her hands on her waist as she was arguing with a young man with sunglasses on.

“Tell me what you’re going to do after crashing my car like this!” Wu Yingying pointed at the young man and shouted.

“****, big sis, you suddenly braked on the road, do you think my car is a transformer? Who can actually react?” said the young man.

“Didn’t you see the light turn in front? Do you think you’re amazing just because you’re driving a Hummer? A Hummer can just casually hit anyone?” Wu Yingying said while pointing to the traffic lights.

“I didn’t hit you, didn’t I hit the car! Alright, big sis, I’ll submit, how much is it, I’ll compensate you!” The young man said with a clench of his teeth.

“Compensate me! Hmmph! Can you afford it? Do you know how important this car is to me? This is a car that was given to me by someone very important to me!” WU Yingying said, while pitifully caressing the body of the Lamborghini.

“…!” The young man was speechless. “Big sis, aren’t you trying to blackmail me. Then tell me, what do you think I should do!”

“I… I don’t care! You broke my car, you have to give me justice!” said Wu Yingying. Then she took a glance at the Hummer’s car plate. It actually was a police plate! What’s more, it was a garrison one. Thus, Wu Yingying argued loudly, “Can a police just randomly hit other people’s cars!”

“****, miss, didn’t I said that I would compensate you for the car? Just stop yelling!” The young man already felt helpless.

At this moment, the traffic police had arrived as well. When he saw the hummer and the young man, he immediately said respectfully, “Isn’t this Young Master Jiang, what happened?”

The young man immediately straightened his face, “Don’t say stuff like this during work. It’s nothing, just a small accident!”

“This traffic police, look at him, he broke the law as a police and crashed my car. You have to give me justice!” Wu Yingying said without giving up.

“I’ll telling you, what are you screaming for. Do you know who this is. He is Director Jiang’s son. I’m telling you, be careful of me arresting you for slander!” The traffic police said with a snort.

“Alright, try it, arrest me quickly!” With that, Wu Yingying took out an identification document and waved it in front of the traffic police. “I’m telling you. Your grandaunt, I, am a soldier in service, a lieutenant. Just try and arrest me!”

The traffic police immediately didn’t know what to say. He had wanted to scare this girl, but he didn’t think that she was someone powerful too.

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The young man called Young Master Jiang glared at the traffic police very angrily and said, “It isn’t any of your business here. Do what you’re supposed to be doing. You actually made things worse, you don’t know this missy, but I have heard of her ages ago! She has messed with half of the young masters in Songjiang city! However, I heard that she doesn’t care much about money, I don’t know what happened today, actually making her be so relentless with me!”

“What are you muttering for?” asked Wu Yingying.

“Nothing, nothing!” replied the traffic police. At the same time, he thought to himself that he really kissed *** at the wrong place, so he should quickly leave!

Hearing the traffic police say that, I recalled as I stood on the side, no wonder this brat looked so familiar, it was actually Jiang Yongfu’s son, Jiang Qi.

It seems like I have to stand out today. Firstly to instantly deal with the grudge between them, the second was because I still needed to go back home for Chinese New Year!

I walked over and stood behind Wu Yingying, then said softly, “Isn’t it just a car! It’s fine if it breaks, I’ll just bring you to buy a new one!”

“And what are you supposed to be! Do you think that your grandaunt, I, can’t afford it? This car has an insane amount of meaning for me…” Wu Yingying was extremely angry, and since someone actually dared to butt into her business, she immediately turned around to shout at the person that had just arrived. She didn’t think that she would see me, causing her to momentarily blank.

“How does your car have an insane amount of meaning? I heard that someone very important to you gave it to you?” I said with a smile.

“Mhmm… Ah… No, I…” Wu Yingying actually blushed! She acted completely different to her image of a violent girl earlier, and said a bit shyly, “Why is it you…”

“Why can’t it be me!” I asked her back.

“I went to find you before, the people that knows you all said you left. Then Fatty Wu said he saw you in Yanjing… I thought you were never coming back!” said Wu Yingying quietly. “Are you still angry at me?”

“Angry at you? Oh, you’re talking about that time. It was my bad. Hehe, I’m not someone so petty!” I said.

“Mhmmm… Then are you still going to leave in the future?” asked Wu Yingying.

“I still have to go to Yanjing city. I’m studying there, but I will be at home during Chinese New Year,” I replied.

“Then, does what you promise me just now count?” Wu Yingying asked carefully.

“You’re talking about buying a car? Of course it does!” I nodded.

“Ugh… About that, Liu-ge, you really came at the right now!” Jiang Qi had already recognized me earlier.

“Jiang Qi, you graduated from police academy, and went to work under your dad?” I said.

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“Yeah, I just graduated today. About that… Can I leave… I’ll treat Liu-ge to a meal another day!” Jiang Qi was worried that Wu Yingying would get pissed with him again.

“There’s nothing else. Go, we all know each other,” I said.

“You got lucky!” Wu Yingying smiled sweetly and said in a cute voice.

Jiang Qi really couldn’t believe his eyes and ears. It seemed like she had said “You got lucky” pretty much with a smile, it was completely different form before. However, he didn’t have the time to think about so much, getting the heck of here was the most important.

After exchanging numbers with Wu Yingying, Du Xiaowei and I went back into the car.

“Isn’t that Wu Tian’s older sister?” asked Zhao Yanyan.

“Yeah, hehe, it’s been so many years!” I exclaimed.

“Is she interested at you?” Zhao Yanyan suddenly asked.

“Mhmm, ugh… no,” I freaked.

“Look at how scared you got. I didn’t say anything! Whatever, keep a grasp on it yourself, you won’t listen if I say something!” Zhao Yanyan glanced at Chen Weier and co., who were on the car, “We are already 4 sisters, let’s see how you explain it to uncle and auntie!”

“What can I do. Ai, let’s leave it till we get back. My mom can’t possibly play favorites, right?” I said.

“That’s true. Never mind, I’ll put in a few good words for you!” Zhao Yanyan rolled her eyes at me and then said. “I remember that we met Wu Yingying when we ate seafood together. Ai! Xu Ruoyun was there at the time. I wonder how she is now, there haven’t been any news from her!”

I felt a sourness in my heart. Xu Ruoyun and Ye Xiaoxiao had always been two regrets in my life. However, now that it has come to this, what else could I do!

If I knew this was going to happen, why did I act like that back then.


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