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Chapter 107 – Assassination

After a few turns, the car drove onto the highway.

“Martial grand-uncle, there is a sniper that is aiming at our car,” Du Xiaowei looked at a monitor in the car and said casually. The reason that he said it casually was because this car had already been altered by Sun Sikong. Don’t talk about the commonly used armor-piercing rounds, even small missile won’t hurt the people within the car. It was also Sun Sikong that installed this security system.

“Are you sure they are targeting us?” I asked.

“They should be, ever since we got onto the highway, the Dodge Ram has always moved around in front of us. There’s something wrong with the Jinbei van behind us as well. Although the people inside didn’t use infrared to aim, it is very possible that they are with the people in front,” sai Du Xiaowei.

“Oh!” I nodded. Someone wants to kill me? I frowned. There didn’t seem to be anyone that had such a deep hatred for me within Yanjing city, right? The Daxing Gang did have this ability, but Situ Dashan can’t be stupid enough to go and destroy the balance.

“What should I do?” Du Xiaowei asked after seeing me not react.

“Capture one to ask! How about that, you can handle it yourself, right?” I asked.

“No problem!” Du Xiaowei suddenly accelerated and surpassed the Dodge Ram in front of us, then stopped the car horizontally. Since we were an extra long car, we pretty much completely blocked the road off, so the other person couldn’t pass through at all.

The Dodge Ram also stopped sideways by the road with a sharp screech. Then, the Jinbei followed right after.

Du Xiaowei did not open the car door, and instead waited for their next action. Although Du Xiaowei wore a bulletproof vest and was confident that he could dodge the bullets, it would still cause him to be passively exposed under the tip of their gun. He didn’t have an issue with protecting himself, but it would make capturing the enemy’s alive more difficult.

It was as he expected, they didn’t have the patience like that of Du Xiaowei, they came to kill and this was the highway, if they delay it a bit, it will attract the attention of the police.

When the door of the Dodge Ram opened, a masked man in black clothing jumped down from the door, carrying a mini rocket launcher.

This is a bit too fierce. Although the defensive capabilities of my car is very good, I will feel some heart ache for it to get hit until it looks completely different.

Yet, at this moment, Du Xiaowei also moved. He opened the door swiftly, and arrived in front of the black clothed man carrying the rocket launcher with a few tumbles and quickly struck his hand towards the his weakness.

Although a rocket launcher was powerful, it wasn’t of any use at close range at all. In fact, it wasn’t as good as a kitchen knife.

The black clothed man didn’t think that the people on the car would still dare to get off at this moment. With his many years of assassination experience, the people that were going to be killed would all tremble in their car in fear, while they continuously called the police.

The black clothed man could only throw down the rocket launcher in his hand and fight with Du Xiaowei in melee range. However, he wasn’t Du Xiaowei’s opponent at all. Before he made a move, Du Xiaowei had already chopped on the back of his neck. The black clothed person felt a chill in his heart, his opponent was a master! It might not be much if a normal person squeezes onto the back of someone’s neck, but when it was squeezed by a master, they might break your beck any time.

At this moment, the door of Jinbei opened, and a few masked people with guns rushed down. Just s Du Xiaowei was about to get mad, these people all threw down the gun in his hand onto the ground, then took off their masks and said respectfully, “Instructor… Why are you here…”

Du Xiaowei glanced at the people in front of him, they were actually his mercenary subordinates in South Africa. Although Du Xiaowei couldn’t name these people, he definitely had an impression of these people. Thus, he also let go of the person in his hand.

The person that was in his hand coughed for a long time, then finally said after taking off his mask, “Sorry, Instructor! I didn’t know that you were on the car.”

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Du Xiaowei let out a sigh of relief, he didn’t expect that the people assassinating them would be his own subordinates.

“Who is the one in the lead?” Du Xiaowei asked.

At this moment, a young man carrying a sniper rifle jumped down from the front of the Dodge Ram and said a bit awkwardly, “Instructor, it’s me! Codename Red Eagle reporting in!”

Du Xiaowei looked at the current situation. It was fortunate that this highway was rather rural and so there weren’t many passing cars, otherwise, that would be troublesome.

“Red Eagle, get on my car. Everyone else, drive and follow behind me!” Du Xiaowei ordered.

“Yes, sir!” The mercenaries had a strict regulation, and the orders of the highest ranking commander was the final orders, so Du Xiaowei directly took over Red Eagle’s command.

“Sorry, instructor! I did not research thoroughly enough and did not consider everything!” Red Eagle took the initiative to apologize.

“You can’t be blamed for this! Tell me about what exactly happened?” Du Xiaowei waved his hand and asked simply without any intention of blaming Red Eagle. Mercenaries were people that took money in exchange of helping people deal with threats, they definitely did not know beforehand that he was going to be there.

“Yes, sir! We received a deal of ten billion yuan on our internet system. The target is called Liu Lei. They provided us with Liu Lei’s tracks and this car’s car plate number!” Red Eagle replied directly.

“Oh? So it’s like this!” Du Xiaowei gave a brief thought then said. “Inform me when you receive a deal in Huaxia from now on. Tell the current one in charge about this when you return!”

“Yes! Instructor!” answered Red Eagle.

“Do you know the identity of the employer this time?” Du Xiaowei asked.

“Not sure. They made the deal completely through the internet. The bank account is also an protected one from the Swiss Bank. We are unable to know the identity of the employer!” answered Red Eagle.

“Okay. Tell them when you get back that the security in Huaxia is rather tight before Chinese New Year, so you were unable to bring the weapon into the country. Return the money to him them first. If they really are interested, they will contact you guys after Chinese New Year. When that happens,, tell him to directly contact me!” said Du Xiaowei.

“Yes, sir!” answered Red Eagle.

“Okay, don’t go back to South Africa for now. It seems like it isn’t safe on the road. Stay here and be responsible for protecting Mr. Liu!” Du Xiaowei smiled. “Even your instructor, I, is his personal bodyguard and you guys actually want to kill him!”

“Instructor, how were we supposed to know. We really attacked our own people, how can we match up to instructor!” Hearing Du Xiaowei no longer being serious, Red Eagle also revealed his honest side.

As the provincial capital of Songjiang province, the economy in Songjiang city improved rapidly under the lead of several large corporations such as Shuguang Corporation.

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However, we were still very eye-catching with a Jinbei opening the path, followed by an extra long Bentley and a Dodge Ram.

When the Jinbei stopped at a crossroad, Du Xiaowei took over Red Eagle’s walkie-talkie and said to the subordinates in the car in front, “What is it?”

“Instructor, there is a traffic accident in front. The road is too narrow, so we’re unable to pass through!” replied the subordinates in front.

“Let’s go down and have a look!” I said to Du Xiaowei.


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