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Chapter 106 – The ⓕⓤⓒⓚ is he

“Hehe, we have the Shuguang Corporation as our backing. No matter how much money he has, we can cause him to get nothing back!” Hearing that that was the case, I immediately said without any worries.

“Shuguang Corporation? You’re talking about Zhao Yanyan’s father? Isn’t he the CEO? There’s still the chairman of the board!” Liu Yue asked.

“The chairman is me, your hubby!” I chuckled. “Since now you have become mine, there isn’t much for me to hide from you. Now you know why I’m not afraid of the Situ family, right? Compared to my powers, he’s nothing, I can destroy him in any way! Of course, the Situ family doesn’t know that!”

“Ah!” Liu Yue was shocked. Although she had a faint idea that I must have some other amazing identity, she didn’t think it would be that amazing! Being the chairman of the number 1 corporation in the world, there really wasn’t anything to be scared of, I was able to cause the Situ family’s properties to go bankrupt just by throwing money.

“Oh yeah, Xiao Yue’yue, go and sell the car shop tomorrow. Don’t do something that is worrisome and doesn’t earn money. Just shop calmly with Yanyan and them. Researching about make-up and working out is what girls your age should do. Just leave money earning stuff to hubby in the future!” I said.

“Mhmm,” Liu Yue nodded. “I can hand it to the subordinates to manage! That wouldn’t waste any energy either!”

“Okay then, it’s up to you! Move over tomorrow. I’ll go and mention it to the Situ family. If they aren’t understanding, then don’t blame me for being merciless!” I said. “After I a few days, I have to go back to Songjiang. Come with me to see my parents, then we can go and see that old geezer, Liu Zhenhai!”

“No calling him Liu Zhenhai, you have to call him grandpa!” Liu Yue patted me.

“He nearly killed me and I still have to call him grandpa?” I chuckled.

“Of course, give me some face, okay!” Liu Yue said coquettishly.

“Alright!” I sighed, then thought to myself, we’ll just see then.

“Do you know martial arts?” I suddenly asked.

“Yeah, why?” Liu Yue didn’t hide it, perhaps because she had completely handed her heart to me.

“Do all people from your Six Renowned Families know martial arts?” I asked.

“Mhmm, more or less, why did you suddenly ask that?” Liu Yue asked.

“No, I’m just rather interested in that martial competition. I can use that as a chance to get rid of Situ Liang. I get annoyed whenever I see him, he actually dared to have ill intentions towards two of my wifeys!” I said angrily.

“He… It seems like you snatched us away…” Liu Yue giggled.

I only left after Liu Yue fell asleep. When I walked out of my room, it really was as I expected. Zhao Yanyan, Chen Weier and even the obedient Yu Ting was lying by my door.

“Hehe, my many wifeys, what were you trying to eavesdrop? Should I punish you with our family’s rules?” I said lecherous.

“We’re scared that you ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓔⓓ Liu Yue to death, so we came to invigilate a little!” Zhao Yanyan giggled.

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“Since it’s like that, then come into the room and see!” I chuckled and led the three of them into the bedroom.

It truly was going to be a sleepless night!”

As for the Situ family’s side, I got someone to pass along a message. The Three Rock Gang and Daxing Gang can retain their current state of not interfering with one another. As long as we don’t cross each other’s final line, then it was peace. As for Liu Yue, I just told Situ Dashan that it was the freedom of love.

Situ Dashan did not explode over this, and destroy the peace that was just established. He didn’t think that I was getting an inch and taking a foot, and instead thought that I must have had some sort of confidence. He could tell that I was someone that liked to hide my own strength from me hiding behind the scenes of the Three Rock Gang. People like that usually would not show their full strength, and these were the people that will give you the fatal blow. That’s why, although Situ Dashan was pissed, he still sent a message over in a very fake manner “The world belongs to you young people, us, the older generation will not interfere”.

There was also the fact that this marriage didn’t have any benefits for the Situ Family. The crafty old Situ Dashan already saw through it all and understood Liu Zhenhai’s intentions, so he didn’t take it to heart.

However, Situ Liang didn’t think so, despite him not liking Liu Yue much. (It’s because Liu Yue completely disregarded him and since a young master like him can’t take this sort of attitude, he naturally thought that Liu Yue just had a cold personality).

Yet, Situ Liang had viewed this marriage to be full of hope and anticipation, that’s because once he marries into the Liu Family, it means that he will be able to climb up to a peak of power that was equal to the Situ Family. When that happens, he no longer had to act according to his older brother, Situ Kong!

The thirst for money and power pretty much caused Situ Liang to go insane. Yet, this beautiful future was actually destroyed by a negligible brat. From his perspective, I’m just a puny bug that relies on his woman’s family. However, he didn’t think that his thirst for the Liu family was just a display of him relying on a woman.

Situ Liang was completely pissed off about the current result. He understood that if this continues, he would have nothing left. Although he was still the second young master of the Situ family and could enjoy the rich life that other people would dream of for their entire life, he was more fascinated by the sort of life where he could command everyone in the family and casually deal in business deals of millions, billions or even trillions

Situ Liang had already treated Liu Lei as the criminal behind all this. A crazy thought popped up in his mind – hiring someone to kill him! Only with Liu Lei dying could his hatred be please. Only then could he have a chance to turn the tables.

Thus, Situ Liang found the website of an international mercenary organization from a few of his trusted underlings in the Daxing Gang.

Don’t blame Laozi for being evil, who told you to destroy Laozi’s future! Situ Liang couldn’t help but suppress the excitement in his heart. He opened the website with a tremble and registered, filled in his bank account and paid the deposit. After that, he filled in the payment amount and of course, the person he wants to kill.

After completing all that, Situ Liang danced around excitedly. Why did he thought of such a genius idea before? The people of the old truly said it well, talents comes from desperate situations.

So he was a highly intellectual criminal as well!

Situ Liang was truly going all out for this, he pretty much threw all his personal savings into it. Although ten million yuan wasn’t comparable to the wage to assassinate the leader of some small countries, it was already a large amount.

Huaxia has a saying of the old. If Yama wants you to die at five o’clock, who would dare to leave you until nine? But what if Yama doesn’t want you to die?

I think my old bro Yama wouldn’t want me to die early either, right?

On the Chinese New Year Eve of 1999, Zhao Yanyan, Chen Weier, Liu Yue and I sat on the extra-long Bentley Red Label, driven by Du Xiaowei, to return to Songjiang. Since the train and plane were very crowded before Chinese New Year, it was not as convenient as driving back ourselves.

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