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Chapter 105 – Sleepless Night

However, since Zhao Yanyan had popped the bubble, Liu Yue had no need to pretend anymore. She looked towards me in complaint then said, “Am I really unable to compare up to Yu Ting. You can oppose the Situ family for her, but when it comes to me, you turned more hesitate and bullshitted without saying any truth!”

“I-I thought you don’t like me!” I don’t even know why I suddenly said something like that. Perhaps this was a thought that I did not dare to confirm the entire time, perhaps I was unable to grasp her real thought even though I felt that Liu Yue should have some feelings towards me.

“I!” Liu Yue said angrily. “Do you have to make me say that I love you before you get comfort? Is your machismo so intense! It’s just to satisfy your vanity, right! You feel very happy about girls reverse pursuing you, right!”

I suddenly turned speechless, I didn’t think that Liu Yue would roar out her love for me so unrestrainedly. I quickly pulled Liu Yue into my embrace and comforted, “No! I really didn’t think like that! You’re so excellent, the reason I never confessed to you is because I feel like I’m unworthy of you! You’ve also seen that I’m person that is very fickle in love, I have a lot of girls beside me, so I…”

“Yeah, a lot of girls, would I make the difference!” Liu Yue had already put down her self-respect, and spoke out the dissatisfaction in her heart towards her crush like a young lady that suffered wrongs.

“Of course not, I couldn’t be more happy that you like me!” I hugged Liu Yue tightly, and wiped away the tears on her face lightly, then said softly. “Your grandpa really dislikes me!”

“He… My grandpa is very purposeful. He really hates dandies like Situ Liang, but he still wants me to marry him! All it’s for is those so-called ancestral properties!” Liu Yue smiled.

“Hehe, it seems like your mission of a hundred million is going to be very hard to accomplish!” I said.

“Why?” Liu Yue asked.

“Because since you followed me, your shares are mine. Working in the car shop is equal to working for your hubby, there is no salary!” I said.

“Hmmph, I didn’t say that I’ll marry you yet!” Liu Yue snorted lightly. However, she didn’t’ care about this anymore, she believes that her grandpa will definitely be satisfied with her decision.

“Then we’ll enter the bridal chamber tonight~ When that happens, I have no need to be worried about you not marrying me!” I laughed.

“You’re terrible!” Before Liu Yue finished, I sealed her lips with mine…

Just when has Liu Yue experienced this. So she immediately went dumb. She didn’t’ cooperate either, and merely allowed me to do as I wish.

Gradually, Liu Yue also started moving. Although her actions were very jerky, she stills started reacting.

I reached out my hand to touch Liu Yue’s back. She was wearing an evening dress today, and her coat had already been taken off when she entered. Since the buckle for the evening dress was at the back, I undid it very easily.

The dress fell onto the floor lightly and revealed Liu Yue’s delicate figure. I found out in surprise that she only wore her underwear and bra within! I couldn’t help but shake my head, so Liu Yue is also someone that liked to stay pretty! She actually wore so little inside in such a cold temperature, it really is too much!

“Go to the bedroom, okay… I don’t want to here…” Liu Yue said quietly.

“Sure!” I raised my hand, picked Liu Yue up in a princess carry, then sprinted towards the bedroom upstairs.

When we got halfway upstairs, I suddenly heard the sound of door closing. I thought to myself, these chicks, they were actually peaking, just see how I deal with you tonight!

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I placed Liu Yue onto the king-sized bed in the main bedroom and found that a white handkerchief was placed neatly onto the bedsheets. I smiled wryly, this must be the handiwork of Zhao Yanya nand co.!

“Are you ready?” I asked softly.

“Mhmm…” Liu Yue answered vaguely.

“Then I’ll start?”

“Mhmm… Just be lighter… It’s my first time…”

I couldn’t help but chuckle, although Liu Yue seemed very bright at times, she actually would say something so dumb at others. Of course I know that its her first time.

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night.

When I pulled open the curtains, moonlight shone into the room, illuminating Liu Yue’s beautiful body, causing me to have an urge to go for a second round. However, I knew that Liu Yue was already very tired.

“Sleepy?” I caressed Liu Yue and asked softly.

“Nope,” Liu Yue said with a yawn. “So quick!”

“What’s so quick, are you saying that I finished too quickly just now and should have gone on for longer?” I asked with a smile.

“Of course not! What are you thinking of. You nearly did me to death, it hurt so much. I really don’t understand why you men enjoy doing this sort of thing!” Liu Yue snorted.

“But weren’t you really into it later?” I smiled naughtily.

“Wasn’t I just forcing myself to cooperate with you!” Liu Yue argued with a blush. “I’m saying that time passed by so quickly! We are finally together!”

“Yeah! You were testing me about the country of origin of those coffee beans. To be honest, I have no interest in that sort of thing at all. I only said that to you in order to pretend to be deep!” I said honestly.

“I could tell it ages ago. How could someone with low-levelled interests like you be able to taste the profundity of Blue Mountain!” Liu Yue rolled her eyes at me and said.

“Hehe, how about us trying again?” I really couldn’t resist the seduction of Liu Yue’s body wriggling beside me.

“Come if you want to kill me!” said Liu Yue.

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“Oh yeah, did you plan this out earlier? You even prepared the white handkerchief?” Liu Yue looked at that white handkerchief that had turned red and said.

“I swear to heaven and earth. Just how was I supposed to know that you will attend the Situ family’s family dinner today!” I replied innocently.

“I just kidding. But to be honest, Zhao Yanyan is so nice. It’s all thanks to her that we can be together!” said Liu Yue.

“I admit that I have a special feeling towards Zhao Yanyan. I will tell you all this in the future, but my love for every single one of you is real. You are all my loved ones in my heart, I will be in life-ending pain regardless of which one of you I lose!” I said.

“What I’m worried about most is the Situ family. Taking Yu Ting away from Situ Liang isn’t much, because Yu Ting doesn’t have any benefit for the Situ family. However, I’m different. I’m scared of bringing trouble to you! Although us, the Liu family are not scared of them, but you…” Liu Yue said worriedly.

“Hehe, you finally know to be concerned about hubby now? Isn’t all these trouble because of you,” I patted Liu Yue’s *** and laughed.

“What, do you find me troublesome. Then I’ll just go and marry that Situ Liang!’ Liu Yue snorted.

“I’m just kidding, the **** is he, Situ Liang!” I said in despise. “If he pisses me off, I’ll remove them, the Situ family, from the Six Renowned Families!”

“Hubby, don’t just act in the heat of the moment. The Situ family’s underworld forces is just a part of their family. Their family have a very powerful foundation in the business world too! If they really want to fight to the death, the Liu family’s economical power cannot be compared to theirs!” Liu Yue said a bit worriedly. After all, those are all properties that the Liu family’s ancestors fought to start, if they really ends up closing down, it really is too regrettable.


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