Chapter 99 – Sea Turtle Clique

I hesitated for a while, then finally decided to take a cab with them to Dynasty Seafood Palace. You can’t mess with stuff like seafood, let’s not talk about if the seafood in stalls are hygienic or not, if the ingredients are a little bit not fresh, it may cause diarrhea or even food poisoning. Furthermore the reason the seafood at Dynasty is expensive, one of the reason is because of its class, but most importantly its because the seafood there is all ferried over by air each morning, and definitely not from the night before. The leftovers at the end of each day would be sold to some small businesses.

“It can’t be, we really are going to Dynasty for seafood? You seem like you’re really rich!” The little light bulb said excitedly after seeing the “Dynasty Seafood Palace” sign.

“Are you actually going to eat or no! Where’s all the bullshit coming from!” I glared at the little light bulb and said.

“Are you actually a man or not, you don’t know humility at all!” The little light bulb said unhappily.

“About whether I’m a man or not, you can ask your Yanyan-jie,” I said while smiling naughtily.

“What are you saying! Not being serious at all, “ of course Zhao Yanyan could understand my meaning, her face immediately turned red, and her crab-pincher like hands pinched me harshly on my waist.

“Aiya!” I exclaimed out in pain.

“Yanyan-jie, what are you two talking about?” The little light bulb asked in confusion. I didn’t think that this chick was so innocent that she had absolutely no reaction to my underlying meaning.

“Nothing much, don’t listen to him bullshit, let’s go in quickly,” Zhao Yanyan said.

“Sir, how many?” When we entered, the hostess came over.

“Just one sir…” I said.

“Ah…?” The hostess said weirdly.

“But are also two more ladies,” I continued.

“Puchi…” The other waiters and waitress on the side all laughed together, but a manager like person coughed once, causing them to immediately stop laughing.

“Three people right? Is sitting in the hall alright?” The hostess giggled, then looked at me and said.

“Is there a room?” I glanced at the hall, although the atmosphere was fine, it was a bit loud.

“Sorry, the rooms are all full,” the hostess said apologetically.

“Then the hall is fine,” I though, since there aren’t anymore rooms, what use is it to ask us if the hall is fine? Are there any other choices?”

“Okay, please follow me,” the hostess said that, then walked in the front and took as to a seat near the windows. The environment was okay, and the scenery was pretty good.

“Would you like to order now?” After the hostess left, a waitress came over and handed us the menu.

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I noddd and pointed towards the little light bulb and said, “Give her the menu.”

The little light bulb didn’t act courteous, and immediately started flipping through the menu after receiving it. However the prices of dishes at Dynasty was originally terrifying, the little light bulb kept twitching her eyebrows as she flipped, and finally ordered several relatively cheap seafood.

“Boiled crab, salt-baked conch, spicy clams, anything else?” The waitress repeated the ordered dishes and asked.

“Is there any specialty here?” Seeing that all the dishes the little light bulb ordered were cheap, I wanted to order a few better dishes.

“Our shop’s specialty include first grade lobster, deep sea shark back, shallot fried…”

“Then a first grade lobster,” I immediately interrupted her. I treated Xu Zhongbang this first grade lobster when he came to Songjiang to visit my home in my previous life, the taste was spectacular, the lobster was about 1 to 1.5 kg. However the price wasn’t cheap, it cost me nearly a hundred thousand kuai for that meal.

“Okay sir,” the waitress recorded it then left.

“Liu Lei, thank god you didn’t get a room just now, you know? I saw that the minimum expenditure in the rooms is ten thousand yuan!” The little light bulb stuck her tongue out and said. “Shouldn’t you thank me?”

“Hehe, look at how much that first grade lobster is!” I pointed to the menu and said.

“How much! You’re so stingy, how expensive can it be!” The little light bulb picked up the menu, her eyes nearly fell out of her sockets as she exclaimed, “What! Nine… Nine thousand eight hundred? One zero, two zero… Is this menu wrong?”

“It isn’t! The lobster we ordered is half a meter long, they saw they just getting it from the sea side could let it sell for several thousand!” I explained to the little light bulb.

“Ah! Liu Lei, how rich are you exactly!” The little light bulb exclaimed and said.

Zhao Yanyan only smiled after hearing it, “What, Ruoyun-meimei, are you regretting not severely ripping him off for a meal!” Zhao Junsheng was already one of the top magnates before meeting me, Zhao Yanyan doesn’t lack any experience in this sort of situations, furthermore she also knows that I am really rich right now.

“En, I decided, I’ll continue to eat food with you guys tomorrow lunch. Yanyan-jie, you wouldn’t think I’m annoying right?” The little light bulb immediately showed an obedient expression.

However from my perspective, this expression was like that of the Devil. Don’t agree, Yanyan! Please don’t, I prayed in my heart.

“Sure! We’d be delighted,” Zhao Yanyan patted the little light bulb’s head and said.

I freaked in my heart, and nearly sat under the table. You’re coming tomorrow? You’ve really started to treat yourself as a light bulb!

The spicy clam and boiled crab were brought to us very quickly, the salt-baked conch also arrived not long afterwards, it’s just that the first grade lobster that I wanted was more difficult, and nodded to have the entire exoskeleton of the lobster peeled off, to take out the meat inside it.

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The two chicks wiped their hands with wet towels, and started eating. I didn’t think that Zhao Yanyan who’s the daughter of a rich family would also look rather indecent as she rolled up her sleeves and enjoyed eating the crab.

“What are you looking at, you’ve never looked at me before,” seeing that I wasn’t eating and just starting dumbly at her, Zhao Yanyan said embarrassedly.

“I didn’t think you would look so barbaric while eating…” I laughed.

“How am I, isn’t it just because I’m with you! If I was eating at home, I would be much better behaved! Every time I eat this I don’t get full,” Zhao Yanyan complained.

”Hehe, actually you’re pretty cute like this,” I also picked up a crab and started eating like them.

As we were eating, two men walked towards us and directly stopped in front of our table.

“Xu Ruoyun, you’re also here?” One of the men said.

I raised my head up to look at him, this person could be considered handsome, and looked like a university student, however there was an inexplicable pride radiating from his body. On the other hand the appearance of the person that came with him was rather humorous, his head was actually rather pointy, and it even head an edge, it looked like a huge genital. The funniest thing was that this person had a hunch back, so with his turtle head, he was completely a huge sea turtle.

“Li Boliang? Why are you here as well?” Yu Ruoyun raised her head, and said to the man that looked rather handsome.

“Hehe, this is my friend, I came to eat with him,” Li Boliang pointed to the sea turtle and said.


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