Chapter 98 – Little Light Bulb

“X, isn’t there a bit of issue with your intelligence brat!” Yu Wenrui said impatiently. “If you ******* continue to be such a ***** then I’ll tear your teeth out!”

“My intelligence is far higher than yours, I’m the first in my year, are you?” I retorted with a question.

“****, you ******* want to die right!” Saying that Yu Wenrui came up to beat me.

“Ai~! What are you students doing?” Just as Yu Wenrui was about to hit me, Dean Han Bingfeng appeared behind us.

Yu Wenrui unwillingly retracted the fist he had held out, and forced out a smile, “Dean Han, we were just talking!”

“Talking? Does anyone talk like you? From what I see you want to get into a group fight right!” Han Bingfeng has seen these things far too many times, and could tell the students’ intention with one glimpse.

“How could we! We are all good students, and never fight,” Yu Wenrui said something completely different to what was in his heart.

“Yu Wenrui, how many days have you transferred over? The students are lining up to complain about you! I’m telling you, don’t think that just because there’s someone in your home you can do as you please in school, if you dare to make trouble for me, don’t blame me for not warning you, I won’t give face to anyone!” Han Bingfeng roared coldly.

“I understand, Dean Han,” Yu Wenrui nodded. He heard of this Dean Han before, he was someone of the underworld in the 70s, and was rather awesome in the society, he would be like a maniac whenever he fights, and was called Maniac Han. During the increased enforcement of the laws in 1983, his old man forcefully tied Han Bingfeng at home, and forced him to revise to take the university entrance exam. In the end, no one knows what was wrong with Han Bingfeng, he actually managed to get into a normal university, and was assigned to fourth high as the dean after graduation. The Fatty Wang that’s really famous in the underworld right now is Han Bingfeng’s original lackey, even now, Fatty Huang would carry lots of stuff to visit Han Bingfeng whenever a festival comes. That’s why even though Yu Wenrui’s family have some contacts, this Han Bingfeng wasn’t someone he could piss off.

Han Bingfeng snorted, then turned around and left.

I shrugged my shoulders uncaringly, and said with a smile, “It looks like we can’ fight right?”

“****, I’ll deal with you later!” Yu Wenrui left a sentence, then left with the others.

I chuckled, it was interesting messing around with a kid as a thirty-something years old man.

“What are you laughing for? So sinister,” Zhao Yanyan leaned on me and asked weirdly.

“Nothing much, I just feel like Yu Wenrui is pretty fun,” I laughed.

“Fun? How come I can’t tell?” Zhao Yanyan asked weirdly.

“Hehe, his older brother is about to turn into an idiot, and he still have the time to act pretentious in front of me at school,” I felt like if there’s a need, I could make history occur earlier, since with Guo Qing’s appearance, the ability of the gang at the market place was far stronger than in my previous life, it was only a matter of time before they get rid of those from the Ewha Alley.

“His older brother turned into an idiot? What are you talking about? Why don’t I understand,” Zhao Yanyan asked without understanding anything.

“Nothing much, leave him. Let’s go and eat, look at how hungry I’m getting,” I changed the topic, and didn’t want to talk about this topic anymore, or else I would definitely leak something.

“Oh, okay,” hearing that I was hungry, Zhao Yanyan immediately nodded.

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“Yanyan-jie~!” Before Zhao Yanyan and I reached the stairs, a voice that disgusts me rang out from behind.

As expected, with a round of footsteps behind us, the small light bulb flew in front of us.

“Yanyan-jie, where are you guys going?” The little light bulb asked.

I kept sweating in my heart after hearing that, it doesn’t look like we have to report to you about what we’re going out to do right?

“Ya, it’s Ruoyun. We’re going to eat, how about going together?” Zhao Yanyan took up the little light bulb’s hand and asked nicely.

“Oh, I do want to! But I fear that a certain someone wouldn’t agree!” The little light bulb flipped a white eye at me and said.

I said in my heart, of course I don’t agree, what are you always there for when I flirt with my wife. However I still said, “How could I, Ruoyun-meimei you’re so cute, how could I not agree!”

“That’s great! I haven’t seen Yanyan-jie for so many days!” The little light bulb said shamelessly.

I was getting more and more frustrated, why was this person climbing up any rod that someone reaches out for them, she couldn’t even understand courtesy speech. However there’s no helping it, I’ve already said it, so I could only say while pretending to happy, “Let’s go then, two beauties, I’ll pay today!”

“Heh! Who’s paying if you aren’t, your input method sold for quite a lot right!” The little light bulb used her speech to trigger me.

I just don’t understand, why does this chick always mention that input method out of nowhere? I really didn’t understand, if she’s not sick then I am, since no matter who it was, they wouldn’t understand it.

“Yanyan-jie, I want to eat seafood!” The little light bulb stuck on to Zhao Yanyan and said like she’s spoiled.

****, the one stuck onto Zhao Yanyan should be me! And she wants to eat seafood? She probably wants to eat me till I’m poor!

“About this… There’s no seafood palaces near our school, also we still have classes in the afternoon,” heh, does she think I’m an idiot, you came over to be a light bulb and you want me to treat you to seafood? Dream on.

“I think you’re just scared of spending money right! You scammed so much money with that input method, it’s about time you let out some blood right? Yanyan-jie, I just don’t get it, why did you fall for this kind of stingy person?” The little light bulb flipped a white eye at me and said.

Ugh, why does everything you say revolve around that input method? I’m stingy!? I thought, if I was generous then the frequency of you being a light bulb of increase.

“Okay, Liu Lei. Since Ruoyun wants to eat seafood, then let’s go together. Since I kind of want to eat too!” Zhao Yanyan was scared of us too continuing the fight, and immediately put an end to the argument.

“Fine, seafood then seafood!” I said. It wasn’t a huge problem to eat a meal of seafood, I have tons of money. What caused my dissatisfaction was that there was an extra light bulb beside us when Zhao Yanyan and I will eat. If this light bulb doesn’t bother me in the future, it’ll be fine even if I treat her to a hundred meals.

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“I’ll go to Dynasty…” The little light bulb started speaking again.

“You are treating me like a cash printer right!” I finally got mad, let’s not talk about how far Dynasty was from Fourth High, just the minimum expense of ten thousand kuai there for a room was enough to make a normal working class family not dare to think about it in their entire life. Although I am rich, but this chick can truly bullshit.

“Look at your stingy look, I was just saying that we definitely can’t afford Dynasty, just randomly find a stall!” The little light bulb said like she was wronged.

“…” So I was just messed around with by her.

Zhao Yanyan covered her mouth on the side and giggled, “You two can really argue, I rarely see Liu Lei being turned speechless by others. Ruoyun if you marry Liu Lei, he would be in pain.”

Hearing that, the little light bulb immediately blushed, turning into a red light bulb. She pulled Zhao Yanyan’s hand and shook, “Yanyan-jie, what are you saying!”


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