Chapter 100 – Li Boliang’s Embarassment

“Ruoyun, he’s a genius person at computing! He just came back from studying abroad in Fusang, he is already a Fusangese Chinese!”

**** this, the moment I heard the words Fusangese Chinese my heart felt annoyed, he’s not willing to be a good descendant of Yanhuang, and just had to get a islander nationality!

“Fusangese Chinese?” Yu Ruoyun repeated this rather intricate phrase.

“Hehe, basically the returnees we talk about!” Li Boliang did not notice Xu Ruoyun’s dissatisfaction at all, and continued.

“Puchi…!” I just had a sip of the tea, and it was all spit onto the floor, sea turtle clique? This brat does look ******* like a sea turtle!

“Huaxia people really are uncivilized! Actually spitting onto the floor. In our Fusang Empire, this type of action will be looked down upon, I really feel ashamed for my kin!” The sea turtle looked at me expressionlessly and mocked.

“This Brother ******* that returned form the Island country seem very civilised!” Huaxia people are uncivilized? You are actually talking about others while forgetting your own ancestors? The world really is so big that all kinds of shameless people exist.

“You…! Why are you insulting people?” The sea turtle poined to me and shouted.

“Insulting people? I didn’t insult people? Where are people? It seemed like this old bro was just telling me that you are part of the sea turtle clique right? Is there a difference between sea turtle and *******?” I pointed at Li Boliang and asked idiotically.

“Gege…” Zhao Yanyan couldn’t hold it in anymore and started laughing while covering her mouth.

“Haha…!” Even Xu Ruoyun started laughing really hard after hearing that.

The sea turtle’s face because extremely colorful like a purple eggplant, and starting taking deep breaths due to anger. Li Boliang could only act awkwardly on the side due to unsure of helping either side, and didn’t know what to say.

“Is there a need to act like this, I was just making a joke,” a was pretty much done with venting, what’s more is that joining which country was his freedom. There should b a limit to making jokes, that Li Boliang seemed to be the little light bulb’s friend, there was no need to push him too hard.

“Heh!” The sea turtle said, “Is this the way you Huaxia people treat guests?”

I kept sweating! This fellow actually said you Huaxia people, I finally understood what the new Han traitors are like, however this person really does look like an islander.

“Ruoyun, this is Mr. Gotou Mitsuo, he’s preparing to invest a million Huaxia currency into our Computing Association, the simple plan right now is to turn the association into a software company,” Li Boliang was worried about me arguing with that sea turtle again, and quickly told us the sea turtle’s identity.

This fellow not only got a Fusangese name, but was going to act as a foreign investor. I immediately understood Li Boliang’s intent once he spoke like that. Li Boliang wanted to warn me that this was a foreign investor for to our Songjiang, if you scare away this god of money, then it was opposing the people of Songjiang!

“Oh! So it’s Mr. Gotou! I meant no offense just now, no offense, I hope that Mr. Gotou would forgive me.” Invest a million? This number was no small fund even in Songjiang in 1995. Why would this kind of person who forgot about his ancestry invest back in the country? I suddenly wanted to see what this sea turtle was going to do, and thus pretended to say humble.

“Hehe, you Huaxia people just open their eyes at money, it’s fine, it’s fine, I wouldn’t fuss over it with you guys,” the sea turtle’s pride was largely satisfied, and thus he coolly waved his hand.

“Ruoyun, he’s just treating you to this?” Li Boliang lost a lot of face due to what I said just now, so once he saw the three courses of seafood on our table, he immediately showed an expression of disdain.

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The three courses of seafood the little light bulb ordered are all food within a hundred yuan for commoners, the most expensive crab was only 38 yuan per 500g. However although these seafood were cheap, I found them really delicious.

“Li-laodi, didn’t you say we are going to eat crabs that costs three hundred something per 500g?” The sea turtle also added something in a timely fashion.

“Ai! Ruoyun, come over and eat with us. Let’s order a few more expensive dishes!” Li Boliang made a “please” gesture.

“No need, I’m already full,” I could tell the little light bulb felt disgusted by the sea turtle as well.
“Oh, so it’s like this! Waitress!” Li Boliang shouted, “Put their bill on me.”

“Okay,” the waitress walked over and nodded.

“No need for that, I can still pay this amount of money,” ****, you don’t need to do this to pursue a girl right?

“I say, this little bro, how much could your input method sell? Five thousand kuai at max right! Bro, you really are saving up, ordering a hundred something kuai worth of stuff,” Li Boliang looked down at me and said.

“I didn’t sell it for five thousand okay, I say why does your computing association like to ask about my input method? If you think I’m poor, then you can treat. Even a feng of money is very important to me!” I said speechlessly. How did it come back onto the input method.

“Heh. Ruoyun, how about adding something?” Seeing that I agreed, Li Boliang was unusually happy.

“No need, we still have a dish that hasn’t come yet,” just as I said, Caocao was arrived.

“Sir, excuse me, first grade lobster. Please enjoy,” the waitress placed a super large plate on our table.

“This…” Li Boliang took a glimpse and was immediately shocked. This first grade lobster is the most famous dish at Dynasty Seafood Palace, it was impossible for him not to know the price of the dish.

“What is it? Li-xiong? Sit down and eat together? This is top class lobster, nine thousand eight hundred for one. Ze~ Ze~!” I picked up a piece and placed it in my mouth, and tasted it, then showed a really blissful expression and said. “Too delicious, this is the best thing on either, I wonder if the island country have this kind of lobster? Mr. Gotou, try some?”

“… Did you do it on purpose? Deliberately adding a dish after hearing that I could treat?” LI Boliang’s face immediately paled.

“We ordered this dish ages ago, I can testify,” to my surprise, the little light bulb actually got annoyed. “You were standing there the whole time, did any of us go off to order?”

“This…” this made Li Boliang completely speechless.

“Bro, if you don’t want to spend money then don’t stand here, even if your waist doesn’t hurt, we still have to eat lobster,” I waved my hand and said to LI Boliang.

“Mr. Gotou, can you lend me some money first?” Li Boliang turned around and whispered to the sea turtle.

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“I didn’t bring any money when I came out, I only have Japanese Yen, you know that,” the sea turtle showed a helpless expression.

“Heh!” Li Boliang flung his sleeve, then pulled the sea turtle and left quickly.

“I’m sorry, Yanyan-jie. Li Boliang is normally pretty nice, I don’t know what happened this time, he actually started acting up,” the little light bulb said apologetically.


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