Chapter 97 – Finding Fault

The next morning, Zhao Yanyan received a bouquet of flowers and a love letter. I was already damn used to stuff like love letters, Zhao Yanyan would always receive several of them as the top of the school beauty leaderboard. However this was the first time I’ve seen someone dare to send flowers in school!

I opened the love letter that came with the flowers and looked, it was actually sent by that brat Yu Wenrui! My first reaction at that time was, this brat is done for, the second was that Liu Kesheng was going to appear once more.

Zhao Yanyan took the love letter from my hands, and immediately threw it into the bin without looking, then placed the flowers into the vase beside the blackboard in the classroom.

“Liu Lei, you’ve never given me flowers before!” After doing all that, Zhao Yanyan returned to her seat, and told me in a sad exression.

“Who said, last time at the entrance of the Cultural Part!” I reminded her.

“Wasn’t that given to Xu Ruoyun!” Zhao Yanyan glanced sideways at me and said.

“Am I to blame though!” I said.

“Who made it so that you didn’t say it clearly!” Zhao Yanyan said, “Oh yeah, did you offend Ruoyun?”

“Offend her? When did I offend her?” I asked weirdly.

“Then that chick has fallen for you!” Zhao Yanyan said.

“Fallen for me? That’s even more impossible! I haven’t even spoken more than a few sentences to her!” TO be truthful, I always feel a bit weird about this chick, and subconsciously avoid her.

“Then that’s weird, she always likes to ask about you whenever she’s with me,” Zhao Yanyan twitched her eyebrows.

“Is that so?” I thought in my heard, this chick can’t be some kind of corporate spy right? I also remembered that time at the Cultural Park, when she asked me about the Shuguang Input method multiple times.

“Never mind, don’t care about her. Tell me, how’s it going with you and Chen Weier?” Zhao Yanyan raised her eyebrows and said to me while giggling.

My god! Why is she caring about this now?

“There’s nothing special, I haven’t seen her these few days,” I said. To be truthful, I was really starting to worry about her now that Zhao Yanyan mentioned her, I wonder if she recovered from the shock from before yet, should I go and take a look at her?

“I thought she would be like Xia Jing after you saved her and not let you go,” Zhao Yanyan mocked.

“…” I held it in. I’ll let Zhao Yanyan occasionally get jealous.

“Okay, okay, look at how much I scared you, I just want to help you come up with some ideas to see how you can get Chen Weier,” Zhao Yanyan returned to her giggling expression, just like a doll.

Once again, my god! I was speechless. “Are you thinking that me having more girlfriends is good for you?” I asked weirdly.

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“Yeah, since the only real wife will be me, they all have to be concubines. When you have no time to spend with me, there will still be so many people to play with me, how great is that!” Zhao Yanyan said.

I faint, is she trying to be a queen!?

“Zhao Yanyan, someone’s looking for you at the door!” When I was talking to Zhao Yanyan, the classmate closest to the door in our class shouted.

“I’m going out for a moment,” Zhao Yanyan said to me.

I nodded, and didn’t mind it so much. Xu Ruoyun almost always come everyday to look for her.

“Zhao Yanyan, did you receive the flowers I sent?” Yu Wenrui made a smug.

“I threw it,” Zhao Yanyan said coldly.

“You’re lying to me, I can see that it’s in your class’s vase on by the window side!” Yu Wenrui shrugged, and said coolly.

“Is there a difference?” Zhao Yanyan said.

“Of course, this proves that you still have feelings towards me! Yanyan, I love you! Be my girlfriend!” Yu Wenrui said in a gentleman-like manner.

“Sorry, I already have a boyfriend! Also, I love him very much,” Zhao Yanyan said uncaringly. Hearing what Guo Qing and I said that day, Zhao Yanyan already had a terrible impression of this Yu Wenrui, standing there talking with him was already giving him enough face.

“Isn’t it just that brat called Liu Lei? I already investigated him, isn’t he just good at studying, he’s just a nerd!” It looks like Yu Wenrui already made a lot of preparation beforehand.

“I won’t allow you to insult him, he is the most excellent in my eyes,” Zhao Yanyan’s expression immediately darkened.

“Heh! Excellent? Does he think that spending time with Guo Qing everyday makes him amazing? I’m telling you, if I get anxious, I don’t give a **** about Guo Qing!” Yu Wenrui clearly got it wrong, and thought that I was only awesome because of Guo Qing. “I’m telling you, I’m just giving a bit of face to Guo Qing, and we normally don’t interfere with each other, don’t really think that I don’t dare to make a move on him!”

“This has nothing to do with me. If there’s nothing else then I’m leaving!” Zhao Yanyan left the line coldly, then turned back to the classroom.

Yu Wenrui who remained behind shouted, “Zhao Yanyan, consider it a bit more, my older brother is the boss of Ewha Alley!”

****, Yu Wenrui swore in his heart. What’s so good about the little white face, I’ll trash him first, let’s see if you obey then.

“Who was looking for you?” I asked caringly after seeing Zhao Yanyan return to the classroom with a terrible expression.

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“Yu Wenrei, he said he likes me, and said a bunch of bad stuff about you,” Zhao Yanyan said.

“Let him be. I think this person won’t be free for too long anymore,” I said with regret. If this Yu Wenrui could stop for a bit, I might even let him go, but since he popped up now, I’m not prepared to let him stay anymore.

“Oh, don’t fight with them for me, I’m scared of something happening to you,” Zhao Yanyan nodded and said to me.

That’s a joke, I’ve survived a rain of bullets, I would still be scared of him a delinquent? This person doesn’t even need me to act, it was Guo Qing that took care of him in my previous life, I’ll leave it to Guo Qing in this life as well.

Thinking about Guo Qing, I looked at the empty seat in front of me. This brat didn’t come to school today again, he probably went out to mess around again.

However I never would have thought that Yu Wenrui would actually be unable to hold it in.

At noon, Zhao Yanyan and I just walked out of the classroom when Yu Wenrui led a few people to surround us.

“Excuse me, what business do you have?” I deliberately asked like an idiot. Didn’t you say I’m a nerd, then I’ll just actual like a nerd once.

“Haha!” Yu Wenrui laughed pretentiously. “Brat, if you’re scared of getting beaten, then **** off, you still have time!”

“Getting beaten? The teacher said that it’s wrong to hit people in school!” I scratched my head and explained like an obedient kid. It was way too easy for me to kill off this kind of piece of ****, it would be better to slowly play him to death.

“Hahahaha!” Yu Wenrui’s group of people laughed wildly together.

“****, he actually told me that it’s wrong for me to hit people in school! Wahahahaha! It’s too ******* funny!” One of the people behind Yu Wenrui said.

“What’s so funny about that, the police-shushu also said that gang fights are illegal!” I continued.


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