Chapter 96 – Previous Life’s Enemy

After a few days past, Liu Zhenhai still didn’t take any follow-up actions. Only after I asked Zhao Junsheng did I know that actually Zhao Limin had already called the Liu family, and told them my identity.

Although the incident was sorted, it didn’t mean that it was over just like that. With my brief understanding of Liu Zhenhai, that geezer was someone truly cared about his face, and definitely wouldn’t let me off so easily, however this was still a society that cared about the law, I don’t believe that he would dare to get a group of people to shoot me dead on the streets, if he does, no matter how amazing he is, I don’t think Zhao Limin would let him go…

Therefore, Liu Zhenhai may very well be temporarily restraining himself, due to Grandpa Zhao’s ability, he couldn’t do anything to me right now, but it was unknown whether he would make a move on me in the future.

Since their kind of people, this kind of family head of a large family, really needed their face, having suffered such a silent loss, could he not get even? If he admit defeat, I wouldn’t believe it myself.

However, there wasn’t any need to worry too much, since Grandpa Zhao was still in his position, at the very least while Grandpa Zhao is in power, in other worlds while he’s working in Songjiang, Liu Zhenhai wouldn’t do anything to me.

But, nobody would be sure that he wouldn’t do anything in the dark, so I should be more vigilant, so that I don’t fall into his trap.

These few days, everything has turned peaceful, Chen Weier also returned to school, I didn’t see her for several days, and I don’t know after what happened last time, if she had any thoughts.

At lunch, Zhao Yanyan, Guo Qing and I ate lunch at Juyuan Snacks.

Although I was already a billionaire, I still laid low in school. Actually, eating in these small restaurants wasn’t definitely worse than in larger ones.

Just after we ordered, a very disharmonic scene occurred.

“You all, stand up! ****, Yu-ge is here and you’re still so ******* talking!” A voice rang our not that far away from me.

I raised my head and look, so the snack shop was really fool at noon, and there isn’t anymore space. A few delinquent-like students were forcefully trying to get a few glasses-wearing students that were clearly nerds sitting on a side table to leave.

“We came first, why are you making us leave! You should line up!” Nerd A said.

“Yaohe! You’re starting to reason with me! Your mom, you’re ******* looking for death right! Why should I? Because of this fist of mine!” Saying that, a delinquent raised his hand and slapped, and sent Nerd A’s glasses flying.

“Why are you hitting people? I’ll report you to the school!” Nerd A covered his cheek that was slapped red and said.

“Go! Go quickly, report to whoever you want!” The delinquent student in the lead said.

Nerd A and the rest of the nerds obediently stood up, and left the snack store.

The delinquent in the lead laughed with satisfaction and said cockily, “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, my name is Yu Wenrui! Scram as far away from me as possible if you see me in the future!”

****! I was wondering why this fellow looked so familiar, it really was a small world! He is actually an enemy from my previous life, Yu Wenrui! However didn’t this brat transfer over in the second year? The people behind him also came over with him, rumor says that Yu Wenrui’s family has a relative that works in the underworld, back then Guo Qing became terrified for so many days after hitting him, we only found out afterwards that his relative that worked in the underworld got hit at the back of his head in a gang fight, and officially became a veggie.

This brat’s transfer actually arrived earlier, was it one of the small effects of something I caused through my rebirth?

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“Yu-ge, look at that girl!” A delinquent suddenly pointed to our direction and said to Yu Wenrui.

Yu Wenrui turned around, and set his gaze upon Zhao Yanyan, and immediately blanked, he just barely managed to hold his saliva in. He slapped his thighs and said, “****, she really is ******* hot!”

“This lady, let’s get to know each other…” Yu Wenrui walked towards us as he said that.

Before I said anything, Guo Qing already stood up, and said coldly, “Yu Wenrui, do you ******* want to die?”

Yu Wenrui first momentarily blanked, he never would have thought that Guo Qing would be sitting there. Looking at his reaction, he clearly couldn’t piss off Guo Qing, his expression was rather dark, but he wasn’t willing to give up, he hesitated for a long while, then finally said severely, “Fine, Guozi, we’ll wait and see!” After that, he waved his hands towards the other delinquents, and directly left without eating.

“You know him?” I asked Guo Qing weirdly. This person should have only just transferred to Fourth High!

“I do! His older brother belongs to the area of Ewha Alley, and is pretty tough there. He had a few conflicts with our market place, but nobody really went too far on each other, and it’s been just a stalemate for a while. I didn’t think this brat would ******* transfer to my territory, watch how I murder him,” Guo Qing said.

So that’s why! I was wondering why this guy wasn’t as pretentious in his previous life as he was now, so his older brother is looking out for him! When we get to the second year, his older brother will already be beaten into a veggie.

“Do you need my help?” I said to Guo Qing, I do hate this Yu Wenrui deeply, this brat actually kick me in the crotch in my previous life, I nearly got kicked into an eunuch, although he hasn’t done anything to me in this life yet, my hatred towards him was the same.

“Boss, I don’t need you to make a move to deal with him, beating him is like playing games for me, the problem is that his older brother is quite sinister.

“What’s his older brother called?” Suddenly I remembered that huge incident that occurred in my previous life, two gangs fought at the docks, causing six people to die at the scene and seventy severely injured, it seemed to be in that incident when Yu Wenrui’s older brother got smacked dumb. The news reported it for a long time, I clearly remember that one of the groups was from Ewha Alley, the bosses of both sides are respectively Yu Wenfeng and Ding Baosan, from them, Yu Wenfeng probably is Yu Wenrui’s older brother, and was harmed unfortunately in that fight, Ding Baosan was sentenced to eight years in prison due to grievous body harm.

“His older brother is called Yu Wenfeng!” Guo Qing said.

It really is him! “Then do you know Ding Baosan?” I immediately continued to ask.

“Ding Baosan? How do you know this name? This person is my lackey, you also saw in that day at the market, it’s the one with the yellow hair,” Guo Qing said. “He is the original boss of the market area, and started to follow me at the start of the year. Everyone on the streets call him Monkey Three. Very few people know his real name.”

It really was as I expected, everything was as I thought, the people from Ewha Alley and the market place have already piled up a lo of grudges, but this grudge would only explode next year.

It looks like I have to help Guo Qing once again, or else the person arrested next year may just be him!


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