Chapter 95 – Superpower Lighting Up Part III

How could I forget that this geezer had this hand! Looking at his uncaring expression just now, he clearly had prepared beforehand.

What should I do now? Should I use my superpower to speedily snatch their guns, or just surrender here? If I get rid of these three people, there will definitely be more people with guns that come rushing here. That would mean that, although I have enough confidence to rush out, but what about Guo Qing and Chen Weier? Was I suppose to just leave them here?

Chen Weier also freaked out at that moment, and held my hands tightly, and continuously trembled. As for Guo Qing, he had a “dead pig isn’t scared of boiled water” look, and looked down upon the people with guns.

Perhaps because the atmosphere was rather tense, I couldn’t help but focus again.

“Yi?” Suddenly, Chen Weier exclaimed softly.

“What about it?” I asked.

“Why do I feel like the scene has slowed down so much before me? Are my eyes defying me?” Chen Weier murmured weirdly.

Scene became slow? Could it be… I quickly released the hand I was holding Chen Weier’s hands with, and asked her, “What about now?”

“Yi? It’s so weird! Why did it return to normal again?” Chen Weier shook her head and said.

Haha! So it’s like this! I immediately understood the reason. My ******* sun, my luck was actually this amazing after rebirth! A plan formed in my head…

“Guo Qing, hold my hand!” I used a serious tone that could not be doubted and said to Guo Qing.

Although Guo Qing was very confused, he still immediately reached his hand towards me due to the trust he always had in me.

My other hand held Chen Weier’s, then I said softly to them, “Just follow my footsteps and rush out with me later! Don’t ask about anything else for now.”

Chen Weier and Guo Qing nodded together. I took a deep breath, and focused, then rushed towards the door in large strides.

My speed wasn’t fast, Chen Weier and Guo Qing could easily follow me. I walked casually in front of the three fellows holding AK47s, and directly sent the gun of the person in the lead flying with a kick. Although Guo Qing didn’t understand why these people weren’t shooting even with us in front of them, but he didn’t think too much in such a good opportunity and worked with me to take the other two people’s assault rifles.

“Run with me!” I said, then I pulled Chen Weier and Guo Qing out of the door, and towards the exit of the little building. When we passed by the bodyguard at the door, the person was sent flying by me with a kick before he even reacted.

It was good that this damn geezer Liu Zhenhai was quite conceited, and didn’t cover my eyes when he captured me, or else it would have been quite difficult finding the exit of this manor. I intentionally kept something back when we arrived, and very carefully memorized the path we took in my heart. At that moment, I pulled Chen Weier and Guo Qing pass through the little paths through the manor and ran directly out of the exit.

The entire way, we passed by people who’s movements were unusually slow, these people had no reactions at all. Just now when I was fighting with the bodyguards, I already caused Liu Zhenhai’s eyes to blur with my normal speed, and now I’m running. The people I passed by probably thought that a little breeze past by them.

We ran out of Liu Zhenhai’s manor without any obstacles, and continued to run, looking at the cars that we were overtook, I finally knew what was called shocking the common senses. Guo Qing and hen Weier were probably about to break down at this point, because from their exaggerated expressions, I could tell they already went completely dumb.

Finally, when I was sure that we had escaped the Liu family’s pursuit, I slowed down and arrived at a small pavilion by the road.

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After quite a while, Chen Weier came back to her senses from the shock, and asked while panting, “What was that? We actually overtook cars? Also why didn’t those people shoot just now? Why did I feel like everything went really slow like slow motion?”

Chen Weier actually raised so many questions at once. To be truthful, even I couldn’t explain clearly on why it happened.

“Weier, actually this is an unique esoterica passed down by my ancestors! Like the flying and walking on walls in ancient times!” I couldn’t help but find a forced reason to perfunctorily answer this.

“Boss, don’t say random stuff now, your ancestors have esotericas? Why didn’t I know about this?” Who knows when, but Guo Qing already returned normal, it looks like this brat’s adaptability was rather good. To tell the truth, I was quite worried that what happened just now would cause there to be two more schizophrenia patients in the hospital.

“Esoterica, esoterica, how would it be a secret if everyone knew about it!” I pretended to be displeased and said.

“Oh!” Guo Qing nodded as if he understood. “But why did I think it was like a superpower?”

“Superpower? Do you think you’re watching “There’s an Immortal Wife at Home”?” I didn’t want others to know that I have special abilities, if more people that know it, I might even be sent into a research center to be experimented on! What’s more, I wasn’t even sure if it counted as a superpower, if you say it is useful, it really can’t be used normally, who’s bored enough to live in slow motion? But if you say it’s useless, it becomes really useful in key situations, if it wasn’t for it, the three of us might have just died there. Seeing that damn geezer was a sinister person, although he was just in appearance, and just said it was for the Liu family’s face on the surface, I feel like this methods weren’t any different from Yang Kaiyuan, he’s seventy something and doesn’t even keep his promises, I don’t get how he manage to pass by, and managed to have such a huge family property. A scoundrel really achieves success!

Liu Zhenhai, if it wasn’t because my superpower light up today, wouldn’t I have fallen there! Aren’t you just a warlord, just wait, when I can move the military, the first thing I’ll do is to bomb your manor flat.

“Weier, are you alright! They didn’t bully you right?” I asked caringly. I was all focused on running, and only had the time to spare now.

“I-I’m fine!” Chen Weier said quietly with a red face as she dipped her head.

“What’s with you?” I looked at Chen Weier weirdly, she can’t have been XXOO’d by those people right!

“I…” Chen Weier’s head dipped even further, she said in a mosquito like voice, “You are squeezing my hand… It hurts.”

I only noticed then that my hand was still tightly grabbing hold of Chen Weier’s hand, no wonder this chick was so embarrassed.

“Isn’t it just because I was worried…” I quickly released her hand.

“Hai… hai…! Guo Qing suddenly interrupted me. “It seems like Boss, you have already let go of my hands…”

Hearing Guo Qing’s words, how could Chen Weier not understand that he had an underlying meaning behind it, her face got so red that even her neck was red. She turned around shyly.


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