Chapter 94 – Superpower Lighting Up Part II

It was fortunate that bodyguard was scared that he would suffer losses, so that punch was only a probe, to see how my reaction was, and didn’t use his full strength.

I only got my face swollen, although the appearance was quite scary, I didn’t actually receive any actual damage, it probably will be better tomorrow once I apply some medicine on it.

What made me most confused was that the slow motion that I anticipated didn’t occur, that bodyguard’s punch was a complete blur.

I used my face to torch my swollen right cheek, and leaped up from the ground, and no longer dared to give anymore slight, it looks like I can only fight with my life on the line. I felt that every pore in my body contracted a lot, my eyes glared dead on that bodyguard, waiting for his next move.

Having just tasted something good, and managed to land a hit on me, that bodyguard also felt some regret, he should have used his full power. However after trading blows, he felt like my fighting ability was only so-so, and thus became more daring.

This time the bodyguard didn’t confront me, instead he directly rushed towards me! However at that moment, miracle happened once more! The action of him dashing towards me once again occurred in slow motion! I could even clearly see both of his legs in midair as he ran!

I casually lifted my leg, and kicked towards that bodyguard’s chest. Immediately, that person flew away like a kite that has a broken string, although in y eyes, the speed in which he flew out was unusually slow, but from other people’s point of view, this bodyguard flew towards the ceiling like a rocket launcher, and smashed onto the chandelier, then fell heavily onto the ground. The moment before he fainted, the face of the bodyguard was still full of disbelief. This was the most unbelievable thing that he has seen in his entire life, with the distance between him and I, no matter how fast I kicked, I couldn’t have kicked his chest, he was very confident in his sped, what’s more was that I still needed a bit of time after seeing him dash towards me, ponder and make the command towards my leg for it to move. Unless I knew that he was going to rush over and raised my leg there to wait. Yet that was the truth, the feeling he had just now was that he crashed onto my leg on his own accord.

What was with my superpower, why is it here one moment, then gone another. It was like it wasn’t under my control. It was at the moment when that bodyguard hit the floor that my vision senses returned to normal, everyone’s movements returned to a normal speed.

“Kid, you can use hexes?” Liu Zhenhai also saw the weird event just now, anyone would think that I placed the leg there, and the bodyguard crashed into it himself after seeing it.

“Old man, no matter what you still are someone who was once a soldier, it’s alright if you lose, how can you say I used hexes?” I said with dissatisfaction, although I also feel like this was like hexes, or even more miraculous than hexes, but how can I easily admit things like this.

“Hehe!” Liu Zhenhai laughed dryly for a bit. “Those two people are my elites!”

“Stop bullshitting! If there’s more that think your life is too long then continue coming, if there isn’t then shouldn’t you keep your promise, and let us leave?” This wasn’t a good place to stay, if this geezer suddenly felt like it and let these bodyguards come one by one at me, I couldn’t promise that my superpower will occur every single time, if it really didn’t work then I will really die here!

“Hurting two of my elites, you’re just going to leave? Come, capture all of them!” Liu Zhenhai waved his hand and said.

As expected, Liu Zhenhai had no intention to let us leave! ****, this damn geezer, if I knew it I shouldn’t have believed his words, and directly controlled him after entering the room, and force him to let us leave.

The moment Liu Zhenhai’s words ended, the other bodyguards immediately surrounded us!

“Heh! Little kid, I don’t believe so many people can’t beat you to death!” Liu Zhenhai finally revealed his true intention, and said shamelessly.

****, this fellow wants a mass brawl, it was already pure luck beating those two bodyguards just now, making me handle five or six people more, does he think I had three heads and six legs! My senses already tightened, and I blocked in front of Chen Weier.

Yi? What is going on? Everyone’s movements suddenly became slow again! Unless… I tried to relax, and the scenery returned back to normal! I once again focused, the slow motion occurred once more! I get it now, I exclaimed excitedly in my heart, the infinite joy filled my heart.

This is great! Don’t talk about just these six people, even if it’s a hundred people, I can still handle it easily! If someone shoots a missile at me right now, I think I can easily dodge it.

Of course, this was all thoughts that occurred in a single moment, I only wasted one or two seconds.

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I thought, since you Liu Zhenhai wasn’t abiding by the rules, then don’t blame me for disregarding your face! I focused my senses, and activated my superpower, all I needed to do now was use my normal speed to walk in front of these six bodyguards, and make a move on each of their necks. When I finished this, and returned to the spot, then deactivated my superpower, in the eyes of other people, it was in less than two seconds.

In Liu Zhenhai’s eyes, I was like a ghost that floated past everyone, and before the bodyguards could even utter a sound, they fell onto the floor.

Liu Zhenhai stared wide-eyed at what happened in front of his eyes! Eight elites in the army was instantly defeated by me, and nobody could see clearly on what move I used, actually I didn’t even use any moves. It’s just that from my perspective their speed slowed, and thus they would feel that my speed was unusually fast.

I stood proudly at the center of the room, and used a cocky attitude to say, “Damn geezer! Liu Lei is very angry, the results are severe!”

This was the most awesome line I’ve heard in my previous life, it was unfortunate that it was not popularized yet. But this was also good, I could naturally use it as a quote from my cocky times.

Guo Qing and Chen Weier also looked at me in disbelief, this was the first time Guo Qing say me use my power, I could clearly see the admiration in his eyes, it was full of little stars that were blinking. Actually I had only just learned to control my powers.

Just as I was getting full of myself, the door to the room burst open, three black clothed men holding AK47s rushed into. They pointed the guns at us and said loudly, “Put your hands up!”

Although I didn’t know if those guns were real or fake, even if it’s real, there might not even be bullets in them, but under these situation, I could only believe that they are real.

Due to Jiang Yongfu’s data showing that this Geezer Liu was a huge warlord, it was not surprise for him to be able to obtain these weapons.


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