Chapter 93 – Superpower Lighting Up

“Good! You kid is pretty loyal! But I won’t let you off easily! No matter what, Yang Kaiyuan is still my grandson, you guys beat him, so I can’t stand idle!” Liu Zhenhai said loudly.

“Heh! You’re going to protect a scum, is the Liu family this much of an oppressor?” I laughed coldly and said.

“I also understand Yang Kaiyuan’s actions, but it’s not up to you guys to teach them a lesson! Even if you say I’m an oppressor, but since the ancient times the victor becomes king, the losers become rebels, now our Liu family is the nobility of the region!” Liu Zhenhai said cockily.

“Since it’s like that, throw what you have at me, I’ll receive it!” Seeing that this Liu Zhenhai was so stubborn, I could only take a step at a time.

“Okay! I won’t let others say I, Liu Zhenhai, bullies others, behind me are six bodyguards, send one of you to pick anyone of them, if you win you take that chick and leave, if you lose that chick can leave, and you both stay!” Liu Zhenhai said.

“Okay! It’s a deal!” I accepted his request. Although I couldn’t promise that my fighting ability was first class, I still felt like I could beat the bodyguards behind him.

However when I saw that bodyguard leap into the stage, I knew that I was wrong. This person was clearly a master at martial arts. Even in my previous life, I wouldn’t have had been sure of my ability to beat him.

“Boss, I’ll go?” Guo Qing could also tell that person wasn’t average, and said worriedly.

“Let me instead!” I was clear about Guo Qing’s fighting abilities, he could handle himself easily against normal delinquents, but his limits would be shown the moment he face these professionals that have undergone training. If I didn’t guess it wrong, this person was definitely an elite out of Liu Zhenhai’s private army.

“Make a move!” I readied myself, took a deep breath, and let my body stay in a completely vigilant state.

That bodyguard didn’t say anything, he leaped up, and sent a flying kick my way with incredulous power. The moment he raised his leg, I would even feel the air current he brought over.

Just as I focused mentally to try and dodge this attack, a miracle happened! Suddenly, I noticed that bodyguard’s action suddenly became unusually slow, just like slow motion in a television show. That leg slowly raised up, and moved slowly in the air, and approached me.

I suddenly remembered that this situation happened once, it was when I was fighting with the subordinate of Lei Xiaolong called Uncle Bin, his movements were the like this in my eyes, extremely slow.

What was this about? Did my visual nerves develop even more or… I suddenly got a bit excited! Did I possess superpowers like in those YY web novels that I read in my previous life? However my old bro Yama didn’t tell me!

But time didn’t allow me to think too much about it, that bodyguard’s flying kick was already right in front of me. I saw a suitable position, and threw out a punch quickly, right on top that bodyguard’s knee-joint.

The knew was the most vulnerable place on a human’s leg, I was already merciful enough, and didn’t use my full strength. That bodyguard just fell onto the floor, covering his knee cap with a painful expression on his face. He struggled a few times on the floor, then kneeled. Clearly my punch just now shattered his knee.

I looked at the fallen person, and couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit of remorse. This person’s bodyguard life was probably over like this, even if the knee cap could heal, he wouldn’t be as agile as before.

“Yi!” Liu Zhenhai and Guo Qing exclaimed together.

“Kid, you’re actually faster than him!” Liu Zhenhai’s voice actually didn’t have a hint of sadness, in fact it had a bit of excitement. As if he saw some sort of unbelievable matter.

“Boss, how did you defeat him just now? I didn’t see it clearly!” Guo Qing said with a face full of admiration.

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“I…” I didn’t know what to say, because I didn’t even know how I beat him just now myself. There was no technique to speak of, it was completely because his movements became slowly, so I could freely hit him.

“You go try with him!” Liu Zhenhai looked weirdly at me, and waved his hand at another bodyguard behind him.

“Damn geezer, why aren’t you keeping my promise? You said just one!” Seeing that Liu Zhenhai wanted to go back on his word, I said quickly. Beating that bodyguard just now was a complete accident. I couldn’t promise that I would be so lucky next time, even now I still didn’t understand why did the movements became so slow in my eyes.

“No, my word is final! What’s more is that you are three people, you only defeated one of my bodyguards, there are two more!” Liu Zhenhai said.

****, this damn old man was going scoundrel on me right? He said one just now, why is it three now! Never mind, three then three, if that geezer doesn’t agree we can’t leave here, I made the decision and said, “Since you aren’t being understanding of your subordinates, then I won’t be merciful anymore, come if you’re not afraid of dying!”

I had just wanted to scare them, but after hearing that the bodyguard didn’t have any change in his expression, and stood there fearlessly. I only just remembered then, these people were all elites in Liu Zhenhai’s private army, soldiers aren’t scared of dying, my threat might have sounded like a joke to them.

“Come! Make you move” I said to the bodyguard.

That bodyguard didn’t act like the one I just beaten, and immediately attack. He first moved his body, and slowly inched towards me.

I also followed his pace and circled around the center, causing a situation where I retreat when he advances, and I advance when he retreats. He probably has seen what happened to the previous bodyguard, and didn’t dare to cross moves with me lightly. A battle between masters will usually be decided in one move, so the one who makes the move first would show their mistake first. However, what was laughable was that I was not some kind of master compared to him, that win just now was completely random.

Him and I remained in that deadlock, I had no faith in making the move first, but he didn’t dare to make his move. Both of us had our own thoughts, causing the atmosphere to be really weird.

Liu Zhenhai also treated me as a master, so he also understood that the logic of one who couldn’t hold back would lose, and thus didn’t hurry the bodyguard, and looked at us, who were cycling around with interest.

Finally, that bodyguard couldn’t help back anymore, his body moved, and swiftly threw a punch towards me. I had though the slow motion would occur again, but I was disappointed, due to the change happening so quickly, I didn’t even react, and was hit solidly on my right cheek, and instantly fell onto the floor.

I got hit in the face! This made me feel shamed, but what’s more was shock, this bodyguard was definitely not weak!


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