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Chapter 90 – Kidnapping Incident

In the following few days, Chen Weier acted like she doesn’t know me every time she saw me, and hurriedly walked past. I really wanted to pull her to a stop and ask her what’s wrong, but there were always too many people nearby, so I couldn’t find a chance.

Was I dreaming that night? Chen Weier never had any feelings towards me? That hug was an hallucination?

But even if it was a hallucination, Chen Weier’s attitude towards me shouldn’t be this uncaring, even if it was before she would still nod and greet me, what was it now? Understanding a woman’s thought is truly like trying to find a needle in the ocean!

When I finally made the decision to ask Chen Weier what was going on, an incident occurred.

That noon, my mobile suddenly rang. What was calling me at this time? Aide from Zhao Yanyan, only Uncle Zhao and them know my number, even my parents don’t know that I have a phone. However if there was nothing urgent, they wouldn’t call me when I’m at school.

I quickly walked to the back of the classroom, where there isn’t anyone, squatted on the floor, and picked up the phone.

“Hey, Liu Lei, I’m Chen Yong!” The other side of the phone said.

I twitched my eyebrows and said, “I’m at school, what’s is it?”

“It’s terrible! My meimei was captured by someone!” Chen Yong shouted into the phone.

“What? You said Chen Weier? What happened exactly?!” I shuddered, and jumped up, I nearly throw my mobile phone in anxiousness.

“Weier was captured during noon!” Chen Yong said anxiously.

“Who captured her, tell me all the details,” I said to Chen Yong.

“Okay!” Chen Yong reorganized his emotions, then said slowly. “Chen Weier came to the market and helped out my mom’s Mala Tang store, at that moment a van suddenly rushed over, we didn’t pay any special attention to it at the time. But a few machos came out of the van, and grabbed Weier into the van without saying anything, then drove away quickly!”

“What were you doing then?” I asked in annoyance. How can the gege let his own meimei get captured right under his watch.

“It all happened too quickly, I couldn’t even react. When I noticed something happened, it was already too late. The van was already several tens of meters away,” Chen Yong said with remorse.

“I see! Did you note down the car plate number?” I thought about it a bit and asked.

“I did, I did, it’s Song A519XX!” Chen Yong said.

“Okay, I’ll immediately find out where the car is from. Oh yeah, did you call the police?” I asked.

“No, it just happened. My mom said to talk about it with you first!” Did Chen Yong’s entire family treat me as their family’s savior?

“Fine, wait at the Mala Tang stall for me, I’ll be right there!” I said.

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I hung up, and immediately called Jiang Yongfu to help me to find out who that car plate number that Chen Yong told me belonged to. Then I immediately rushed out of school, called a cab and went towards the market place.

In the meantime, I received Jiang Yongfu’s call, he told me that this car plate number was fate, since the corresponding car was not a van, but a taxi, this was clearly stolen and used by someone else.

Jiang Yongfu asked if I needed any help, I temporarily refused. This is because I would faintly guess the master find behind it, the only person with a grudge with the Chen family was Yang Shuguang, and after Guo Qing taught Yang Kaiyuan a lesson, Yang Shuguang didn’t bring the fifty thousand kuai over as promised, this clearly showed that Yang Shuguang had enough confidence to take revenge.

When I arrived at the market place, I talked to the stalls around to understand the situation, it was more or less the same as what Chen Yong had said. Mother Chen kept on crying, Chen Yong felt a bit more relieved after seeing me, because from his perspective, I had already helped solve his family crisis man times already, this time would be no different.

Seeing as I could obtain no more evidence, I left the market place. If it really was Yang Shuguang that kidnapped Chen Weier, then his target was Guo Qing and I, it was no use getting anxious right now, what I had to do was wait for Yang Shuguang to take the initiative and contact me.

It was lucky that Yang Shuguang’s pervert son was still in hospital, or else I would rally be worried about Chen Weier’s innocence. It was like Guo Qing has said, whether or not Yang Kaiyuan could still rise up was still a problem.

“Who are you?” Chen Weier struggled.

“You have no need to know this!” The kidnappers replied.

“Then why did you kidnap me!” Chen Weier continued to ask.

“To be honest, we don’t know either! We never question the higher ups’ orders!” The kidnappers answered,

“Then can you tell me where you are bringing me!” Chen Weier didn’t give up and asked.

“We have nothing to say!” The kidnapper’s answer this time was more straightforward.

There was nothing Chen Weier could do, since she couldn’t get any answers, she could only remain silent.

“Go in by yourself, we don’t want to make a move against women. Don’t think about running, you won’t be able to run here,” the kidnappers brought Chen Weier into a small house in the courtyard. After Chen Weier entered, the door locked with a “dang” sound.

“Butler Liu, I brought the person here!” One of the kidnappers took out a walkie talkie and said to it.

“Is that so? Good! Watch her, nobody touch her without my orders, understand?” Butler Liu said.

“Yes! This one understands,” the kidnapper replied clearly. The kidnappers were part of the Liu family’s private army, and understood that Butler Liu’s words were law, and must be executed without change. This was even more strict than the real military, if you make a mistake in the real military, the worst that could happen is getting beaten up, or fired, but it was different here, Butler Liu could kill you any time.

“Master, that girl has been captured, should we tell Yang Shuguang?” Butler Liu asked Master Liu, who was resting on the bed.

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“En, go and go it. But remember, that girl is just a bait, I don’t want innocent people getting hurt! Us Liu family might be walking tall, but I don’t want others saying that we are bullying the commoners,” Mater Liu said slowly.

“I understand, I already told them that,” Butler Liu nodded and said.

After leaving the master’s room, Butler Liu dialed Yang Shuguang’s number, although he was a unwilling, since it had master’s support, it was better to do this job properly. Just treat it as giving face to the dead xiaojie, thinking about that xiaojie that passed away earlier, Butler Liu felt anguished and devastated.

Knowing that the thing was done smoothly, Yang Shuguang was really happy. After hanging up the phone, he smiled sinisterly, “Liu Lei, I will pay you back for the new and the old issues!”

He knew that as long as he went in person, Old Man Liu wouldn’t do nothing about it, he wouldn’t care about me, but Yang Kaiyuan was his grandson, he couldn’t not care.

Hehe, Liu Lei was opposing me, so what if he powerful backing? The Liu family’s power was no weaker than anyone else’s.


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